NOTICE: B.A.P is now back in KOREA! They will leave in 1 or 2 days to conquer AUSTRALIA :)

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  1. oh,Isa admin-nim~ i thank you for sharing the news about our babyboyz going back to their homeland. :) i'm so worry about their safety abroad,jetlagging,and i am much more concern about their health and their safetyness,their whereabouts,and without enough rest(just a few hours sleep only)and then the next day they have to wake up very early in the morning,etc. and it did not stop there. but i am glad they are at home now(i mean at their dorm),for at least. i am sure they're feeling homesick right now at this time. so,its good to know and a wise decision for the agency to give them a break even it means for a little time. ;) babyz from downunder/Oz a.k.a australia,i hope you guys will be very patience for their arrivals ok? bless babyz all around the world for having a good time with the boyz! ;) p.s. who cares if the venues aren't jam-packed but as long you get to enjoy the show,everything else does not even matters! so dance your cares away~leaves your worries aside! and enjoy your memorable time while you can! ;) oOopZ! i wrote an essay of explanation again!xD *dance your cares away - is a lyrics i got it from Fragile Rock - a fun,musical tv muppets show which i watched during i was a little kid!xD you can google it to hear their fun tune if they still have it! i am all smiles when i think about it/the song!^ ^