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Thank you to everyone who donated for the flag project! Once again, we're so sorry that we couldn't distribute photocards on the day of the concert - the package is STILL stuck at the border... If you donated and want to get the full set of photocards, please email us at bysfansite@gmail.com (there are conditions)

Cece's fanaccount

Before the Concert
I arrived on Saturday at 2am at the Venue! There were so many people already who slept in front oft he Mitsubishi Electric Hall. Some Fans organized a number system, so everyone got one number which was checked every 2h. I worked well and this was perfect for us to go out from the line and work on the Project. I wanted to start early with everything, but unfortunally the pen I’ve bought on Friday didn’t work -_-)/. So BYS Josie and I had to find a shop and buy a new pen… unfortunally we couldn’t find one that fast and had tob e back on time or we would lose our place in the queue. After another Number Check weh ad a little more time and could go and search for a pen ad finally found one! 

So we started pretty late to collect donations and find our donators. The babyz were so nice and donated and accepted our apology and understood our situation with the photocards (which STILL aren’t there). After about 3h weh ad to go back in line fort he final Check and go in afterwards.

In the Hall
Most babyz were so nice! I am really short and couldn’t see anything fromm y place and when a few girls turned around and saw my they let me go in front of them. I was really glad and thanked them a few times. So I moved from 5th row to 2nd/3rd row and saw the stage so good! Babyz talked with each other and had a good time together waiting fort he concert to begin.

Impression oft he members
Holy sh*t! I watched every Video of B.A.P and saw so many Pictures, but seeing them live was a whole different Story! They were so handsome! I couldn’t belive my eyes and just cried and laughed (like a maniac) and was so so happy!
Yongguk the first thing I thought when I saw him was „Why is he so skinny?“ XD It’s not like he would look ill or something. He looks so good, but I was just surprsed. He was so happy and was all smiley. I loved his voice from the first second I’ve heard it when he came out with Jieun, but hearing it live was more amazing than in my dreams! I even had a moment with him! At the last song we all (most of us) held up banners saying „German Babys say gomawoyo“ and I held up mine high and waved with it, in the end Yongguk looked at me and I showed him the banner and mouthed gomawoyo and he said thank you!!!
Himchan He was so cute! OMG he is 4 years older than me but he reminded me of a cute little boy XD He had so much fun and jumped on the stage, laughed, waved at many fans and you just could see that he had a great time. As you know we posted that during Hurricane NO ONE should say „the Loof is on fire“ and I am so proud of German babyz that we all sang ROOF! Himchan looked at us with big teary eyes and formed a heart over his head ♥ He tried to hold eye contact with fans and I had the chance too! If you scroll down you can see my Picture of Himchan where he looks directly into the camera.
Daehyun he was the first member I saw when they came tos tage. I can’t forget his face and how happy he looked. He did an amazing job and put so much emotion into the lyrics. He did a lot of fanservice like waving, winking etc. I loved his voice before, but now I love it even more (I didn’t know this was possible).
Youngjae he is not handsome. He is freakin‘ beautiful! Seriously guys, I’ve never seen such a beautiful human! I was so shocked when he was in front of me on the stage. I knew he is good lookng but live he is just perfect. His voice.. his voice is so unique and I love it.I don’t know how he does it, but it’s like his voice is entering your ear and is going directly to your heart.
Jongup Moon Angel~ I love his smile! He was so cute at talking secions and was just smiling and waving to fans. But during performances he was like a beast and showed us his powerful moves. I was so impressed and was staring at him with big eyes and lips parted XD I know many dancers, but Moon Jongup ist he best I’ve ever seen!
Zelo My Ultimate bias ♥ He was so cool! He jumped from one to the the other side oft he stage and was dancing non stop. He looked really happy and had so much interaction with the other members and his fanservice was amazing! He was looking at us and kept the eye contact for a few seconds and for a second it was just you and him there (or maybe it was just like this form e, because I’m biased :P) He is our incredible baby Zelo who never fails to impress Fans with his performance.

Setlist – I’m sorry but I can’t remember the right order x.x I will just write a few sentences to each song and try to not spazz too much :P

1. One Shot: This Song was, is and will forever be amazing! It was so powerful and wa just a great start! Everyone sang along and many babyz knew the fanchants. The moves, outfit (tight pants *^*), their voices..everything was just perfect and every Baby should get a chance to see the Performance!
2. Badman: This Song is incredible in many ways and the performance is so cool! I love the dance and to hear Yongguk’s deep „Ya Ya“ was just amazing! The lyrics have such a deep meaning and I’m sure most babyz know it which made the whole performance sp special.
3. Power: Everyone was going crazy! We had such a good time and it was so fun to sing along with them! The dance break was cool and the part where all members slap their butt let all babyz scream their lungs out XD
4. Love Sick: The members where smiling, jumping and had just a great time performing this song! You could see how much fun they had and of course this made us so happy!
5. Coffee Shop: Before this Song was the talking part with their „Starbaby’s“ stage. Zelo and Jongup gave juice and coffee tot wo Lucky fans (one oft hem was my friend! I am so jelly Jessie >_<) Then the performance started and I’m sure I was not the only one who had this warm feeling. Their soft voices melted our hearts and they looked at us with so much emotion in their eyes.
6. Body & Soul: This Song with THAT dance and this one move (I’m sure you know which one I mean) killed us all. I was so looking forward to this performance and it didn’t fail to impress me. I know I repeat myself but they just really put so much heart into their performances and I can’t stop mentioning it because it just flashed me x.x Zelo was infront of me during THAT move and I was so close to faint XD Seeing your bias doing such moves is just a killer for every fangirl/boy. Every Baby shhould get a chance to see this performance!
7. Punch: I am sooo happy that this Song was performed! I love it and you can see from the look oft he members that they love it too! It is just so much fun to see them how they playfully fight and the part where Jongup and Youngjae di das if they fight was just hilarious XD Zelo’s rap was amazing and it is so fast x.x It was so cool to hear that live
8. No mercy: This song is really cool. Weh ad a good time singing the fanchants and the boys did a great Job performing it!
9. Bang X2: Omg this Song is just Wow! I love it so much and the performance was so cool! Jongup was headbangin‘ during the whole performance and the others were jumping, taking of their jackets and were full of energy! The rap from Zelo and Yonnguk was really cool and Yongguk’s voive was so raspy which let me have goosebumbs all over my body *^*
10. Rain Sound: The members looked so cool when they were sitting on the chairs and sang the lyrics. When a member sang the light was just on him and this looked really cool! The light was dimmed and seeing the members in that light gave the whole performance a different feeling. They were just sitting and singing, but this was enough to impress us all.
11. Dance Solo –Jongup-: This boy… He is a dancing machine! His powrful moves looked so cool and it was so passionate! You just wanted to dance too when you saw him and couldn’t belive that there is an 18 years old boy on the stage! To know that he even choreographed this impressed us even more! When he did that flip and danced with even more energy we all screamed and couldn’t belive our eyes! At the end he opened his shirt and the babyz went crazy XD Seeing his chocolate abs in dimmed light was too much to handle for our hearts XD
12. Save Me: This song is my favourite. It has a special meaning form e and My heart was beating so fast when they performed. All members are so good in singing with so much emotion. I thought that I will faint any moment because oft he feels! The babyz sang so loud! The whole performance was just amazing and I will never forget it.
13. Check On: Before the song started, Jongup and Zelo came tot he stage with horse masks and teached us the Mato Dance XD It was so funny and all/many babyz danced along. The performance started and we all sang, danced and had a great time.
14. Excuse Me: This song is cool in every possible way! You just have to like it.
15. Spy: This was the funniest stage! The members had fun performing it and weh ad fun watching them XD The dance is cool and Jongup had so many b-boy moves O_O The end was the best were all members wigle their butt, which coused everyone to scream louder the before.
16. Hurricane: I would have never imagened that THIS Song would couse me to have teary eyes! The performance is cool and the member were of course amazing, but one thing is stuck in my head forever! Himchan. I think most of you know we posted that babyz should sing „The ROOF is on Fire“ during Himchans part and not Loof. Germany Babyz did it! I was so proud! Himchan was standing at the front and we sang so loud hi spart and he looked at us with big teary eyes, formed a heart over his head and continued the performance :3 This was such an emotional moment and made this song special for many bebyz.
17. Dancing in the Rain: I think this ist the stage were all mambers just do what they want XD They had fun dancing and singing it and let us have a good funny time. A tone part the members take one tot he middle and try to lift up his shirt. I düsseldorf it was Zelo’s turn! They teased us and let us think that we could be the first ones to see Zelo’s tummy, but NO they didn’t lift up his shirt >_<
18. Stop it: The stage was so funny and it’s cool to see how well they are doing during powerful performances, funny ones and slow ballads.
19. Crash: This performance was too much. Everyone was so hysterical. First Daehyun was in te middle and danced like secret in starlight moonlight which looked just so adorable! And then they did it. THEY CAME DOWN FROM THE STAGE AND WERE STANDING IN FRONT OF US! Yes! They gave high 5, held the Mics in front of us and interacted with fans! We were all so happy and everyone tried to go tot he front and touch them x.x I think after that was a break where they showed us their tweets in german and I really had to cry. It was so cute how they wrote in German and thanked us. It was like a dream and I had to tell myself that this is really true and they are in front of me. Many babyz cried, but it was because they were happy and thankful
You (Encore)
20. 1004: Here we babyz had a great plan! We wanted to do a lightstick swich and hold up white lightsticks :D It….didn’t work the way we wanted OTL There were still some babyz who help up their green lightsticks, but I think the boys still noticed what we wanted to do and many fans really did a good job and switched ^^ I was almost a white ocean and looked good and the boys were happy. I think the fanchants for this song were one oft the best! Most babyz knew them and B.A.P looked happy.
21. Warrior: Before they started the Performance, Youngjae was MC and asked us what their debut song was and of course we all screamed ONE SHOT! Lol Joke~ we all screamed Warrior XD Then he sang „Warrior“ and wem ade the HUH sound. Yeah…then it was silent ._. He started again and then we sang the lyrics of warrior XD I think he wanted us to sing when he sang it the first time but we didn’t get it :P But when we finally did it the members smiled and had sparkling eyes. They were really happy and seeing them like this made us happy They started the performance afterwards and eventhough they performed for 2h before, they still showed is powerful moves and gave their best! Of course they announced that this would be the last song, so many babyz held up banners with „German Babys say gomawoyo“ (the gomawoyo in hangul) as weh ad planned before. The members saw it and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who noticed their teary eyes x3 they looked soooo happy and I’ve already mentioned before that I had this special moment with Yongguk, which I just can’t forget!

After that they thanked us and promised us to come back again! We stayed there for a while and screamed „encore“ and wished that they would perform „with you“ but they didn’t come out :/

After the Concert
The high five event was 30 minutes after the concert. I didn’t have a pass But one of my friends had one (I’m still jelleaous Tina :o) and reported us what happened.
B.A.P was standing there, the fans where in line and walked up tot hem and gave high five. That’s all XD They couldn’t stand in front oft he members and talk with them, you could say quickly one word or a short sentence but that’s all. If you tried to stay 1 second longer, the staff pushed you to walk on.

I came out oft he hall and searched for the girls who help up our Banner and saw Melina who already took the Banner from them. The girls held it up one time, but had to put it down, because the security said so.
I had to go after that, because I had to drive back home (3-4h x.x) and took just a quick picture oft he banner and gave it to Melina, so she could give it to a staff and he/she could give it B.A.P, but unfortunally they ALL were so rude and didn’t help her.. so we put it in one oft he gift boxes. We know that B.A.P took out some gifts and the possibility for them to have seen it is high :D

Thank you to all Babyz! You did a great job there and I met really nice people :3 A special Thank you to my teamBYS members who helped me so much and I am really happy to have met you, even if we didn’t have so much time to talk with each other x.x
It was my first concert and it was my Ultimate Band. Thank you for having a special Day!


Melina's Fanaccount, Pictures & Fancams

Hi everyone, this is Melina. This will be my first ever fan account and my mind is still in a blur so please bear with me ^^

Waiting at the venue
I arrived at the venue at around 11:00 am and there were already many many Babyz with Party Pit Tickets there. Some of them had already been there since the day before (and I heard some even arrived on Thursday, but I don’t know if thats true) so after I searched for the other teamBYS members and said hello I lined up to get my number and be able to walk around freely at the venue afterwards. (fans organized a numbering system: when you arrived you got a number [first to arrive gets number 1, the next number 2,...] and when you have it you can walk around because with the number you can always find you place back in line. Every 2 hours you had to be back in line because then it was checked if you’re still there to make sure that no one comes at 6 am, gets an early number and goes back home again)


I was a bit worried because we from teamBYS were standing apart from each other and because of a problem with the pen the project couldn’t start immediately so I had to stand alone during waiting. But I met so many nice Babyz, it was really great. We talked (fangirled :D), listened to B.A.P songs and some even danced to spend the time. The line was in the shadow and it was quite windy so it was cold but with the numbers we could walk around so it was ok. At 2 pm the merch stall opened so me and a new found Baby-friend lined up to get our signed albums and also buy some other merch.


After I came back from buying merch I joined Cece, Robin, Josie and Mei as they started the flag project a while ago. First we all went together but later we separated into teams of 2 so that we could reach more Babyz and some of us also still had to get ready for the concert. Later Christina joined so while the others got ready Christina and I continued to tell Babyz about the project and collect donations. And really I was so impressed by Babyz. Nearly everyone we told about the project happily donated for it and said that they like the project and that they are happy to contribute and do something good with it, it was really heartwarming ♡  
At the end we quite hurriedly had to stop because the organizer announced that the entry for Party Pit would be accelerated to 6 pm. As all of us had standing tickets we had to ask a Baby with a seat to hold up the flag during the concert and luckily a Baby agreed to do so.
After I went back to my place in line everything was a little rushed and they even started to let Babyz enter at about 5.50 pm but all in all it went very well. There was no extreme pushing or chaos, everyone behaved which was really great. While we were standing there to get into the hall suddenly Babyz in line before me started to scream and wave their lightsticks and because I was standing around a corner I couldn’t see why but a few moments later I saw that a guy with a camera walked along the line to film Babyz (maybe for B.A.P ATTACK?) so when he reached us we screamed too and I held up the banner Babyz had prepared to hold during the last song of the concert and he filmed it!!! (there was also a “International Babyz say 고마워요”slogan but unfortunately I didn’t have that)


Inside the venue
Inside the lobby were boxes into which we could put our presents for the members or the whole group but of course nearly everyone waited with that 'till after the concert because they wanted to grab a good place inside the hall.
I was quite close to the stage, about 7-8 rows of people were in front of me (during the concert I was pushed back and forth 2-3 rows from time to time tho) Everyone was so excited but after a while everything was very tiring because we entered at 6 pm so we had to wait full 2 hours inside the hall for the concert to start and the more people entered the hall the hotter and stuffier it got. 


As far as I know the concert wasn’t completely sold out but I guess there were just really few unsold tickets because when I looked behind me I didn’t see any empty places and the standing area + the stands looked full of people to me.
At about 07:30 pm the screens suddenly turned on and we thought it started but it was just a commercial of Asiana Airlines. (IDK WHY XD) At about 07:40 pm we thought again that it started because the announcement with „Welcome...thanks for coming...“ came from the speakers and the light changed but again – no.

The concert
At 8:04 pm it finally started! And OMG from 1 second to the other the hall was exploding. The members weren't even on stage yet but the intro that was playing (first a short clip of the ufo landing on earth and then „B.A.P“ from First Sensibility) already made everyone scream.
And then the music for „One Shot“ started and I swear my heart (and probably the heart of everyone else) stopped! After another short kind of intro they came out from behind a curtain-like-wall and Yongguk was the first to walk down the stairs on stage while rapping his part and for a short moment I was kind of hypnotized. This man is just so AJGHALHAL >.< The others followed shortly after and really their charisma on stage was mindblowing. Their voices were so perfect live (!) As „One Shot“ is kind of a special song for German Babyz everyone was soooo hyped up from the first second and we sang along. I might have misheard it but for me it sounded like we didn't even sing the fanchants, we sang to whole song :D
After that came „Badman“. Honestly I don't remember much about that because I was still so dizzy from „One Shot“ and the fact that they were indeed a few meters in front of me (!!!!) but they really did great and the background dancers tried to directly illuminate the faces of fans when they used their flashlights at the beginning which was really cool. And Daehyun absolutely killed his high note!! It’s just kind of impossible to not stare at him when he sings such notes. After that came a small „talk session“ were Yongguk said sth like “money and greed always come first but now is the time to stand up 'cause together we got the power“ (oh how I loved this crossover and his deep voice ♡.♡ ) and „Power“ started. Their performance was really energetic and the spray can dance was pretty cool.
When that song was over „Earth needs Love“ was written on the screen and while B.A.P changed their outfits the video of Jokomato’s desperate try to explain Totomato what love is was shown, leading to the next song – “Lovesick”. The choreo for this is really cute and  while during the first three songs I had the feeling that they were a little cautious because they didn't know yet what to expect from us German Babyz they seemed to be completely relaxed now and freely danced and sang while smiling.
After that the „Coffee Corner“ (or however to call that :D) started. They went to their „On-stage-coffee-shop“ and introduced the barista first :D During that Daehyun spoke German for the first time and I swear we all melted because it sounded so freaking cute. He said „Ich habe durst“ [I'm thirsty] to which Himchan said „Me too, me too“ so they went to drink something and also gave something to fans in the front rows. Unfortunately I couldn’t see much during that part because everyone raised their hands to wave and the stage wasn’t high enough to see them over all the hands and lightsticks. But I think I remember that Himchan kind of dropped a drink and wanted to clean the floor afterwards and Youngjae apologized. Aaah, why are they so cute? Also during that part Jongup asked us „Kennt ihr die Eiskönigin?“ [Do you know the ice queen?(Frozen)] and we all yelled yes so he sang „Do you wanna build a snow man?“. This guy is so precious, the way he was smiling so brightly... *melts*


So after that corner „Coffee Shop“ started and I have to say again that their vocals are so great live. I won't even start to speak about Youngjae and Daehyun here but during “Coffee Shop” Himchan's vocals also impressed me a lot! His voice is really great and so soothing to listen too.
After that came „Body & Soul“ and what should I say – I died at least 100 times during that!!! Who allowed them this choreo?? Like seriously!! All this body waves and that hip thrusting...To say Babyz went crazy would be a big understatement!! Which was worst for my heart was that Yongguk pretended to lift his shirt and I had Youngjae a few meters in front of me during the hip-thrusting part where they are on the floor so I will probably never ever be able to listen to that song again without blushing like crazy!!! >//.//<
While they changed outfits again a short clip of a boxer was shown on the screens along with “The story of passion” and when they came back they performed “Punch”, “No Mercy” and „Bangx2“. The first thought I had about their outfits – damn those pants!!! They should be forbidden too 'cause they are really torture for Babyz hearts.


And Yongguk wore this sleeveless and kind of on the sides cut-out shirt with a leather jacket just on one arm *squeals*  I won’t say anything about “No Mercy” because this hip-thrusting again was pure torture and just thinking about it is painful. So let me talk about “Bangx2” instead :D Even tho the mood was already amazing from the beginning it got even better during this song. They rocked the stage so hard and Babyz partied along with them like crazy. „Bangx2“ was one of the songs with the most amazing mood I'd say and B.A.P seemed to enjoy it so much, they were totally into the song. “Punch” was awesome too. I couldn’t grab everything that was going on on stage during that performance but Daehyun kind of pretended to be Jongup’s trainer while Jongup and Youngjae ‘fought’ and at the end Youngjae pretended to knock Jongup out and Daehyun had a “oh damn” look on his face :D Watching them interact with each other during that was hilarious :D
After that another short video played and if we weren't close to tears yet we were now. It was a ‘sad love story-like’ intro with pics of Himchan and the song „Say something (I'm giving up on you)“ as background music and when on the screen rain started to fall „Rain Sound“ started to play and they sat on chairs on stage to perform it. During that song Daehyun was at my side of the stage a lot and he looked so damn fine in his jeans and white shirt+cardigan! Also all their voices again were just too great to even put in words!
This was followed by Jongup's solo stage. And this boy just killed it!! Sooo bad! His dancing skills are overwhelming and he made flips and saltos and AT THE END HE RIPPED HIS SHIRT OPEN!! I'm still so not over that ‘cause OMG HIS BODY!! >.< When his stage was over the others appeared on top of the stairs and „Save Me“ started. I really love this song so much and the performance was flawless. They put so many emotions into it, especially Youngjae. There was a moment when he sang and I looked at his face and I actually got tears in my eyes because of all the emotions on his face. Just amazing! ♡
After this they left the stage again and this hilarious Check On 'dance tutorial' video played on the screens and two dancers with horse mask were on stage. The video was hilarious and dancing along was really fun and a great way to make the waiting time pass faster. Also it was great because we got to interact with the Babyz next to us a little :D
When they came back of course they performed „Check On“ and when we weren't busy waving our lightsticks we tried to dance along during the refrain ^^


“Excuse Me” came next if I remember right and after that was „SPY“. I already loved both songs before but seeing them live now was just amazing! They had so much fun on stage and were smiling like crazy and I laughed so hard at the end of “SPY” were they turned around to shake their butts (very nice butts if I may add! ;D ) Also during this performance Youngjae threw so many hearts at us. He was standing at my side of the stage during that and I swear I melted into a puddle on the floor….
I think after that came the „popularity check“ and introduction and THEY TALKED GERMAN SOOO MUCH AND IT WAS SOOO DAMN CUTE!!!!! First they said their „We are B.A.P, Yes Sir!“ and bowed and waved to us. At the beginning Yongguk had to say that we should please don't push and step back because during that time everyone tried to squeeze to the front. But he really just said it once and everyone calmed down a little so during the whole concert of course some pushing was there but not so bad that the members had to speak up. So then Yongguk said that now they'll check who is the most popular in Germany.
First Himchan introduced himself and told us to „make some noise“ so we screamed for him and he thanked us for that and smiled. Next to introduce himself was Daehyun and he said „Guten Abend“[good evening] and it sounded so cute and he was smiling so proudly :D After he introduced himself he also told us to scream so we did but he continued to tell us to scream so we screamed even more and more. My throat never hurt so much in my life but who wouldn't scream when Daehyun tells you to scream? :D While we were still screaming Youngjae did something I couldn't see but as we just stopped screaming one second ago no one seemed to have understood him so when he was done we all were kind of silent 'cause we didn't know what we missed and he stood there and looked expectantly at us but we were kinda confused so Daehyun burst in again and told us to scream so we screamed again :D After we were done with screaming Youngjae said hi (probably again :D) and asked „Habt ihr mich vermisst?“[Did you miss me?] so we screamed for him and he said „Vielen Dank“ [Thanks a lot] and sorry that I'm biased but hearing him speak German was just one of the best things ever and his pronunciation was one of the cutest ♡ Next Jongup introduced himself and asked us „Do you like me sixpack?“ and while he asked that Youngjae was patting Jongup's stomach (*squeals*) and I mean -what a questions? Of course we like it!! - so we screamed, again. About that Jongup smiled widely but also kind of shyly and gosh did he look cute!! Next one was Zelo and he was so freaking adorable!! He said „Zelo is here~“ and signaled for us to scream louder and formed a heart with his fingers. Then he asked „Liebt ihr mich?“[Do you love me?] to which we screamed of course and then he said „Ich liebe euch auch“[I love you too] and he looked so shy and started laughing afterwards and it was just so cute! Last but not least it was Yongguk's turn to introduce himself and even though we were screaming like crazy all the time he definitely got the most screaming! :)) He didn't even need to say anything apart from his name and the hall exploded. He said something else but I didn't even hear a word over the screaming and he probably realized that we couldn't hear because he looked down shyly and smiled so brightly and OMG HOW TO NOT LOVE THIS MAN??? (sorry, biased again ;P) So I guess to kind of stop our screaming Himchan said „Vielen Dank/Thank you“ and after we were a little more silent Yongguk went on that it is their first time in Germany and that they waited a very long time to be here. To this Himchan added something (I think in German) but we didn't understand what he said, even after he repeated it so he pretended to go off stage and said „practice practice“. Really he is just so precious!! Daehyun then mentioned about B.A.P still being number 1 here to which we screamed again and he thanked us so we yelled „B.A.P, B.A.P, ….“ and they cheered for us during that and Daehyun again told us to make some noise. After we were silent again Youngjae said „Deutschland ist Bier“[Germany is beer] and pretended to drink from an imaginary glass and Jongup added „Und Wurst“[and sausages] so Youngjae pretended to hold a sausage in front of Jongup's face. Those two were so funny during that talk session.


The session ended with Zelo saying that they still have a long way to go and asking us if we’re ready so we screamed and after he and Daehyun asked again multiple times the next song started, I think it was “Hurricane”. Like for the other songs they seemed to have lots of fun and I’m proud to say that German Babyz sang “The ROOF is on fire”! (can’t guarantee for everyone of course but most of us) Himchan held his mic to us while we were singing that part and after we sang it he had one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on his face and formed a heart with his arms over his head ♡
Next was „Dancing in the Rain“. Somewhere during the song they tried to lift up poor baby Zelo's shirt and really I thought they'd do it but no – they failed xD In the last second Zelo bend over and they let him go and were laughing a lot and went on with the song.
This was followed by “Stop it” and „Crash“. Unfortunately I don’t remember anything specific about this performanced apart from how happy they seemed to be because during this part of the concert the mood was just so lively and they were jumping around so much and the songs somehow blended into each other.
When “Crash” was over they left the stage again and I think that was when they said that they're sorry but the next will be the last song. But we didn't buy that of course :D While they were gone their German tweets were shown on stage and that was such an emotional moment. I don't know why but I was really touched and the Babyz around me seemed touched too.
So their 'last song' was „1004“. Let me please add how AMAZING they look in white!! (yeah, I know, they look amazing in anything tho!) I had the feeling that for „1004“ they mobilized some extra power again 'cause they seemed really energetic. Which led to us Babyz dying internally when they did the hip-thrusting part of the choreo!! @.@ (seriously why is there so many hip-thrusting in their choreos??? Do they even know what they’re doing to us with that??)
During „1004“ some of us Babyz had planned to change the lightstick ocean from green to white, matching the „Angel“-theme and their outfits. Around me in the Party Pit area many held up white lightsticks indeed but it seemed that many Babyz didn't know about that so it was more like a green-white ocean. But I hope B.A.P still got what we wanted to do :)


After „1004“ they said that this was the end now so we quickly held up our „German/International Babyz say 고마워요” slogans, just in case it really was the end. I couldn't look behind me so I don't know how many Babyz held up that slogans but many did in the Party Pit area and B.A.P seemed to be really touched when they saw them and Himchan gave us many thumbs up for it :)) But after pretending that it was over I think it was Youngjae that said that they'll be back in 100 seconds and Zelo said „Lasst uns zusammen zählen“[Let's count together – during the concert most of us thought he said „Let's chill together“ tho because of the way he pronounced it XD] I don't know which member it was but before that they asked us which their debut song was so we yelled „Warrior“ and sang the „Warrior~ Huh~ Diggidiggidum“ part loudly and they smiled really proudly and praised us :D
So they went off stage and the 100 seconds countdown started and after it was over „Warrior“ started and they really put their everything into it again! The mood in the hall was so awesome and we loudly sang along!! Actually like for all songs we didn't really sing the fanchants but like the whole song and they seemed to like that a lot :))
Since „Warrior“ was the last song they bid their farewell after it and we held up our slogans again. And they were really so amazingly cute while saying goodbye. They used lots of German again and said that they love us, that we’re the best, they thanked us and said they'll come back multiple times. And they went around on stage waving to fans and during that DAEHYUN SMILED AND WAVED AT ME!!! @.@  I was holding my banner and waved with my lightstick and the moment he looked at me I thought I was dreaming and stopped waving and stared at him. So he smiled at me and waved and I started waving again so he grinned and kinda bowed his head a little. Oh gosh even thinking about that again makes me go crazy!! How to ever get over the feels I have??? I wasn't in very first rows so I didn't expect any interaction with one of the members and then this happened and I was completely done with my life! X.X
Anyways, back to the topic. It really seemed that they didn't want to leave the stage and they very very slowly went off stage. Especially Daehyun and I think it was Zelo didn't want to leave and stayed the longest and waved so much.
When they were off stage we still waited a little and screamed “encore” or “B.A.P” multiple times but after a while the light went on so we knew it was over and slowly left the hall. When they were gone “Earth need you” was written on the screen.


After the concert
After the concert I met the Baby that tried to hold up the flag during the concert and after she gave it to me I met Cece and we took pics of it and I put it into the gift box for B.A.P afterwards. Thanks again to everyone that donated and generally thanks to all the Babyz at the concert because all in all everyone behaved very well so waiting before the concert and also the concert itself were very enjoyable and I think we left a good impression to B.A.P ♡

The members
This.Man.Is.Just.Awesome!!! Even tho he kind of stayed in the background if it wasn’t his part he still stood out all the time. That might be because he’s one of my biases but his stage presence really is no joke. The way he changes from being badass charismatic (OMG HIS VOICE) to freaking cute is incredible. And his smile….There are no words to describe his smile!! ♡.♡ Don’t know how else to say it but his whole appearance just makes you feel warm inside. Oh and his hair was styled up which looked really good *drools*

Himchan is just really really REALLY precious! He made so much fanservice during the whole concert and always had really cute reactions to what Babyz or the other members did. And do I have to mention that he looks awesome? I guess I don’t… :D

He was very cute during the concert too. He seemed to enjoy speaking German and always looked so proud of himself when we understood him :)) Apart from that I can’t say often enough how great his voice is live! Also he is just so good looking *whispers but please someone stop him from wearing tight pants because they are really distracting >/./<

This.Boy.Is.Flawless!! It might be because he is my biases too but it was like Youngjae was shining on stage. Don’t know how else to describe it but he has this kind of aura that just makes you stare at him. He also did lots of fanservice like throwing hearts etc but he also did lots of lip licking/lip biting (HELP!! >.<) Like Daehyun he constantly amazed me with his voice! It was flawless and there was just so much feeling in his voice that I was like hypnotized at some points when he sang ♡

This boy is just so cute,and sexy and funny and so many other things. His smile is really heartwarming and that he looked a little lost at times made him even more adorable. But well, when he danced he wasn’t cute anymore, just completely sexy and full of charisma O.O

This boy is huge! Like I was some meters away from the stage and still felt he was huge :D Apart from that he was very charismatic too while rapping but when he talked he looked really cute so that I constantly felt like hugging him :))

Okay, so that’s it I guess :D Sorry for writing so much and if it sounded a little confusing at times or if I confused something. It’s just really hard to remember the exact order of the songs or happenings when your mind starts spinning every time you think about this 6 perfect aliens T__T



One Shot

Power (+ Intro speech)


Daehyun “Ich habe durst”


The story of passion


Rain Sound

Save Me






























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