Send your questions to HELLOKPOP for B.A.P's Live On Earth Australia

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B.A.P will be touching down in Australia next week for their ‘Live On Earth’ tour and we will be catching up with the boys during their stay. We wanted to give our readers who are B.A.P fans a chance to ask them a question.
So, go grab a cup of coffee and find a quiet place to sit down. Only the best questions will be asked, so make your question count.
To make sure that we see your question, you must leave a comment with your question below this post. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or use Open ID.
Alternatively, you can tag us @hellokpop on Twitter and use #BAPhellokpop so we can keep track of all the questions.
Have a good think about it!


  1. Hello.~ This is Erika from the Philippines. It's already your 3rd year as of now. As a sunbae, which rookie group do you like? 비에이피오빠들 사랑해요!~

  2. Welcome to Australia! <333 What is a weird talent you have that not many people knows about?- Daisy, Australia

  3. Hi B.A.P Oppas :D In B.A.P, who is the most cheekiest member? and who likes to eat the most? Daehyun Oppa Saranghaeyo <3 i hope you enjoy your visit in Australia :) Cindy from sydney :D

  4. Hi! Hello! ahaha I'm from Philippines and a big fan of yours... I would like to ask y'all about your favorite place on Earth and why?.. :) :) since you've been doing your LOE.. p.s. I LOVE YOU DAEHYUN OPPA!!!!!! muahh!!! kaboomPanes!!!

  5. Hey hey! G'day boys! Welcome to Australia :) My question is: ""What is one message/statement that YOU want to make known to the WORLD through YOUR music? Why?" 감사함니다 ! 몸 조심하세요 - Sara from Sydney, Australia.

  6. Hey, i'm a big fan of b.a.p and i want to ask daehyun oppa why he never use black color for his hair?because i can't find him with black color after debut..thank you and good luck for your LOE,saranghae -diana australia