B.A.P held their Live on Earth 2014 Concert at Taipei Nangang

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Sweet B.A.P shouted "Love you" Jongup stripped, "Do you like my six packs?"

After 2 years of their debut, Korean boy band B.A.P held their Live on Earth Taipei 2014 at Taipei Nangang 101. This has been their third visit to Taiwan. B.A.P expressed they missed their fans and asked sweetly, "Do you all miss us?" Jongup unbuttoned his shirt during his solo stage, revealing his sexy chocolate abs. "Do you like my six packs?" teased the dancer in Chinese afterwards. 

They have already visited Taiwan thrice, but they still had to repeat themselves a few times while interacting with fans in Chinese. Albeit fragmentary, they sincerely learned quite a lot of phrases. They kept repeating "I'm hungry" on the stage and shouted "bubble tea! Fried chicken!" They even created a "mango shaved ice" melody which cracked their fans up. Maknae Zelo and leader Yongguk were forced to dance "gwiyomi". Acting cute and dancing crazily with their usual hardcore image, they are full of their own style.

B.A.P comprises Youngjae, Daehyun, Yongguk, Himchan, Zelo and Jongup. Visiting Taiwan for the third time, they kept saying "miss you all a lot" and "I love you". They also promised to "come back to Taiwan next time!", causing non-stop screaming from the 2500 fans at the venue. They performed 21 songs in total. With around 90% of the ticket sold, they are expected to have earned nearly 10 milion.

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  1. I dont get it. didnt yjay said before that they wont show any abs on stage in taiwan meaning every each of the members? but still bbjongupie showed it though! lol