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Thank you everyone who donated for our project and charity!

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Sorry, security was super tight and I had an aisle seat at the very back where all the staff were watching so I got only a few blurry pics...

1.) Summary
2.) Members
3.) Notice about Baby Behaviour during "Crash"

1.) Summary

Before the Show: This is Nicole again, I had more time for Nagoya LOE Day 2 so I was so happy to meet everyone who came to donate and sign the flag ^^ Babys are so generous, thank you all so much!! Also thank you for all the fan made gifts!! Unfortunately I was the only staff doing the project today so was super busy, and by the time I finished with the project it was time to go into the venue but I hadn't even eaten yet T^T So I really apologize, but I didn't get a photo of the signed flag, but B.A.P will since I put it in their gift boxes~ Sorry Babys, and thank you again for supporting our project, charities, and of course, B.A.P. Also thank you to the Yongguk fanboy for trading FS photo cards with me ^^

The Show~: First off, the boys must have gotten some much needed rest; LOE Nagoya Day 1 ALL the members seemed to have less energy even though they were working so hard to give us a great show, Himchan especially looked like he was going to pass out. But for Day 2 they had SO MUCH more energy and seemed so much happier! 

The crowd also seemed a lot louder today for fan chants and cheers, I heard a lot of member names being yelled today ^^

The videos and set list were all the same, but since B.A.P had so much more energy they were doing a lot more so next I'll talk about each member.

2.) Members
(They did so many silly/weird/cute things this concert I can't even remember them all, sorry)


* He was so much more energetic today, his dancing was super aggressive and powerful, and he kept yelling "C'mon!" "Yeeah!" during songs, and also kept giving the camera/crowd these smouldering looks.He also winked into the crowd/camera during "Lovesick."
* He still went into his own little world during MC breaks tho lol, he was listening to the other members and smiling sometimes but mostly just let the other 5 do their thing.
* He yelled in Japanese "Are you guys excited!?" I just need to say that because Yongguk speaking Japanese is something I like hearing I'm sorry don't judge me ^^;;  
* It was my second time hearing it, but Yongguk's English "The world has changed" introduction is just awesome.
* I think it was during "Spy" that Yongguk and Zelo did this weird penguin dance/walk with little shuffling steps and shoulder jigs, it looked so cute and Yongguk just did it with this deadpan look following Zelo. 
* During the same song, the same backup dancer came and smacked Yongguk's butt for "Spy," but Dae was walking by and like bumped into Yongguk.  
* Yongguk also was like about 4~5-ish feet away from Dae during "Spy" but did this big hip thrust in Dae's direction and Dae burst out laughing.
* Yongguk got so fired up for "Bang x2," he was just rocking out and threw his jacket up in the air and did this bow at the end of the song. 
* He also did so much fan service today; for "Crash" when some of the members went off stage into the crowd, Yongguk kissed the camera when he went out, and when he came back was touching hands with Babys by the stage and kissed the camera and winked into it while smirking when he got back to the stage. 
* When he took off that jean jacket....Yongguk in  white sleeveless tank. Send H e l p.


* He seemed much more relaxed during MC breaks today and was joking a lot more with Youngjae especially. He also looked much healthier since yesterday his face looked so tired T^T
* Did I mention how good he looked? Because Himchan always looks good, but he looked REALLY good~
* Himchan held the mic out to us both this concert and Day 1 to sing "The Roof" part in "Hurricane," and after we all sang "The roof" he made a heart with his arms at us.
* This time Himchan said "I am dripping sweat (ase bisho bisho)" during an MC break.
* Himchan really needs to get more credit for his singing, I mean all of the members are amazing, hearing Himchan sing live is just heavenly~
* I really love his singing in "Body & Soul," his voice is just so beautiful.
* ...and his body waves for that song are just...*_* 


* Dae's high notes gave me chills, like his voice was even more incredible than usual how is that even possible I don't know, but his singing was just the unbelievable.
* He was just as cheerful and talkative for the MC break as the day before. During the StarBabys Cafe time, he went up to the edge of the stage with his juice and asked who wants it? But then said "Sorry, this is mine~" and walked back to the coffee counter.
* Again, Daehyun needs to stop giving those smouldering looks into the crowd/camera because my heart cannot take it (; A ;)
* Dae said he was hungry during an MC break, saying "peko peko."
* Daehyun, Youngjae and Himchan all tried helping Jongup through his Japanese lines for the MC break, it was really adorable since they were teasing him but it was all good natured and they were all smiling. Daehyun laughed so much during their MC breaks today, he seemed so cheerful~


* YOUNGJAE LET ME HUG YOU YOU GOOFY FLUFFBALL. He was so energetic and happy and silly he was so much fun to watch. He was smiling so much, throwing hearts and kisses and teasing Himchan so hard.
* Himchan was trying to get the crowd fired up during an MC break, so;
HC: Arena level, scream! (screams)
HC: Balcony! (screams)
HC: 2nd Balcony! (screams)
HC: Youngjae! (holds mic to Youngjae)
I couldn't stop laughing this was so hilarious, Youngjae seriously just instantly gave his best scream and looked so cute and funny.
* Youngjae kept teasing Himchan saying "Himchan is 30 years old," and when he kept saying it Himchan ran after Youngjae who giggled and ran away.
* Youngjae also made a "cheer" for Himchan, it went like "Himu cha cha cha chan!" and got all of us to say it with him. Himchan just sort of looked at him like "What are you doing" but laughed and smiled when we said it.
* He kept speaking in weird voices too, like high pitched but also super low voices saying "bye!" in Korean or just randomly repeating words. 
* He also asked the crowd "We wanted to see you, did you want to see us? (Babys scream) What about just me? (*quiet*) Ok then, sorry~" haha
* Yougnjae was super cheerful, but also had his sex appeal turned up as high as it would go with his lip biting, smirking, and his aggressive tie loosening at the beginning of "Body & Soul."


* I do not believe that there is any human being in existence who can beat Jongup's cuteness, it is just not possible. He was trying so hard to speak Japanese, but Youngjae is like his strictest Japanese teacher and made him repeat things or "Say it properly, Babys please forget what you just heard, Jongup try again~" and Jongup just laughed, like when Jongup wanted to ask us what we thought of his solo but sort of got tongue tied and it sounded like he said "What did you think of my foot" or something ^^;; 
* Sorry the screen was so dark and I couldn't see from my seat, but he maybe gave a fanboy 2 drinks? He asked what drink they wanted, the answer was "cola" so Jongup looked back and one of the members said "We don't have cola!" so Jongup gave an orange juice and a coffee. 
*Jongup did his amazing dance solo and TEASED US WITH ABS. At the end he started unbuttoning then ripped open his shirt but let it fall closed quickly after~ The crowd went NUTS.
* During "Punch" Youngjae and Jongup had their mock boxing match but before Youngjae even pretended to throw a punch Jongup fake dodged/flailed like he'd been punched and lol. Before their "match" even started though Youngjae just went up to Jongup and started assaulting him with fake punches while Jongup just laughed. 


* Junhong...may be the only one who can compete with Jongup for cuteness.
* Even during "Body & Soul" he managed to be cute by making half hearts with one hand during his part.
* I laughed so hard at the beginning of "No Mercy" since Zelo was super close to the camera and just smiling and doing this eye brow wiggle for the whole opening of the song, I'm laughing now just remembering it~
* During "Dancing in the Rain," all of the members were sort of sitting on stage, but Zelo was in the middle gesturing for them to come after him, but no one went up to try lifting his shirt, so Zelo just lifted up his shirt himself....to show the white tshirt he had on underneath haha ♡
* Himchan put his arm on Junhong's shoulder during one of the talk breaks.
* During one of the last MC breaks, Jongup yelled "You stole my line!" so Zelo got on his knees, threw his hands up and said "Sorry! Sorry~!" and just kneeled there smiling at Jongup, and Jongup sort of stared at him and said...something lol. At first I heard "aishiteiru" (I love you) and since the crowd SCREAMED I thought that was it, but another Baby I talked to said she heard "atarimae" (the line Zelo "stole" from Jongup, meaning something similar to "Of course"). I'm really sorry I don't know, Jongup seemed so shy speaking Japanese so he always speaks a bit quietly and mumbles so I really didn't catch it ^^;;
* Holy he did backflips onstage before they left after the last song. 


Sorry this is so blurry, just it looks so cute since at first glance it looks like Yongguk is all "Get back, maknae, STOP~"

3.) Notice about Baby Behaviour during "Crash"


As you might have read, B.A.P members get off from the stage and walk through the aisles while singing "Crash" for their LOE Japan Attack shows. Considering that at some venues, like the Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall where LOE Nagoya was held, don't have any gates or barriers between B.A.P and fans, B.A.P is literally just walking through a crowd of excited, screaming fans crowding around them. This is INCREDIBLY nice of B.A.P to do for fans, and we all want to be close to B.A.P, but we still need to remember that they are real people who, like anyone else, have personal space. the above fan account from BABY_JP_totoaya talks about how when Junhong came down from the stage, she of course understands Babys wanting to move closer to members, but someone ran up and hugged Junhong when he was walking through the aisles and he looked very surprised and very uncomfortable with it. The fan looked incredibly happy, but then the other members avoided coming to that area, and the Baby said that she cried seeing the look on Junhong's face when this happened. So she asks other Babys to realize that B.A.P will hi-5 or give fan service on their own terms, do NOT just invade their personal space like that since it not only hurts B.A.P members, but also the fans who were hoping to have other members of B.A.P come by their seats for this special fan service. I didn't see this happen since I was watching other members at the time, but I have to agree with this Baby, and hope that other Babys at the next Japan LOE shows show a bit more restraint or B.A.P and their staff may decide to cut this from the concerts (and I wouldn't blame them, I felt so scared seeing the throng of people swarming Daehyun since Dae really tried to go to as many fans as possible but was completely surrounded and had trouble moving forward)

And that's it for my fan account of LOE Nagoya Day 2! I took a lot of pictures of and with cosplayers but can't find them on my phone?! My phone was acting up all day yesterday so I don't know...Anyway, I will be in Chiba June 22 for LOE so hope to see you there! Sorry this fan account isn't very detailed, so much happened my head hurts just trying to remember everything haha, but it was a great concert, thank you B.A.P~



  1. B.A.P needs a 2 or 3 days break. because,look at how restless they are - it is obvious. :\

  2. and i dont like the looks of them looking so tired but nonetheless they still got to do it. our poor bbs.. :'(

  3. Thanks for sharing^^ I'm also in agreement with that Babyz we should all respect their private space I mean I know they were excited but doesn't mean it gives them a right to do whatever the want~ aww they put so much effort for their concerts no matter how tired they are, hopefully they got some rest after it finished^^