NOTICE: Concerning the "issue" between fans and TS/managers (Explications)

Hi Babys,

This is BYS founder Isa. 
Since we received A LOT of ask concerning the "issue" between fans and TS, we decided to write a post explaining what we know about the case. We hope it'll help to answer to many fans' questions. 

We don't know what happened EXACTLY (if you know more than we do, please comment below), but we tried to figure out and collect as many infos as we could. Please note that these are ALL rumors and nothing has been confirmed by TS as for now (they haven't said a word about anything), so we're just assuming. 

Some fans in Korea (especially fansites) reported an incident that happened at the airport:

  • The managers were supposedly rude with fans and told them to not take pictures of the boys, or even wave at them. Some fans said that the managers even said they would break their cameras if they continue to take picture. 
  • Some fans also said that the managers lied at them saying that B.A.P were already in the van, when they were not. 
  • The managers also filmed the fans/took pictures of them and made fun of them, according to some fans.
It's a mess over Twitter since yesterday, both Korean and overseas fans were talking about the issue. Some said they would quit the fandom after what happened.

We don't know if EVERYTHING that has been reported is true, but we wouldn't be surprised if the managers really exploded saying to fans to not take pictures of the boys. After all the "stalking" incidents that happened overseas, that would be a normal human reaction. They are all dead tired, and they probably don't want to deal with more fans following B.A.P everywhere. But that's just what we think, and we're not pointing anyone.

Following the boys at a place where they are NOT working is not always appropriate. As artists, they are working when they produce music and give concerts. That's where they should meet their fans. Not at airports, hotels, or restaurants. Just like everyone else, they should have free time, and a personal life. We're sure they adore their fans, but we think they also like to have some time where they can just take a break. We think that there's other ways to support the boys, for example buying their albums, going to their concerts and promoting them to other people.

Some fans also said that TS were claiming B.A.P as their intellectual property, and that fansites who take pictures shouldn't be allowed to do so, because TS do not earn anything from it. Again, that's just rumors. Some tried to convince fans they heard that information from someone who heard that during a recent TS meeting, but as for now, we have NO way to check if the sources were accurate. We think that TS is disappointed by some fans' behaviors and that they are thinking of a way to stop some non-appropriate behaviors. 

As many fans are disappointed by the company decisions, we would like to remind you the base of the music industry: TS Entertainement is there to let B.A.P produce music and do concerts. They are a company, and the ultimate goal of a company is to make money. Blaming TS for wanting to get money from the group they produce is like blaming Nike for selling shoes...

We at BYS, are working for B.A.P, and it includes collaborating with TS in some ways. We might agree and disagree with them sometimes, but our goal will ALWAYS be to spread informations about the artists' activities and help to promote them internationally so they can achieve their dreams. We hope to get the support of many fans to accomplish this mission.

Thank you,

If you have any questions concerning the issue, please contact me through Twitter (@bysisa), as we're not going to answer asks and emails about this anymore, since we think it's not related to B.A.P's career.


  1. It was TS staff who took fans' pics/vidoes

  2. I didn't heard anything about it, but I have to say that I feel they've been stalked by the fans. Just watch the pictures, is like too much... I think.

  3. idk isa but you sounds like yongguk....i love you for saying all this

  4. Well said. And enough said. This is EXACTLY my view too. We only heard one sided story. We have yet to hear what T.S. got to say about what happened. So fans (who are not involved directly) in the incident, have no right to be angry. Why T.S. suddenly took this measure should be the question fans ask themselves. What made them angry and in the end vented it should b the question. I think T.S. had been lenient u no ugh to let go some violations happening. Lots of fans seriously don't understand that music industry is business and some things are allowed while some are against the law.
    Just my take. Anyone is free to disagree but this is it. Thanks BYS for neutralising matter.

  5. some fans are so annoying and keeps following their idols everywhere !
    seriously if you love them you should leave them alone for some time not follow them like a creep !

  6. i just read a fanaccount saying: i was in the airport and i say hello to B.A.P members and she said like i don't remember who said to her: you again? an when she shouted to Yongguk: Yongguk oppa he just said mmm back... i was like wtf? and know this.... well, who knows let's wait for what TS have to say....

    1. I don't know about the first part, but if Yong Guk-ssi didn't say much then I can understand this. They're being rushed, they are probably exhausted from traveling so much, and the thought of conversation is probably too much. No matter how much I love them, and I really do love them, I wouldn't be all over them shouting at them and getting in their faces at the airport. They've been working hard and traveling so much. They must be so tired!

    2. hahaha the girl who talked to yongguk was me

    3. you can't blame him for saying mhmm back. Remember that he is probably tired and exhausted. he traveled through all time zones, had concerts. he and everyone else probably just want to take rest and sleep. so don't blame him for being like that. tbh, if I'm at his place, I wouldn't even say mhmm.
      plus, they don't have a bit of privacy. I know, they are celebrities, but.. They are also humans right?! so yeah...

  7. well if to be logic - lets say if i am a celebrity and just arrived at the airport,ok i am fine if my photos been taken. but if i want to go some places for shopping at some shops out there or doing a sightseeing and still i have been stalked but i dont mind if the(the fans)take pictures of me where they took/shoot it a lil bit far away from me(dont worry - they got this 'zoom' lens-thingy so~yeah)only that,i do not like to be follow if i'm a celebrity. even in privacy esp. in hotel where i still remember reading about the incident happening on exo before where the sasaeng fans even dare to sneak inside and put a hidden camera in one of the bathroom i think. man,i think someone better call a police! i mean that is just too much! but i'm glad and hope not babyz are like like that. so there you go,fans out there. i know B.A.P and their manager were on the rush,chasing time and thats why they are trying to avoid fans as much as they could by not to get caught when they have free time. like c'mon,when will be their time again for they to come to your country for some relaxation when suddenly it turn into chaos. they understood on how much the fans love the boyz but please at least try to understand the situation that they are in. the boyz dont have enough rest and the fans chasing is too hectic for yhem plus they need to practice. that is why at least,leave and let them be alone for awhile for a relaxation. phew~ sorry i rant!xD but i'm telling the truth here. actually,the manager is friendly but sometimes it is not that time at the moment. ok,fans? or babyz,please try to understand them.

    1. I agree with your every word here. very good written.
      I'm really sad that fans chased them all over Europe and jumped at them. they needed to have free time and enjoy everything. this was also trip for them to see other countries and at least relax a bit between schedules.

    2. hmm..dunno where my other comment go though. lol anyways,if you are a celebrity - just imagine how would you feel like? of course you will be pissed off. I mean sometimes you need this sense of privacy. and need to respect every both or third parties i.e. B.A.P,the agency/the manager and the fans itselves. so basically it is simple if you think about it and it is not that difficult if you try to ponder what is right and whatsnot or what is improper. so people need to stop pointing fingers,blaming at each other or claiming false accusations which is ensure if it is accurate or not,spreading rumors or gossiping and all of that. shhh~ i thot ppl who used to hate my blabs told me to grow up but look who is talking now? unless if you are a little kid,so stop behaving like one. your overhyperfulness,unable to control and being intolerable dark mystical behaviour power lol,wtf even to many other normal fans can't take it anymore. so dont do it ever again even later in the future. are we cool? ;) fuhh~ ^ ^'

    3. and also one more thing : no hate-hate please!(to and toward each others)^ ^'

  8. *them // in other words - let the boyz/any celebrities spend some time to relax there and enjoy the/your beautiful country there,ok? they want to make their own memories too when they try and go to visit them. so please control your manners fans if you saw them. and at least try to understand them and their situation during/at that moment. no disrespect. and peace to all~ ( '-' )v

  9. when Babyz fandom growing, the number of saesangs grows too, sad case, i always thought B.A.P has lesser saesang fans as compared to other groups. Babyz..please remain as kind and humble fans like we used to be called. Don't disturb the boys, if you want to take photos, just take from far far away, there is something call ZOOM!!, if you have gifts to give, if managers are not blocking and the boys want to take it, yeah GIVE and GO away don't block them!! What the f**k is about 'talking'/'chatting' to the boys when they are in hurry at airports or walking, that make you no difference from SAESANGS..

  10. I think every action has a reason, and no matter what happens,I still love and support them.
    Love BAP

  11. i remember i saw a youtube video where the guys said he went to a restaurant and BAP went there and that a bunch of taxis were lined up and etc i mean they cant even eat in peace without some fans being there i mean why are fans saying you just lost a baby when bap didnt even say anything how can they call them selves a true fan when they just stop liking them for something the manger said i mean they are trying to get to there flight as soon as possible they have a bunch of business to finish there are limits in being a fan girls etc...

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  13. There's another rumor.When B.A.P come back from Deutschland ,some fans are pricked the cheek of member(maybe yong guk) and pulled them(don't know who was) by the arm at the airport My english is so bad,sorry

  14. i really agree with this post and in fact i thank BYS for explaining further what has been happening this few days. i don't get it why so many fans were leaving and sending hates to Ts even though we haven't heard their side yet. I mean yeah it's probably wrong that those staffs yell at them, became rude and even prevent them for taking pictures. But all of these are rumors right? and we don't know, maybe they have reasons? Do you know how it is frustrating seeing your co-babyz posting and tweeting they've had enough or they're permanently leaving and blaming Ts for their actions. What am i pointing is, why don't we analyze the situations first instead of jumping to conclusions and believe those rumors. I understand that some of them were tired, those rumors, money issues, daehyun smoking, bashing, never ending comparisons and now this. But please remember how we used to love and support them. Jongup once said B.A.P won't let us go even if we want to quit right? Besides, I do believe we are the best Fandom, so when all else fails, We don't. =))


  15. Well said, Isa !
    I personally saw Youngjae in Germany the day before the concert. Actually I was at the Königsallee (where he was) because I wanted to buy a gift for my mom's birthday and I knew there were the shop I wanted to go here. By luck, Youngjae passed in front of the shop when I was in (I didn't saw him that time!), and after I bought my gift, I went out and saw people with matoki things etc, and was like "what's going on??" and asked them. Youngjae was in a shop and they waited for him (there were like 4metters from the shop and them, otherwise it was the road and dangerous OTL). I've waited with them and when I saw Youngjae, I was just there looking at him quietly (I couldn't believe it haha) but the girls were screamed and everything... I was so ashamed of that, and felt so sorry for Youngjae ;; They took me with them 5min after we couldn't see Youngjae, because they wanted to follow him. I walked like 500metters with them and then leaved because I didn't want to follow him like a stalker, and because it was my first time in the city too so I wanted to do some shopping, like the boys x.x

    I didn't heard anything else about problems with B.A.P and fans in Germany..

    I've heard fans want to leave the fandom because of this incident. Why ? This id not the boy's fault. They don't want their fans to leave the fandom because they're just so damn tired and are tired of fans who stalks them. Those who wants to leave should think with B.A.P and TS' mind.. I don't know why people would leave a GROUP's fandom because of the AGENCY's fault. Haven't they heard about YG Entertainment ? Most of the fans don't like YG or the agency, but still supports their group no matter what. Some Babyz should take example from VIP, Blackjacks etc for that.
    And B.A.P don't need fans who can leave the fandom just because of than. You should leave the fandom if you don't like B.A.P anymore, but not because of that.... ;;

    Fuh. Let's wait if TS has something to say about it, or even if they've heard about the mad fans. But for now, people should like lf every side of the story, and shouldn't leave B.A.P because of that.

  16. Hello you guys.
    I'm kinda shocked about the whole thing and VERY curious if any of this is true at all..!
    Well..first of all there are just some fans that overdo it and are way to overdramatic!!! With the screaming and pulling ect.
    B.A.P are just human too and believe me need their "space" too I mean Hello after performing or having 8h flights you wouldn't want to be bothered like that either or!?

    Well anyway my experience with TS was very neutral to be honest and not bad at all.
    A few days before the concert in Düsseldorf a group of girls and I that we're going to the concert too planned to go eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant right after the concert so we could hang out a bit and talk afterwards.
    So we called there and resevated. When we called they told us that we might have to sit in the front of the restaurant because of other reservations (they didn't tell us exactly why but we thought because maybe other groups had resevated too or something)
    -telling you this to clear the "oh you guys are stalkers" thing right away

    After the concert (EVERYTHING was went without problems..I even asked a lot of people afterwards about the workers, security ect.) ANYWAYS we went to the restaurant Sat down ordered and waited. During the time that we waited one of the workers turned the sign from open to closed (because it was so late and we already has reservations so we could stay) 10min after the worker did so we noticed 2-3 big vans. One of the managers jumped out walked past us smiling and talked to the restaurant workers (I guess he asked if they could still eat there or not)
    Well anyway lol not even 5 min later the whole crew with management dancers security and the whole band walked in.
    They all looked so tired so right before any of my girls jumped up or screamed I told them to keep calm not to run over and just wave and say hello normally. After everyone passed and had their seats, one of the staff walked over and said thank you for the calm reaction and not being loud and all.
    During our dinner some of my girls went out to smoke and we notiked 3 girls walking up and down the street several times looking into the restaurant (you couldn't see all the way to the back where everyone else was sitting) we asked them what they wanted and they suddenly got all excited and asked if B.A.P was und there. We saw on their reaction that they would run straight in there and disturbed them if we said yes so we said no.
    I'M SORRY 3 FRENCH BABYS IF YOU ARE READING THIS BUT I WANTED THEM TO REMEMBER GERMANY IN A GOOD WAY..if that makes any sense to anyone but no one wants screaming people next to you while you're eating, right!!!!?!!!!
    And right before we were done eating the restaurant manager walked over and told us they would like to give everyone of us (everyone 18+) a glas of Soju to thank us for not screaming, taking pictures, running and so on.

    SO yeah we didn't have any problems at all during that time that's why I'm not really sure about the rumors at the airport..
    All I can say is
    WE thank Everyone at TS for making it possible that B.A.P could come to Germany -EUROPE- to perform here and let us experience the great time!
    Please BABYS just keep your distance and be respectful towards everyone!!!

    1. I think you girls handled that situation very very well! I'm so happy to read this~ I was in Düsseldorf for the concert also. After the concert we had to wait with other friends for our parents to come get us (we're Dutch BABYs from the Netherlands ^^) We had been walking around in Düsseldorf a little but close to the concert hall in case we would get lost. After we returned my friend wanted to try and see B.A.P through the back. I told her we shouldn't because that'd be rude towards B.A.P and they would be probably very tired.
      I'm happy to read you guys stayed calm and let them be. I hope they'll remember your country in a good way ^^

  17. These kind of assumptions are the beginning of antis being created. If only some fans can be more understanding & also realise that they don't own B.A.P. in any ways, then there won't be any unhappy complaints surfacing. You can't expect them to chat or answer your questions while they walk. You can't expect them to make eye contact with you and only with you. You can't expect them to smile to your camera when you ask them to. Please realise that they are bounded by rules from their agency, like it or not! It is as simple as this: f they response to one fan, then the other would expect the same & can you imagine the chaos in the public places? I guess if the fans are more restrain (not aggressive), the boys would be probably be more relax and who knows, could even give more smile & wave back! ^.*

    1. +1 exactly as i thought. well said. actually everyone here who had commented their opinions is very,very good and logic. oh about the big issue which not so big at all to me you know like many fans dont want to be fans of B.A.P i dunno why but i think i used to read this kind of problems before like the on exo. true i'm not faking it. one of those exo sasaeng fans said she will leave the group because of how she had been mistreated by one of exo staffs/managers? i was like,okay. good for her just to teach her a good lesson for her to learn there. and repent. she explained everything she did. wanting to give gift to one of the members but was pushed back by the rude staffs and blablabla.. so i'm not new to this story anymore. and its getting boring lately after that. she sys she called name one of her bias but didnt respond back even she was near her bias and she felt dissapointed and frustrated after that. yeah girl,you go there! like you are the one and only fan in this world for them,right? right? *yawn* whatever~ oh well,i better read B.A.P fanfics so i skipped her fanacc try not to dig deep into her lousy,pathetic stories. yeah~thats the spirit me! :)

  18. actually , i think that's not the managers fault at all==
    That's Normal .. The staff protecting the idol i think it was their real job ==
    Sometimes i dont understand why some of master site always following them everywhere . Its kindda annoying i guess for BAP ... even they never mention it . ==

  19. sigh~ if only everyone who get involved in to this related matters knows how to handle it well,then everything will runs out smoothly. and nobody got hurts that includes hurting everyone feelings. now - who are we to blame? and whats the problem with the TSent staffs taking video of those babyz out of their cam when you know who else were there who saw the boyz in the first place? even that supposed to be an issue? i believe but who knows that the staffs will let it show one day maybe on the dvd and fans(babyz)should be proud and appreciate about it for the faces getting shown not getting angry over this petty matters. this teens angst..tsk..tsk..when will you guys ever learn how to stop. use brain next time kids if you do not want yourselves to get all the hate. now,do i need to repeat it all over again?

  20. does this mean we the calm Babyz will care if some of the fansites closed down??? Like, 'oh no, too bad B.A.P are losing fans, TS pls apology!'.. sorry NO for me, obviously those fansite masters are saesang fans, i never support saesangs and i'm glad that those saesangs hopped to another group if this happen.. cheers* we the Normal Babyz and B.A.P gain much more freedom!

  21. they are very tired. don't stalk them pls.... everyone who are stalked will angry and feel annoyed. BAP too~ that's my opinion, so, pls don't stalk them like that^^