B.A.P will attend the 2014 Auto Pudong International Car Exhibition

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B.A.P will attend the 2014 Auto Pudong International Car Exhibition in Pudong,Shanghai on August 16th and 17th.
TVXQ and B.A.P will be invited as Korean guests and put on a concert along with other Chinese artists. B.A.P is described as the most perfect Korean dark punk band. Having their first show ever in Shanghai, they will perform for not less than 40 minutes.

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  1. WOW China? with TVXQ!! not EX* but B.A.P? so happy, i thought China does not give a F**K on B.A.P anymore.

  2. I'm surprised too. what makes them to be invited there? does the owner of the car company really adores or particularly like them? or someone from china or the sponsor maybe suggest or advised them for this kind of idea. *shrugs* i dunno. but i'm happy by the way though. hope everything turn out to be fine there later. ;)

  3. There better be loads of fancams!! 40+ mins of B.A.P is freakin heaven~

  4. lol 40mins is almost like 1hr! mostly LOE concert last up to 2hrs. sure they'll be a lots of fancams going on later on but one thing i hate if we are about to expect a loud screaming from their recordings!^ ^' lol

  5. Just one step closer to world domination...the rest of the world is catching on to what the babyz already know - that they are awesome!

    1. yeah!!! agree!! they need to know what we already knew about BAP!!! we didn't called them Best Absolute Perfect for nothing!! but i hope BAP are in good condition

  6. +1 to all of the good & supportive comments here except for Baby76!^ ^ lol