B.A.P Live in Paris 2014 at Zénith: Meeting with B.A.P

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[Meeting with B.A.P] But what are they looking at ? 
And yes. Congrats to the French BabyZ. B.A.P France ~ International. They loved your MATOKI  

DaeHyun : Thanks France BabyZ' !
YoungJae : I like that (in French)
That, and more to find out (even an Inside test very choreographic), shortly in our report on GONG !
So, BabyZ, how was the concert ?

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  1. wowwowow~ french babyz super-wow!! love you guys do/did that wave-thingy whatever-you-may-want-to-call-it thing over there! superbly nice! ;)

    1. and what does OLA mean ?

    2. I think it means the hand-waving thingy like both of the babyz below our comments said so. thank you,french & spanish babyz!^ ^ i really appreciate that! ;) you know like the one at the clip. :) i love it. really!^ ^ next time guys i mean babyz,do an "i love you" hand sign/symbol instead the "peace"sign ok?^ ^ it will be cool if all of the babyz do that. :)

  2. there's no meaning but a 'holla' is when we make a wave with the audience x) (it's a french thing' haha

  3. in Spanish la ola means wave :D But yes it was very fun!!

  4. yes i was there it was really great :) !