STARCAST: B.A.P Recording Session Attack: 32 photos, Article (Full translation) & 1 video

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Located towards the center of the monitor there are two speakers around the computer, a booth past the glass wall with microphones…a wood interior that brings out the warmth of the room regarding the complicated looking digital technologies. Where is this place?

Yes you’re right! This is a place where new musical ideas are brought up and is the starting place for one to reach their dreams and make their dreams into reality. This place is a recording studio. Then, who’s the owner of this recording studio? We’ll investigate on this attack now!

Posing and welcoming us, the six-member group B.A.P is our main target today. Their first impression was special: as soon as they gathered together, they engaged into a conversation and told us their concept for today was “teen drama”. Since B.A.P has always shown a charismatic image, people would be shocked to see how playful they are in real life. However, it’s too early to be shocked right now! Right now, through StarCast , you will be able to take one step closer and see the true side of B.A.P! Clap your hands for this celebration, clap, clap, and clap!
Healthy and cool as always, B.A.P seemed very excited as well. Nowadays, B.A.P has been very busy with their ‘B.A.P LOVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’ visiting 4 continents and performing a total of 20 concerts. Though they are busy, we’re wondering what they’re doing in the recording studio.

B.A.P has gathered together to prepare the special gift they have in store for their fans, which is their B.A.P Unplugged 2014 album. To surprise their fans, they have been keeping it quiet as they were preparing for this album. Fans are happy to see your faces, why do you have to give them a surprise present, making me love you guys more! ‘_<

Before they start recording, the so-called visual triangle in B.A.P, Youngjae, Himchan and Daehyun encouraged the other members to gather their hands together and say ‘Fighting’
Like the oldest member, Himchan suggested to his younger members that they should say ‘fighting’. Himchan was the first one to lay his hand out, then Youngjae put his hand on the bottom and Daehyun put his hand on top and the other members joined in as well, putting their all into this recording. We’re going to stick with them to the end!

Daehyun carefully looked over the lyrics to their new song. Seeing Daehyun concentrating and memorizing the lyrics, Jongup, who was sitting next to him, moved closer and looked over the lyrics with him. Himchan, who was explaining the meaning of the song, was indulged as well.
Though the members showed serious side to them, Daehyun would constantly pose with a cute V-sign for the camera for their fans.

As the vocalist, Youngjae entered the booth first. Like a handsome diligent student, Youngjae checked all the lyrics to make sure he could properly pronounce and sing the lyrics. Plus, his button down shirt with collars brought out the soft side of Youngjae. Though his soft and delicate face, his wide shoulder that would bring the Pacific Ocean to shame brought out his masculine side; especially when he wore knit shirts or button downs. This is a special compliment!

Honestly, B.A.P has worked with a lot of hip-hop beats and has performed a lot of powerful stages, however, through their new song they will show a completely different side to them. And with every song they’ve recorded, it was said that Youngjae’s calm and emotional voice has been a great part to many of their songs. There are rumors that Youngjae had a great part in their upcoming song, ‘Where are you going? What are you doing?’ ^^

Next was Daehyun’s turn. His casual and playful fashion added on to his energetic personality and fit well with his voice as well. Though they’re both vocals, Daehyun and Youngjae are the complete opposites; however, they’re like best friends, but they’re not best friends, but they are best friends…(Tip. Watch Youngjae’s self-camera in B.A.P ATTACK episode 3!)  Whether he was awkward that the camera was recording him, Daehyun quickly wanted to record the song. As soon as the MR played, he changed his expression and showed a serious side to the camera. This is why Jung Singer (Daehyun) is Jung Singer after all!

As the singers are recording, their director, Bang Yong Guk, seems to be pacing himself. They always say a ‘working man is the coolest’ and was said as Yongguk showed his concentration as he watched out his other members. For a while Yongguk had a serious face on, but whether he was pleased with the recording, he had a big smile on his face that showed he was content. Ha…Bang Yongguk…a guy like you……..

Usually the one with brilliant ideas and garners the most unexpected attention, Jongup showed his new way of recording by climbing on a chair and singing; he brought great laughs to all the staff members and the B.A.P members themselves. Of course, you who came from the stars (Mato Planet)…☆
With Jongup celebrating the coming of age day, he showed a more reliable side to him. Through their first full-length album, Jongup showed a more sophisticated manly look that was shown by him as he was recording as well has people anticipating more for his future image. (the icon of proper growth!)

Before he went into record, Jongup showed his playful side, but as soon as the recording started, he showed his serious side. His hyungs (aka Moon Jongup’s investors) were watching and complimented Jongup on his singing.

The next person to receive the baton is B.A.P’s official visual, ‘Edgy guy’ Himchan! Even though this was a secret attack recording of them, Himchan seemed prepared and posed with the pencil that was on top of the stand. (He posed with the pencil behind his ear and him biting on the pencil as he concentrates on the lyrics!) A portrait like you: with a sharp nose that nobody can touch~ if you do, you’re hand might be cut!

Before he enters the recording booth, Zelo warms up his throat by drinking water. (19 years old, he’s underage) Though Zelo is the cute, innocent and squishy maknae, he shows a powerful side of him when he performs…are you guys the same person? Around his hyungs, he can’t hide his cuteness. During the middle of his recording, he comes out and carefully listens to his hyungs advice and innocently listens to what each of them have to say. Our cute little Junhong (Zelo) bunny gets a lot of love from his hyungs!

Finally, it’s our leader Bang Yongguk’s turn! As usual, Bang Yongguk has contributed to writing the lyrics in every album they have released. For their new song, ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’, it was said that Yongguk personally wrote the lyrics. Did you guys know that? (Special of Specials!)
Regarding their overseas schedules, they wrote a letter-like song for their fans that constantly encourage them even if they’re not in Korea. Even though they’re the type to write songs about their feelings, they don’t show it too much with their actions; however, for the BABY fans who miss B.A.P, will hopefully feel their true feelings through their song.

The rappers in the group, the eldest Yongguk and the youngest Zelo, showed a very special, but different relationship. Ever since BANG&ZELO, it seems like Zelo looks up to the modest and hardworking Yongguk, which seems like why they get along so well with each other. Anyways, as Bang Yongguk records in the booth, Zelo is seen sitting in front, outside of the booth and watching Yongguk like an eagle. As he watches, he must’ve felt the camera pointing towards him, leading him to making a ‘V’ sign.

Finally today’s recording is done!! They all seem tired from recording for a long time~ Jongup, who was seen cuddling the cushion on the couch, soon gets surrounded by his hyungs. As the popular member amongst B.A.P members, Jongup seems to be loved by his members as Youngjae leans on Jongup’s shoulder and Daehyun rests his head on Jongup’s knee, showing their affections. Jongup brings all the members together! ^^;
Even though they’ve finished recording, they still have a lot of other songs they need to record, but thinking about the surprise gift they have in store for BABYs, the members seem happy and excited. Since you can’t really see how they are (they’re really happy) through pictures, we’ve provided a video for you fans!

The group that will change your expectations into cheers, B.A.P, has finally finished their recording and has shown another cool and new side to them. Please anticipate for their new album and we, StarCast, hope to visit B.A.P more! : - )
Mark June 3rd! That’s when B.A.P will be releasing their 4th Single Album “BA.P Unplugged 2014” and their song ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’ Don’t forget!

<Today’s behind cut>

Instead of resting his head on Daehyun’s lap like Daehyun did before, Jongup placed a pillow on his lap and sat on the pillow instead. Anyways, B.A.P look happy when they’re with each other!;;

We couldn’t show much of it, but the stressed out Bang producer cut.
Not only does he produce songs for their albums, but the professional Yongguk writes songs in his free time as well. With this tour, it was said that he had more time and wrote more songs...will we be able to listen to those songs in the future? ^^

‘Value does not change over time’. We’ll always be cheering the B.A.P who reaches for their dreams!

Daehyun’s signature: StarCast! Fighting! B.A.P

Yongguk’s signature: Please anticipate for B.A.P’s StarCast!

Youngjae (left) and Himchan’s (right) signature:
Youngjae: - B.A.P Youngjae-
Himchan: I really wanted to do this. Have fun! : ) 

Jongup (left) and Zelo’s (right) signature:
Jongup: StarCast B.A.P channel open! Oh yea haha
Zelo: Whoa…does that mean you can meet us on Naver?

© Naver Star cast | Translation © Lois @ BAPYESSIR.COM


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