HelloKpop: B.A.P tells us what they'd be doing if they weren't singers

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Straight from the European leg of their concert, B.A.P dropped by Melbourne and I had a nice little chat with them before their concert.
We picked the most popular questions asked by their Babies and shot the questions at them. Unfortunately, we had some miscommunication with their management and some of our questions were changed last minute and lost in translation, but you can still appreciate the time the management went into to help us arrange this interview, thanks!
So, Babies wanted to find out what the boys of B.A.P would be doing if they weren’t successful singers and here’s what they said.
“I really like manga, so I would probably be reading manga or drawing.” Jong Up said.
Yong Guk added, “You could be at a manga cafe.”
Him Chan told us that he would be “engaged in the Korean cultural industry”.  His fellow members were surprised and asked for examples.
“Korean classical music, fashion or dancing.” He said.
B.A.P also recommended eating kimchi if you haven’t tried it and said that their Australian concert will be memorable.
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