B.A.P Japan Staff Blog Updates: "Who is it this time?"

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Who is it this time? (141002)

Everyone, hello!
I think you're used to this already, but who is it this time? 

Now, members are focused on preparing for their album!

There are only 3 months left in this year, in November B.A.P's 1st album "Best. Absolute. Perfect" is released, and in December is their 2nd Japan Tour: Be. Act. Play, so it'll be an exciting year end too!

Album preparations, tour preparations, they're doing their best, of course for the day they can soon meet fans! Staff are also having fun! 

With that, see you~!

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Today is? (140930)

It’s been a while everyone!
There were “Excuse Me” promotions in September which fired everyone up, right away their 1st album comes out November 19! Japan staff is of course working, as B.A.P is working in Korea!  It was announced, but there will be original Japanese songs recorded, so please look forward to it! With that, today what kind of song are they recording do you think?!

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 Recording again (140707)

B.A.P are recording for Excuse Me again, what songs will be coupled with it?

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"Excuse Me~~~?" (140701)

Since B.A.P LOE 20014 Japan Attack is over, this week B.A.P continues working on preparations for their "Excuse Me" promotions. What songs will be coupled with it? We're excited to be able to let everyone know! Please look forward to it!

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During Recording! (1406/28)

Second photo from staff in Korea! Who is recording behind the glass? In order to deliver great music, all the members are doing their best! This was a recording that wiped away sleepiness! Please also look forward to the songs to be coupled with "Excuse Me!"

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Working on Excuse Me (140627)

B.A.P Japan staff was in Korea as B.A.P was working on the Japanese version of "Excuse Me."
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