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Team BYS Yui, me (eew~), 2 lovely Babys who helped out, and Luna

Thank you everyone for participating (and helping out!) in our project! We handed the flag over to B.A.P (Himchan ^^) during the official Seeing Off Event!

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Fanaccount is divided by:
1.) Big News
2.) Venue
3.) Moments & Members
4.) Official Seeing Off Event

Sorry my pictures are all so bad today too~

Hi everyone this is Nicole ^^ I went to B.A.P’s last LOE Japan Attack today and it was such a good concert, here’s my fan account in all it’s fangirl glory~

1.) The Big News: New Japan Single announcement for September 3rd! They said that we had to get ready for this date, and asked the crowd “who was here yesterday, didn’t you notice something different? Our new single….” And then they launched into “Excuse Me.” I freaked out to be quite honest haha, but after this news I kept wondering what release events they might do and if I could afford to go after this tour haha. Later on, Youngjae told us not to forget Sept. 3~

Alright, back to the beginning. 

2.) Venue: First off, let me say that this is not a great venue; it’s basically a giant live house since there is no slope so the rows behind can see, and no stands or balconies. That means if you are in row 60 or further back, you would have a hard time seeing B.A.P except for the video screens. My seat was luckily quite good: I was on the aisle near the extended stage, so when B.A.P came to the left side of the extended stage they were just a few feet away, and during “Crash” when the members left the stage, Youngjae came down my aisle. HOWEVER, there were again no gates to separate fans and B.A.P, only really ill-thought-out ropes set up during the previous song. So when Youngjae came down, the crowd SWARMED and he ended up running down our aisle but still got stuck since a bunch of Babys left their seats, which also meant Youngjae was late returning to the stage since he had to have staff help him fight his way back. This was a little disappointing, but expected I guess, there really should be gates to keep Babys back so 
B.A.P doesn’t get crushed during this fan service. 

3.) Moments & Members
They opened with “One Shot” as per usual, and they all seemed to have a lot of energy today, and as usual put on a great performance. Since by now everyone is pretty familiar with the set list after all these LOE shows, I’ll focus on the members and other notable parts of the performance. 

* Junhong signed his coffee cup before giving it away for StarBabys cafe, but he took a LONG time since he seemed to want to give it to someone in the arena seats but couldn’t figure out how to get off the stage, so Youngjae yelled that he was slow and to hurry up so he eventually gave to someone in the standing pit area. Himchan was next and gave his drink to someone in the standing area as well.
* When they were singing some acapella of “Where are you?,” Himchan, Youngjae and the rest of B.A.P started goofing off really bad while Dae was singing, doing some really silly dance so that Yongguk covered his face with one had and looked away, sneaking these “Are you serious guys” sort of looks back at them, it was hilarious, and Himchan and Youngjae were just laughing and smiling doing their weird dance. 
* We COULD have gotten Yongguk abs during “Dancing in the Rain,” but Yongguk held onto his shirt in this iron grip so we saw nothing~
* Today they had Play come out, their dance crew, and Play did a “We are Play, Yessir!” (apparently they had been practicing this greeting last night) and tried to leave the stage really quickly before B.A.P made them show us some of their dance moves. But then Jongup did some backflips so Youngjae said “WE WON.” 
* They tried throwing some goods like towels into the crowd but the towels sort of fell short and Babys had to scramble to get them off the floor.
* …I will still never get over seeing “Body & Soul” live. It’s such a beautiful song, but then there’s the choreo that makes you forget you were who your name is or where you’re from~


* Had a lot of energy and spoke more Japanese than I think I’ve ever heard him speak~ It was simple “Are you guys having fun? Thank you, Next song is =“ etc. but it was really nice hearing him speak more than he usually does for Japanese MC breaks. 
* He hardly came to my side of the stage, so I could hardly see him if he wasn’t on the main or centre extended stage. He did run around a lot during “Bang x2” and whipped his jacket up into the air during it.
* …I want to say more but he seriously hardly came to our side of the stage ;____;
* There was one part though where the camera was focused on Yongguk who was going to sing a part but then he looked like “Someone else sang it” and made a face before the camera went to someone else. He also seemed to forget a bit of the words for “Dancing in the Rain” rap but laughed it off lol.
* Yongguk and Zelo always do these random dances during “Spy” (or “Check on” sorry I can never remember), like in Nagoya it was penguin dancing but today Yongguk was kneeling and shuffling along the floor while rapping.
* During “Spy” Yongguk winked singing “I know you want me” and you could hear the sounds of hundreds of fangirls/boys dying.
* I THINK it was Jongup that Yongguk sort of back hugged a little during one of the songs, but since both their backs were to me I can't be sure, sorry.

* Himchan was wearing a bandana during “Check on” and it looked really good on him~
* Him and Youngjae were not teasing each other as much this show but were still goofing off together as usual which is always fun to see.
* He came to our side of the stage quite a bit, and at the end was blowing kisses and waving at us.
* He sang the first few lines of “The roof” but got us to sing the rest for “Hurricane”

* At the first MC break, Deahyun whispered “Everyone scream” and everyone yelled really loud, but Daehyun said it was too quiet, so whispered for us to scream louder, which we did~
* Everyone held up Vocal & Visual’s red slogans after 1004 and sang Happy Birthday to Daehyun (even though his birthday will actually be during LOE Bangkok, but still ^^). He looked really happy~
* He hit some high notes that I’m sure only dogs can hear tonight, seriously I am always impressed with Daehyun’s singing. 

* He kept skipping around whenever he had to get from one part of the extended stage to another so he just looked like this very happy kid jumping around most of the time
* He got REALLY into “Punch” and “Bang x2” and rocked out hard for both songs.
* He came to our part of the extended stage quite a bit and was waving lots, he also came off the stage for “Crash” but literally RAN to try avoiding being crushed.

* UPPIE, never change ♥ As always he was super shy and cute speaking Japanese
* Jongup started off with a rose at the beginning of “Lovesick” and was playing around with it before Youngjae took it and started playing around with it before it was given out (sorry it was too far away for me to see who got it)
* He sort of stumbled but laughed it off and got back up when he was going a move during a dance break (I think it was “Check on…”)
* When they were saying their goodbyes, I guess Jongup was standing in the wrong place or saw something on stage since he started talking but stopped mid sentence and went “Aaahh~” and sort of shuffled to the side and giggled before continuing speaking.
* His solo performance, as always, was amazing. He ripped the top part of his shirt open at the end, just showing his upper chest~
* Jongup also looked lost when they were going to throw goods to the crowd, I think it was Himchan who like pointed for where he should go.

* WOW. I did not need Baby Maknae Junhong doing the “No Mercy” choreo right in front of me~ Haha, he visited our side of the extended stage quite a bit, and he was so sassy and cute during “No Mercy” especially, adding extra little movements to the choreo and just smiling and being adorable…while hip thrusting T____T
* When introducing himself, Zelo turned his back to us, then bent down and said “I’m Zelo~~” with his head between his knees staring at us like in the “Where are you” MV 
*When they were trying to announce the news about their new single, Zelo like messed up his part and just asked cutely in English “What did you say?” and then I think it was Himchan who told him to do it again properly.
* He did a wiggly dance that looked like seaweed at one point but I heard one Baby say it was an impression of an anime character but…it just looked like he became some wiggly seaweed to me ^^;;

....I didn't get many pictures...

4.) The Official Seeing Off Event

What is it: お見送り translates roughly as “Seeing Off” so it’s basically you get to go meet B.A.P face to face as they leave the venue for their transportation, and only a hundred or so people get to go. The way it worked for LOE Japan is that some of the First Sensibility albums sold at the venue each day had tickets for the “Official Seeing Off” hidden inside. 

Seeing off for Chiba LOE Day 2: 
This was my second seeing off event (I went for Warrior Begins Tokyo Day 2, which was over so fast) and I was so happy to be lucky enough to get a ticket T^T I had bought 2 FS albums in Nagoya and got no luck, but today I bought another 2 and got ticket #53 which was a GOOD number because I was waiting to be lined up next to a girl who had #213. These are the numbers in which we got to enter the area we would see B.A.P. 

There were gates set up in sort of a big "U" with the door B.A.P would come out of at the left side of the "U." B.A.P came out the doors and entreated the “U” and when they reached the end of the right side of the U, got into their waiting van.

I was standing in the middle part of the left side of the “U,” in the front row right up at the gates, so got to high five all the members as they came by. They actually moved quite slowly, unlike the Tokyo Warrior Begins Seeing off which was over in like less than a minute as they waved and smiled and went to their car, today they took a good 5 minutes or more interacting with us. 

Youngjae came out first, wearing black and those black, round-framed glasses he’s worn before. He went through the fans pretty quickly lol, he was smiling, taking gifts and then hi5-ing everyone.
Next was Daehyun, wearing a white snapback and I think a jean jacket, who took his time and seemed super hyper and excited; he was smiling, laughing, taking gifts, hi5-ing.
Jongup came by after Daehyun and he had the cutest shy/laughing smile on his face as he hi5-ed us all.
Junhong came by and was smiling but seemed more chill and calm as he was hi5-ing us. Jeezuz, I say this ever time, but he is TALL. I and to look up a bit at him and I was wearing pretty high wedges today.
Himchan was next and I handed him the folded flag signed by Babys from BYS & tsbabyz “Earth Needs B.A.P” project; he said thank you and took it after I hi5-ed him~ Himchan was also wearing his "Channie" towel that he got the day before draped over his shoulders.
Yongguk was last and he was wearing all black, including that same Stussy bucket hat…except he was also wearing those crocs again haha. I wonder if the girls next to me gave them to him as a fan gift or something? They were REALLY excited seeing him wearing the crocs… My first impression of Yongguk today during the Seeing Off was actually that he moved like an old man lol. He kept sort of bobbing up and down as he hi5-ed us, and he was kissing Shishimato & Tigger dolls that Babys were holding out; some were too far away (being held up from girls in the 2nd, back row) so he just patted the Tigger’s/Matoki’s heads.
Youngjae, during this time, since he had already finished going through the “U,” was waving, doing some silly dance by the car, and then getting their cameraman to film hime making peace signs with the Babys behind him. 

Then, once they were all in the car, they waved a bit more, the doors closed, and they drove off~

And that’s it for the last Japan Attack LOE for this year at Chiba day 2, hope my fan account made sense as I am writing it on little sleep and almost no food, goodnight everyone ^^


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