NOTICE: BYS is now fully back from semi-hiatus

Hi Babyz! 
This is an important notice concerning BYS' daily activities. 

BYS founder Isa is back from internship, so all emails will be answered soon, projects will be updated and other parts of the site will be improved with the rest of our staff. We thank you for your patience and comprehension, and hope you enjoy B.A.P's comeback! 

We've been on semi-hiatus since May due to many problems, but now we're definitely back! We'll now make sure to comeback to our regular updating times, and release translations in English and other languages in a short slot of time, plus answer to emails and asks as soon as possible.

We are back with a lot more to offer. Thank you so much for your understanding and your support towards us and B.A.P.


  1. Don't worry <3 I mean we all Babyz can understand that you just need to deal with your personal things and its quite alright^^ I'm sure you guys may feel overwhelmed but I'll be patiently waiting as will the rest of the Babyz~ Don't stress so hard guys, you work so hard so I think its your time to just stop and deal with everything else piling on top. It certainly hard just multi-tasking everything what with some of you guys are going throgh. Were all human not superman/superwoman, you just need to take it easy and rest I worry for you guys sometimes since you always work too hard! I love what you've done for BYS and I and all Babyz certainly appreciate what you've done so don't stress it! BYS Team Fighting! Kahmsamnida^^

  2. lol dunno where my previous two posts go though!^ ^' anyways~ yeah its true what miss(?)anonymous(baby?)say there. dont go stress all out. i know your job is not as easy as one could think but we know you are trying your best here just to be as helpful as you can and just the sake for the yourselves and fans. :) and bys,if i ever make so much mistakes on your fansite or at the askfm,please forgive and accept my apologies even if there is also later in the future. everybody make mistakes and nobody's perfect. and we literally don't mean it actually. so please do try to understand. your kindness towards everyone can be very meaningful to us all here though is not that much just. and you know that we the B.A.P fans really,really,really love you and it is because of your help in spreading the words about B.A.P,help to introduce,doing promos,etc. all around the world. for i,as the behalf of Baby - the fan of B.A.P would like to thank you for everything that you do/did,once again teamBYS. ;) love you with all my heart~♡

    1. Yeap that's me XD I should have used my google account but for some reason I wasn't thinking properly *derpface* but I also love your comment as well ^.^

  3. Just take your time, I understand all of you have real life. Thank you for keep updating me in your spare time or even in your busy time^^
    For Admins who have a final exams, good luck for you guys~! *\(^0^)/* Don't forget to have enough sleep and don't push yourself too much. Sometimes you need refreshing your mind (^u')
    And for Admins who have problem with the computer problems, I hope your computer will get better soon~ (your computer is sick right?)
    Hwaiting~! *\(^0^)/*

  4. get a proper rest my fellow babyz of teambys! after all,do remember that we all are humans. love you all and to all the strongbabyz all around the world! ;)