PROJECT: Bring B.A.P to Indonesia for next year's tour

Shared by Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM

BYS is supporting this project of three Indonesian fanbases for B.A.P. The goal of the project is to collect at least 3,000 signatures of Indonesia Babys to secure Indonesia as one of the destinations for next year's tour

Voice of Babyz Indonesia If you think that you can go to Indonesia's LOE concert on the future, please email BYS Janette at and includes:
* Your full name
* Where you live in Indonesia (If you are a foreigner, please tell us your country)
* Your phone number

If you already sent your datas to @BAP_Indo and @BAPIndonesia, or BABY INDONESIA (Fb group), please don't send it again.
If we're close to 3,000 signatures, B.A.P has REALLY good chances to come to Indonesia, since the names will be given to the promotors who will invite B.A.P in Indonesia!
Please spread the word about it!

If you have any question about the project, please ask BYS Janette through Twitter: @JanetteW_21

Thank you!



  1. Is this a coincidence?? I just looked at the countrys' name above, sketched B. A. P journey around the world and said "Next year, at the 3rd LOE, there'll be 'Indonesia' in B. A. P's destination." When I scrolled down the page, suddenly this update just came up. Omona~ XD
    >/////< *haha, wrong place to spazzing~*

  2. Shapphire: Where do you got the info? XD

    1. Ah~ Which one? I just assumed B. A. P would come to Indonesia at next LOE, just my thought. And suddenly found this update. I don't know wether B. A. P would come or not. It depends on 3,000 BABYz that would sign right? Sorry if it makes a wrong info. Ah, what have I done~

  3. Is there any way to bring B.A.P back to 'the first country that BangHimLo came'? The country that they landed when they traveled from Mato planet? LOL hehehe :P I hope there'll be a way to make LOE Attack In Malaysia next year :'(