K-Pop Fashion Ace: B.A.P

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B.A.P has come a long way since their debut back in 2012. With a steady fan base and evident popularity boom through to 2014, the group’s acronym Best Absolute Perfect may sound cheesy at first, but proves to be pretty apt of the group’s all-rounded musical abilities and stage presence. This also extends into the group’s great sense of style and fashion.

In a highly appearance-oriented society, K-Pop idols probably take it in their stride to never leave their house looking like a wreck. Even if they are going for the casual route, they have to make sure that there is ever still a certain level of style and image they are conditioned to upkeep.
(Credit: TS Entertainment) (B.A.P looking ultra-hip in "Coffee Shop" MV released just last year by TS Ent.)

Airport fashion is especially telling of an idol’s way of style and dress sense. This is where they can choose to be casual and wear comfortable pajamas to sleep in a plane, or look camera-ready and flaunt their “I look like I’m hardly trying but my outfit actually took some effort” selves.
We have seen numerous instances of airport fashion faux pas from K-Idols –and as much as fashion is a subjective matter- here’s definitely some really good ones from B.A.P. The group seems to have a particular knack for chic airport fashion and fashion off duty as a whole. Every member can be noticed for looking stylish and have a unique, individualistic sense of fashion taste.
(Credit: Kpopstarz) (B.A.P's airport fashion proves their trendy fashion sense as a group)

B.A.P members may have been all decked in the same blonde hair, but their fashion ensemble allows us to clearly tell them apart. It is obvious the boys have put some thought into their well-coordinated outfits, with the addition of hats and fake glasses that adds style value to their overall looks. It may look haphazard to some, but we cannot deny the definite effort put in to look presentable and stylish.

(Credit: BNT news, BAP Official Fan Cafe)

(Credit: Pinterest, Kpopstarz) (B.A.P member Zelo surprises with vibrant and absolutely adorable fashion choices)

B.A.P’s famed leader Bang Yong Guk, 24, is perhaps one of the bigger fashionista from the group. Well-known by his fans for his incredibly deep, sexy voice and fierce rapping skills, Yong Guk proves to go beyond just musical talents by showing a strong sense of style as well.

(Credit: Ohkpop, Tumblr)

(Credit: Pinterest, Newsen) (B.A.P's leader Bang Yongguk dazzles with a charismatic, chic fashion sense)

The rapper and leader of B.A.P is incredibly tasteful in his fashion choices, commonly seen as a casual chic fashionista. But not only that, Yong Guk also seems to be a risk-taker when it comes to fashion choices as well. Often decked in a chic black ensemble, sometimes Yong Guk presents a different side of him, as proven by his sometimes all-out retro, preppy chic looks. His fashion style is perhaps deemed erratic and unpredictable, but he nevertheless proves to have a great fashion sense.
In fashion’s elusive nature, it may be common to find both stylish members in a K-Idol group, and the other half who simply try too hard (or not at all). B.A.P seems to be as a whole – a very snazzy and fashionable idol group indeed.


  1. i laughed when i read that Yongguk was the biggest fashionista in B.A.P...i sincerely laughed lol ;)

  2. I've always thought Yongguk has the best fashion sense in B.A.P...then followed by Youngjae and Jongup. Gukkie may deny it but he is a natural born fashionista lol.

  3. i thought Himchan is a fashionista...i like him the best