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Warning! This is effing long, it includes 3 fanaccounts in 1 post only, our London girls are really inspired by B.A.P x)

Eiriel's fanaccount

-Fans lining up-
We arrived at Brixton at around 4pm due to train delays and there was already a lots of fans lining up and the line was VERY long. I actually expected to have lots of Asian fans, but there are more European fans that came all over Europe just to support the boys! I even heard from others that didn’t but the VIP tickets, lined up REALLY early just to get a nice view of the boys! Took them real dedication!


Once we got to the venue, I couldn’t find Ana and Diana after some time (I saw them in the end though~), so I asked my friends to help me give out the photo cards and worked on the flag project ^^


We eventually ran out of ink at around 5:30pm, so we want to thank the people who lent us their pen for the flag project~ (black pen worked well~)


The flag project was very successful and we raised lots for the charity, so thank you everyone who contributed!
As I’ve been busy with the project, I had no choice but to stand in the road, the other fans kept looking out for me to make sure I didn’t get ran over but the vans that came up and down! I’ve never met such lovely, friendly and caring people! Babyz are simply the best! For those who didn’t know, my bias is Youngjae, so I gave everyone a hi-five when they said we have the same bias~ There were also some fans that said that they ship me with him hehe ><

There were also some fans that thought that I actually work for BAP (I think it must because of the ID or something xD) and asked me if I went inside to see them already ^^;; As much as I wish I did work for them, unfortunately that’s a no~

While we were giving out photo cards and doing the flag project, there was a building across the venue and Daehyun waved at the fans and closed the window a little bit after.
A little bit later, at the backstage window, Himchan opened the window to wave at the fans. I was so unlucky because I was taking pictures of everyone holding the flag and didn’t see him but my friends kept giving weird poses (V signs and doing aegyo) that Himchan gave them a weird look haha xD Himchan looked at again (and I saw him this time~) Yongguk closed the window right after. I saw Manager Kang with them too~

Since we didn’t have enough time and ran out of photocards to give out to others, we met these very nice (and pretty) girls who was willing to help us out with raising the flag.

-Inside the venue-
Right after I got through the security check, I went straight to their shop to buy some merchandise (poster of Youngjae and signed album of Jongup but traded for Youngjae by the end of the concert) and unfortunately I didn’t win the hi5 event, but I heard from everyone that did, they were simply perfection~!

So~ I was in the Circle Block (seating) and was quite far away, it was quite disappointing that it was quite far but my camera was able to zoom far enough. The view was alright, at least I can still see them and their faces ^^


-Impression of the members-

Yongguk: Is literally sex on legs. I always knew the guy is very good looking. SEEING HIM THROUGH MY LAPTOP IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH TO PROVE THAT HE IS PERFECTION. This guy have so much swag (I don’t like that word but it describes him) it’s unreal. You can really feel his leader presence whenever he stands with his members. AND HIS VOICE. I swear it is actually deeper in real life? Sweaty Guk is the way forward…just saying. Aegyo+Yongguk = I can’t even react properly to that. “Visiting UK is a dream come true for us.” GUK WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS.
Himchan: Himchan looks like he’s the one who’s probably enjoyed the concert out of the boys. He is just adorable! You could clearly see the excitement on his face when he waved at us before the concert started. Also I think he was really comfortable at the concert and more at ease~ (very proud of the babyz not singing ‘loof on fire’ during Hurricane~) Too much HimUp on stage. He hugged Jongup A LOT.
Daehyun: Okay. What can I say about this guy? HIS VOICE IS LIKE AN ANGEL. There were a few wrong notes but you can tell he’s giving his 110%. He looks good in white. I think Himchan and Daehyun was the most liveliest and seeing them happy was just great! Sassy Dae “ You’re not Harry Potter.”
Youngjae: I would’ve uploaded my fancams but I’m too embarrassed of myself because whenever this guy sings or does anything, I scream my lungs out. WHAT IS LIFE. I think seeing him live made me realise why this guys is my bias. His accent was really cute when he said “Queen Elizabeth II”.
Jongup: I decided he is my bit on the side. Gosh I felt like I betrayed Youngjae hahaha. Now I understand why people say that Jongup looks even better in person. They are right! His solo stage didn’t help either. “Do you want a coffee~?” ßThe guy who is obsessed with Frozen.
Zelo: He’s a year older than me, yet how can that guy be so tall? He’s caught my eyes throughout the whole thing! HIS LTE rap was a pleasure to hear live. Him and Jongup being weirdo as always!
One Shot: This is one of my favourite song from them. Their choreography and vocals were electrifying.
Badman: The aggressiveness throughout was prominent. I think the first two songs really got everyone riled up.
Power: Yongguk introduced the song with a quote but I didn’t really catch it due to the screaming and his tone of voice was quite hard for me to catch what he said. They really got the choreography down. I fell in love with their dance. They make everything look so easy. Zelo’s LTE RAP though.


Intro: I finally got to watch it live. “What is love?” Lovesick intro with Jokomato and Totomato. I don’t even know why but it made me blush hahaha especially when Jokomato was describing what love is.
Lovesick: cute little train dance haha~
Coffee Shop: Jongup singing “Do you want a coffee~?”  was so cute~ Jongup and Zelo flirting hahaha. When Zelo asked “What do you want?”. THEM. Haha I’m joking xD
Body and Soul:  AFTER SEEING NYC, CHICAGO, LA shows, I’ve been waiting for this! My eye are no longer innocent. It’s been graced with hip-thrusts, body rolls, and all over the floor. I just can’t. There was a parent sitting in front of me looked so…..surprised? Idek is that’s the right word to describe it haha.

Punch: boxing match themed~ it was pretty awesome. So pumped! I think Himlo (or Daejae) that was play fighting on stage for a bit like kids they are.
No mercy: At this point, I’ve seen so much hip thrusts it’s no longer good for my heart. No mercy on out ovaries much?
BANGX2: I’m sure every Baby in the venue jammed to this song. Daehyun was jumping around.
Rain Sound: It definitely contrasts BANGX2. It’s quite solemn and relaxed. I stared at Youngjae throughout. Sorry but he looked hot.
Jongup’s Solo: ILLEGAL.

Save Me: Daehyun and Youngjae looked so emotional at this point. I got goosebumps.
Intro: The intro to Check On. I laughed so much when Jongup and Zelo was wearing those horse heads odg. I could not control myself when the Voiceover teaching the dance more said “Now your hormones are in control.” Himchan and Zelo shook their butts so much. In fact BAP and butt shaking is the cutest thing I’ve seen.
Spy: This was at the point where I was so hyped up and my head starts to hurt bc of it. (too much screaming in my part).
Hurricane: So proud of UK BABYz not singing ‘loof on fire’. I think this was at the point where I looked at Himchan the most. He looked happy? Relieved? Idk. Hurricane was so upbeat!
Dancing in the rain, Stop It, and Crash: was the point where these guys have did so much fanservice. OTPs are real omg. I was surprised when I saw YG doing aegyo. (second hand embarrassment)

photo 3.JPG

Ending Speech: I’ll just put all the quotes down. Yongguk didn’t speak much at this point. It was mostly Youngjae and Himchan. Youngjae throwing a heart on centre stage. (my heart could not handle it)
·         Himchan: “Fish and Chips!”
·         Yongguk: “Coming to UK is a dream come true for us.”
·         Youngjae: “I am Harry Potter!”
·         Daehyun: “You’re not Harry Potter”
·         Zelo: Tottenham.    Himchan: Arsenal   Youngjae: Chelsea
·         Youngjae: “Queen Elizabeth II” (with a cute accent)
·         Zelo: “Do you miss me? Do you love me?
·         Jongup: “Do you like my six pack?” (YES. VERY. MUCH.)
Yongguk also mentioned that he definitely wants to come back here in the UK.Youngjae asked the fans what their debut song was and their latest song as well as asking us what the missing words were for each member… (“Earth Needs..”)

1004: This is the part where Youngjae and Daehyun’s voice sounds quite tired but still gave it their all. This is one of my favourite performances in the concert.
Warrior: This is the most intense part of the concert.


With You: BAP was swaying with the fans and Himchan got his camera out and took at picture Sweaty Himchan was woah.
After The Concert: 100 second countdown.  When it got to 30 seconds, the screen said we had to scream louder so we all did and then showed the D-100 to D-DAY. Everyone left with “With You” soundtrack playing.
(30 minutes after the concert) The Hi5 event. The Brixton staff were rushing everyone to come out.
My friends and I walked to the end of the road where the backstage was, we didn’t expect that there would be fans around waiting. (we were about to leave to go home.) And we saw the fan manager with the back-up dancers who went inside the van. We tried to walk past but the security had to block the pavement so they could walk inside the black van. After a few minutes after they left, BAP’s van drove past.

Ana's fanaccount
Hello BABYz! Translator Ana here! It’s my 1st time doing a fanacc, so please bear with me ㅜㅜ I’ll do my best!
This whole experience was new to us. Flying to another country to see our very 1st K-POP concert, to see none other than B.A.P (for the 1st time as well), who we’ve been looking up to for so long, live; it all sounded and looked like a dream even when we were fully living it.
Me and Diana flew from Portugal to England on the 26th and got to visit central London and other areas on that day, including Brixton (where the concert took place).
When we got to Brixton, at the end of the afternoon, we arrived by the underground. We were really curious about the arena so we rushed to take a look at it since it was near the tube entrance.
I swear people in the street looked at us like we were insane. As “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 27
th April” came into our view, there was a huge rush of intense feelings I can’t put in words. Maybe happiness applies. I think we laughed for a good 10 minutes, trying to take selcas and knowing that we looked a bit too giddy. I reckon B.A.P just make us smile (and fangirl OTL) a lot.

At the morning of the concert, we arrived near 7 o’clock in the morning. There was already a quite relevant queue, it wasn’t all that big so we were still part of the 1st batch that got into the arena at the time of entrance.
There were a few dilemmas at the arena about the lines which caused a lot of stress to some of us. People were complaining, because supposedly people in the O2 priority line would get in 1
st (there were 2 lines: 1 with the VIPs and the O2 people and another with the “regular” ones), and only then would the “normal” queue be allowed in the venue. After a long conversation with the guards (which were quite thoughtful), we managed to a fair arrangement, and get both lines in simultaneously, so everyone in the “normal” line was rather relieved and satisfied ^^

This is a bit of a side note. I didn’t see it myself because it happened in the far ends on the lines, but apparently Junhong, Himchan and another member popped out of a window to say hi during sound check, and everyone went absolutely mental. Also, we’re not sure who recorded us, but I’m reckoning TS staff filmed us for a future DVD and the telly or a youtube channel did an interview to some BABYz.

BABYz & BYS volunteering:
I must say UK BABYz are absolutely hilarious and have really nice vibes about them. We made friends with a few people from all over Europe, whom I want to thank for being so friendly with us.
I can’t not mention our volunteering for BYS. It was a lot of fun to distribute to the lot of you all those photocards, and thanks for showing so much enthusiasm from those alone! Also a really big shout out for the 2 lovely ladies that mentioned they followed BYS and thanked me personally for our job. I’m glad I’m part of this team, and that we can make a difference! Another thank you also, for everyone who took time to listen to our project and to those who donated. We got a lot of full pockets!

By the time we got inside the venue, 1 hour before the concert, we were in the 5th line, but by the beginnings of the actual concert we were already on 3rd, right behind the VIPs. There was quite a bit of pushing even then, but people were trying to be more careful as to not hurt others and BABYz helped those who were feeling claustrophobic and having panic attacks out throughout the whole concert.

It was the 1st time I was that near the stage. I had 2 tall girls in front on me, so I couldn’t see very well the general stage. Sometimes I only saw heads, so I needed to readjust my angle (yeey for being 1, 55cm tall OTL). Standing in my tip toes for 2 hours and a half was worth it though. My neck hurt from looking up too hahaha I also needed to collect myself a few times because of the lack of space to avoid passing out.
I most likely missed a few things from my point of view, even though I was centred. In concerts, it happens that some performances become blurs afterwards and so, here’s a list of details I properly remember and that I find worth mentioning. Sorry if I can’t situate all the moments in songs, breaks and talk sessions_
  • B.A.P started out with the title songs from the previous mini-albums. They looked a bit off to me at first. They seemed bothered about something. I’m not sure why exactly. Regardless, they delivered the performances and the meaning of the songs perfectly.
  • Daehyun put his arms around Youngjae’s shoulders in one of the performances while he was singing and Youngjae laughed a bit and it was freaking adorable.
  • Daehyun looks absolutely dazzling with dirty pink hair. It suits his features so much HALP IS NEEDED noonas don’t change his visuals (same goes for Himchan!).
  • If you think B.A.P is photoshoped even in the slightest, I’m sorry to say but, THEY ARE THAT PERFECT. It’s actually hard to process they’re even real.
  • Himchan was sweating loads right from the start. He soaked with sweat and it might sound disgusting but even then Himchan is a pretty princess and he looks heavenly.
  • At the STARBABYS COFFEE corner Junhong and Jongup (if I’m not mistaken) approached fans from the the 1st lines at the corners of the venue. Junhong had a very sweet expression in his face and Jongup had his trademark silly smile on. It was heart-melting to see them give coffee to the fans and chat a bit with them.
  • I liked the way Yongguk presented Coffee Shop and I think it’s worth mentioning haha (please kill me OTL) he has a lot of charms.
  • I’m not sure if I was the only one noticing this, but in Save Me, Youngjae had tears in his eyes. You could see he was trying very hard to collect himself and not let emotions over-rule him as to not mess up his vocals. He got himself together and didn’t let the tears fall. It broke my heart, especially when he would sing the chorus in that state. There was an intense need to hug him.
  • Bangx2 was MENTAL! Everyone was going crazy! It was so much fun and it’s really a song to let all the frustrations flow out. B.A.P seemed to like to see everyone head-banging and screaming their lungs out and were throwing their bodies around on stage.
  • I’m not sure if it was Bangx2 or Warrior (but I’m inclined to the 1st); where Junhong as a really fast rap. He made the music stop before his part and the whole crowd went silent. He had a serious expression in his face, as if he was concentrating. He brought the mic to his lips and just said “Breathe… Breathe…” and did in and out movements with his hand. It looked like he was both talking to himself and the audience. After that, there was a bit of silence and the music was back on! Junhong rapped perfectly and with a lot of emotion. You could see the veins in his neck.
  • Two words. Himchan and his Camera. I tried really hard to focus on Youngjae who was singing, but when Himchan started taking photos for STRONG BABE, I choked and it was all about him. He took one directly my way and angled to our line and, this one is for you Himchan, please photoshop it well, because I might’ve looked like a drug-addict in the run making a V sign.
  • Still on the topic of Himchan and his camera, he looked beautiful. I was paying a lot of attention to him at that moment and he had a very careful expression in his face. You could see he wanted to properly take photos and was putting his heart and love for BABYz in it. He seems like most considerate and lovely person ever.
  • The little videos that are showed between the breaks are adorable and very sentimental! One of them will make you laugh like a mad person. HINT: it mentions hormones and has a choreo that you’ll have to do! ( I couldn’t do it very well because of the audience haha) You’re going to love watching those since they include Matoki’s and Himchan!
  • There was a moment between Bangx2 and Save Me where Junhong passed by Himchan and touched his arm, they seemed to be having a side conversation. I’m reckoning Junhong mentioned he was running out of air to do his rap and Himchan patted him slightly as in “It’s going to be ok, rest.” and went to the front stage to sing his part. Zelo seemed calmer after that. I thought it was a really “umma-like” gesture of Himchan. AIGO, THEY’RE SO CUTE.
  • Himchan made his really cute shocked face to fans! And so did Junhong! They had a lot of interaction with fans through silly facial expressions. I couldn’t deal with the aegyo and rebecuteness.
  • Yonglo is very much real and Junhong seems to like to touch Youngjae hahah again I suppose he had his arms around Youngjae’s shoulders. I don’t remember what happened but I know there was a part where they showed that touchy-feely friendship.
  • Jongup’s solo dance… hahaha… Really there are no words. His body is so fluid and he moves so well it’s almost ridiculous. And ah! Hum… the stripping… yap that was nice as well hahaha *hides away in giggling*
  • During Hurricane, as you know, Himchan points the mic towards the audience so we sing the “roof is on fire” part. In this moment he seemed rather unsure and nervous. He’s very self-conscious of his English and after the “loof accident” the LOE USA I think he was apprehensive. However BABYz were adorable and when it was time for the roof word we would scream even louder so he could hear we were saying it properly. After that he smiled sweetly and made a heart with his arms, and proceeded to turn around!
  • SPY and Check On aren’t even my top songs but when you have an adorable and cheery Youngjae, shaking his body and butt to the beat with the hugest smile on earth, there really is nothing negative to point. Youngjae is adorable. And during these 2 songs his energy was super high! He’s like a little kid. I wanted to kindnap him and dance with him.
  • Someone needs to refrain the maknae because he loves showing off his bum to people and shaking it teasingly nowadays (Youngjae is tainting the maknae!!!! hahah) He did this during Check On and when they said their final goodbyes. Imagine Zelo walking backstage saying bye and shaking his butt, yap it happened and I died.
  • Daehyun is absolutely brilliant with fanservice. He smiled a LOT to fans and looked them in the eyes. You could see he was trying to communicate with some of them through gestures as well. Daehyun’s smile is blissful.
  • B.A.P went to the front a lot of times, but I don’t think they touched any fans’ hands (potentially because they noticed the pushing)
  • During performances, unfortunely, I didn’t get to see much of Yongguk because of where I was standing. During talk sessions however I made sure to pay attention to him: He has the most endearing gummy smile you’ll ever see. He smiles with his whole face. Yongguk smiles a lot because of the members, whilst they were talking he would look like an appa, watching over them and chuckling. It was something really pretty to watch right before your eyes.
  • The Dancing in the Rain mix was brilliant. They mixed it with Crash and Stop it and it turned out really enjoyable. Throughout this performance they looked very upbeat and jolly!
  • B.A.P’S ENGLISH HAS IMPROVED BEYOND OUT EXPECTATIONS. I can not underline this enough! I was so proud of them, especially Yongguk. He doesn’t have engrish anymore! He’s English was completely understandable and he spoke carefully so it was easier for us to catch up. You will notice that they have worked very hard to improve their English in order to better connect with international fans.
  • Again on the talk sessions, Yongguk mentioned that England was a milestone for them, a goal. And they thanked us for making it happen a few times. They also talked about what they knew about the UK, Daehyun and Junhong mentioned some artists’ names, and suddenly Youngjae burst out Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and Jongup mentioned Prince George and everyone burst out laughing.
  • During one of the last talk sessions B.A.P told us to never forget that night. That we just COULDN’T forget it. And that got me a bit emotional haha…
  • When Jongup asked if people liked his abs a lot of us laughed and then screamed yes. He looked utterly awkward when he asked it, it was adorable. Also, Jongup’s smile makes you want to pat him.
  • I’m positive Junhong asked us if we wanted to marry him, and the answer was pretty damn obvious. Afterwards he looked a bit to the crowd, and awkwardly said “yeah, me too.” *facepalm* Stop being cute Zelo.
  • Somewhere in the middle of the concert, the hyungs tried to show Junhong’s abs to the fans, but he managed to wittily and cutely avoid it hahah he also made an endearing scrunchy facial expression.
  • The dreaded tweet break… It got me really emotional. Yongguk tweeted “Together we can be strong” and I just cried my heart out because he is so deep and I just cherish him so much. Junhong also tweeted something along the lines of “let’s meet again & again”. The other members tweeted “I love you” and “let’s party!”
  • They pretended they were leaving but we all knew they weren’t, so we called them back for encore and after that we reached the end of the concert. They stayed at the stage for a few minutes to say a proper heart-warming goodbye. Yongguk sent kisses and they said bye cutely.
  • During Body & Soul I think I lost my mind. The choreo will leave you in a really pitiful state to be honest hahha… I noticed Himchan was really focused and looking at the members beside him to get the choreo right hahah and Jongup’s high note OMG LORD’S FROM ABOVE HELP ME. It’s just so sensual I simply can not….
  • Lastly, but most importantly I can’t leave unsaid their vocal skills! They’re voices were absolutely flawless and perfectly tuned! There were no cracks in this concert. Jongup and Daehyun successfully hit their high-notes and all of them had their voices in top shape!

That’s about it from me, sorry if I dragged this too much Д
To me, it was a concert made of details and it still hasn’t fully sunk in my mind that I’ve seen them live, 1 something meter away from me. It’s surreal.
B.A.P are really dangerous haha... They will leave that stage with your heart in their hands. And I can guarantee you, you will want to come back for more, again and again.
Badman, Save Me, Hurricane, Bangx2, Body & Soul and Coffee Shop were my highlights! It’s a pity they didn’t sing Easy, BABY and With You, I was also looking forward to a cover or “Q” but even though I was a bit disappointed due to that this concert had a really huge impact on me. It was absolutely worth it to travel for them. When I got home I actually legit cried because I missed the blokes so much hahaha… I know, I’m weird ^^” hahah.
To the BABYz that have yet to attend a concert,
ENJOY IT WELL! You’re going to fall for them even more and flip like pancakes! And be careful not to hurt others or yourself! xx

Diana's fanaccount

So this was my first time seeing B.A.P live and their first European concert, needless to say there were a lot of emotions going on, but what can I say? It. Was. Amazing. 

- We arrived at 7am and there were about 50 people there already
- Everyone was polite and organized, except for the venue management at some point but luckily they talked to the fans respectfully and in the end it worked out well
- The first sign of B.A.P only came in the afternoon when someone, we heard it was Himchan(?), came to wave at the fans at the end of the line~
- Zelo showed up really quickly on a window too~
- A lot of people were feeling tired and sleepy at this point but after that everyone was on their feet and starting to feel excited
- Around an hour before entering the venue, a van from the staff passed by with a camera filming the crowd but we don't know what it was for, possibly we'll know soon..
- After we finally got in we still had to wait 1 more hour for the concert to actually start and that was the only negative point we experienced; people started pushing from the sides to get to the front and since we were there in the center it was impossible to move and it started to get really hot and hard to breath
- Some fans were not feeling well at this point and they had to be pulled out from the crowd when the concert hadn't even started yet so that was sad and really scary for a moment 
- Luckily nothing really bad happened and the staff kept passing bottles of water to everyone in the front rows throughout the show

- They are ALL SO TALENTED! 
- Everyone gave their best at all times and the live vocals were absolutely flawless 
- PERFECT stage after PERFCET stage
(- Probably everyone knows all of this already but seeing it live is still IMPRESSIVE) 

- The intro was too long~ >< almost had a heart attack from waiting!
- They played a piece of news about a UFO sighting or something like that and then the transmition starts to fail and everything goes dark 
- When the lights start to come back they play "B.A.P" until the title "B.A.P Live On Earth 2014, London Attack" appears on the big screen on stage 
- Then the screen gets "shot" repeatedly and it "breaks"


One Shot/Badman/Power: 
- B.A.P first showed up on stage with "One Shot"
- They looked literally like giants and extremely fearless 
- They were all very serious, it was almost scary
- It was AMAZING to see how they deliver those powerful songs, you can't look away for a second
- It was over too quickly :/


What is Love / Lovesick: 
- After that intense eavy opening they exit the stage and it starts playing the dialogue between Jokomato and Totomato
- Toto asks Joko "What is Love?" and Joko gets really frustrated because he can't understand anything it was ADORABLE
- Then Shishimato shows up and when he finally says "Love is.. Sick", B.A.P comes back on stage now wearing the galaxy outfits ;D 
- The mood was completely different then, they looked livelier and the choreo was just the cutest :3

Coffee Shop: 
- The Starbaby Coffee segment comes up, and they talked a bit for the first time
- The performance of "Coffee Shop" was pretty laid back, it literally looked like they were taking a walk on the street it was really nice

Body & Soul: 
- SO I don't remember this performance very well, except that some of them took off their jackets and there was a lot of BODY TOUCHING AND BODY WAVING AND MORE TOUCHING~ 
- Jongup's high note was perfect!
- When they got to "the floor part" i literaly couldn't see anything so i don't even know what happened after that until Daehyun's haunting high note near the end~(*_*)~


Punch/No Mercy: 
- They changed outfits for the 2nd time and it started a new fase of the concert 
- They were ALL OVER THE STAGE now and even in the audience everyone was much loose and just having fun
- During "Punch" they were acting some kind of fight between Youngjae and Jongup 
- In the end Youngjae won and him and Daehyun hugged (〃▽〃)
- Meanwhile Jongup was laying on the floor defeated but then Zelo went to help him up XD

Bang x2: 
- It was mind blowing and everyone was jumping all over the place
- DAEHYUN'S HIGH NOTE~~~; he came a lot to the front and his voice stood out a lot


Rain Sound: 
- This performance was just all over emotional
- Everyone's voices and interpretations matched perfectly well T.T

Jongup's Solo:
- This was SO COOL there's no other way to describe it
- Everyone was screaming MOON JONGUP the whole time

Save Me: 
- Youngjae stood out the most probably but everyone's vocals were soulful and touching~


Happy Dance Tutorial / Check On: 
- The video with the choreography and the horse heads on stage were hilarious XD
- Then during "Check On" B.A.P were pretty funny and everyone was happily dancing along to it so IT WORKS :D

Excuse Me: 
- B.A.P time~ AWESOME!
- They were all acting cool and made everyone put their hands up throughout the song

- There were a lot of things happening at the same time here XD
- I mostly looked at Daehyun because he made a lot of funny faces but everyone seemed to be enjoying this performance a lot and it was SO MUCH FUN TO WHATCH :D

Talk 1:
- They introduced themselfs and did a little "popularity contest" where each one asked the fans to scream for them and I guess either Zelo or Yongguk won ;D
- After that they were talking about how happy and thankfull they were to be there and Yongguk said that performing in the UK was like a dream for them~


- They started by asking "Are You ready?" and woah~ this was another GREAT PERFORMANCE
- Daehyun's voice overpowered this song, just unbelieveble
- During the "the roof is on fire" part Himchan puts out the mic out for the public to sing and everyone responded really strongly and he made a heart with his arms, it was sweet
- The dance breaks were all pretty cool as well

Dancing in the Rain / Stop It / Crash: 
- In "Dancing In The Rain" Himchan did the "butt dance" thing wich was sort of adorable XD 
- They tryed to lift Zelo's shirt at some point unsuccessfully~
- Cute, cute and more cute~
- During "Crash" Daehyun teased a fan trying to reach for their hand
- Yongguk was smiling A LOT at this point, too PRECIOUS :D

Talk 2:
- Between "Stop It" and "Crash" there was another talking part where they gave a little thank you speech
- Himchan said he was hungry so he called "Accio fish & chips" and they started talking about Harry Potter and casting Accio spells XD 
- Youngjae said "Accio water" and Zelo "magically" brought him a bottle of water
- Jongup's spell next didn't work so he said "Accio London BABY" :3
- They basically said they loved being there and hoped we liked the concert and after "Crash" that they said goodbye and left


- Each member's messages appeared on screen

- When they came back they were wearing their pretty white angel-like outfits
- B.eautiful A.bsolute P.erformance
- All the BABYs were singing their hearts out it was pretty amazing :D 

Talk 3:
- After 1004 there was the last talking part where they mentioned "First Sensibility" and Yongguk thanked the fans for the support
- Daehyun sang "You are my angel, tonight"~ out of nowhere
- Youngjae continued to introduce the "Earth Needs You" part and what each member represents
- After that Himchan asked "What is our debut song~?", so "Warrior" was coming next and they asked us to wait for 100 seconds so they could go change costumes
- Zelo asked us to count together while they left, but then the counter stoped at some point -_-)/

- Even though it was the last song, it was still a really strong and special performance! 
- One last perfect moment~

I'm sorry if anything is not very detailed or out of order. We were pretty close to the stage, wich was awesome~, but from there it wasn't possible to appreciate the performances in a whole; inevitably we did got pretty strong impressions of the members..

- Yongguk had the strongest stage presence even though it seems like he stayed mostly in the "shadow"; unless he was in the center i couldn't notice him very well 
- His english pronunciation was one of the best
- His rapping parts were very strong and impressive, and it seems like he reaches out to the public through every lyric, but also when he's just speaking every word he said just sounded amazing
- When Yongguk smiles~ he brings peace to the world~ 
- It felt like he's the nicest person ever and it seemed like everyone in there had so much respect for him as well it was heartwarming (*v*)
- Just his presence was trully ISNPIRING~
- His final message was "TOGETHER WE CAN BE STRONG" and it's things like these that make B.A.P so special~

- Everything he did seemed so thoughtful and CUTE, he makes you want to hug him ><
- When he sang his lines surprisingly it felt like he didn't grab most of the attention automatically like the others, but his stage presence was so full of emotion you can't help falling in love~
- When he took pictures for StrongBabe, he seemed very meticulous and carefull about it, trying to capture the entire audience and everyone was really excited ;D 
- It felt like Himchan really connects with the fans in a different level than everyone else

- Daehyun was such a SWEETHEART~
- He could not have done it any other way to make anything better; everything he did was flawless 
- He was so engaging for more than 2 hours i couldn't take my eyes off of him, crazy >< 
- He was ALLWAYS interacting with the audience waving and smiling and pointing and just teasing in general; his interaction with the public was the best~
- His stage presence was just too captivating, even his dance skills looked cool XD
- THOSE HIGH NOTES LIVE WERE NO JOKE omg omg omg it didn't disapoint at all *CRIES*
- With slowest songs  like "Rain Sound" or "Save Me" his voice was so touching and mesmerizing, pretty much perfect T.T 
- Daehyun looked like he gave everything he had and sang his heart out at all times 
- His face was very expressive in all their different songs and his voice was always on point throughout the whole concert, INCREDIBLE! ~(TvT)~ 
- Most of the time he was just acting cute and trolling with the other members :3
- When he was talking once he made a little mistake so he said "sorry" and smilled shyly, but his english was pretty cute and understandable
- He was always very cheerful, except during the opening act, i made the mistake of looking at him in the eyes and a part of me died there, bye

- Yongjae grabs your attention like a magnet from the start; he's a natural performer
- His stage presence was AMAZING~ You can't help but to have so much fun watching him
- He was really intense in every song and besides that, every time he came to the front he transformed into this cute fluffball that made everyone smile~
- He's very entertaining during talking parts as well and he probably talked the most
- He interacted a lot with fans throughout the whole time and was just too adorable
- The show would not be the same without Youngjae's amazing personality and truly unique, emotive VOICE~ *melts*

- He was so fierce and performed with such confidence it was IMPRESSIVE :O
- During the Starbaby Coffee segment when he came to the front he sang "do you want to drink a coffe~?" *facepalm*
- He probably spoke the least out of the 6 but when he did he just looked too awkwardly cute and he recieved much love during the "popularuty contest" as well

- A giant baby with SO MUCH TALENT 
- Unlike Yongguk and Himchan, he seems to love all the attention but he was very natural and humble and that's why EVERYONE LOVES HIM! 
- He gave the funniest fanservice XD
- Sometimes when he came to the front he seemed a bit tired but his performance level was allways ON TOP and his stage presence is outstanding
- In the end he was the last one to leave the stage and made everyone laugh with his all around cuteness :3 

In the end, going to London from Portugal, along with the 12 hours waiting in line that day, was definitely worth it. 
We met a lot of BABYs from all over Europe it was awesome. B.A.P put on a great show, and everyone was singing along to all of the songs; it was a lot of fun despite the train of feels,  i was just so thankful to be there at all~ 
This was an amazing experience overall and now that it finally happened I can't wait to see them again :D
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