[TUTORIAL] Create a Daum account & Join B.A.P's fancafe

Create a Daum account. 

STEP 1: Click “회원가입”

STEP 2: Click the one with the envelop picture.

STEP 3: Your name should be more than 2 letters and click the check marks. Type an email address you are currently using. Click “인증번호 받기”, which means to get a confirmation number.

STEP 4: You will get a confirmation number by your email address. If you got it, type it on the blue blank and click “확인”, which is circled in blue. If you didn’t get a confirmation number from Daum, then click “인증번호 재발송”, which is circled in green. It will resend the confirmation number. You only have 10 minutes to type the confirmation number.

STEP 5: After typing all the information right, click “다음단계”, to go to the next step.

STEP 6: Below your email address, there will be a recommended ID. You can use it or erase it and type an ID you want to use. Type a password. It has to be more than 8 letters. Click “가입완료” if you are finish with everything.

It will be look like this after clicking “가입완료”

Now that you have a Daum account, you can join B.A.P's fancafe.

STEP 1: 


STEP 2: Fill in account information and then click to continue


STEP 3: A new screen will appear, click to finish off the registration


You are now a Level 1 member of the fancafe. If you'd like to be a Level 2 member and access to more boards on the fancafe, please check this [tutorial].


  1. I never get a confirmation number from Daum in my email account!!!! (hard sobs)

  2. You now how to verify your account by typing in Korean letters! OH NOES

    1. I used this online korean keyboard and it worked for me https://www.branah.com/korean :)

    2. i have to learn how to type in korean to join thissss??????

    3. I used korean keyboard and wrote exactly as it showed yet it said i was wrong : (( already did this twice

  3. hey. I had type my email but it said 'it is not approved. Please enter the authorization number and select OK' :'((((( what should i dooo