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This is a masterpost for Instagram updates of May

2 years ago at that place, its been 2 years

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Since you guys keep asking where we're at and what we're doing, I'll tell you. We arrived at Singapore and resting at the hotel^.^!  #BAP #어디니뭐하니

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Yongguk changed his profile picture


‪#‎BABY‬#theresabigprobelm #imissyou

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In ‪#‎Germany‬

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  1. are you sure the translation says germany ? because that's in melbourne, australia.

  2. wooo~ what a beautiful picture of baby magnet(lol,a.k.a "maknae")and also with the photoshopped done! zelove-ah~ that is ART,baby! love it and love you ma babyboi! ;)

  3. This is in Melbourne, Australia :)

  4. now i remember when i take a look back at the matoki calendar 2013 - there you can see the image on october says land mark : hosier lane,melbourne,australia - where the matoki is jokomato standing behind a photo of a joker from one of batman's movie as it's background. :)

  5. ♡ you yonggukie-appa!!!♡ your sweet,precious smile calm me and warms my heart and gives me strength to go/move on♡

  6. That is Melbourne, Australia... Same place when Kwangsoo and Rain made a fake MV in Running Man

  7. Attempt to keep it as interesting and fresh as could be expected under the circumstances. brsm

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