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Six-member South Korean boy band B.A.P will be returning to Singapore on 31 May for their B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Singapore concert. We caught up with the sextet in an email interview to find out more about what we can expect from the show and if they might be forming any sub-units soon.

Comprising of leader Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jung Up and Zelo, B.A.P was last in Singapore last August for their Live on Earth 2013 concert where they thrilled with their synchronized dance moves and hilarious on-stage banter.

B.A.P promises special stages for their concert

Lead vocalist Dae Hyun shared that they have gained “priceless experiences” from their various concerts and that they have been trying new songs and variations for their Live on Earth 2014 Tour. “It has always been B.A.P’s style to try bold changes for better performances. It’s too early to tell but the concerts to come will consist of special stages somewhat different from Seoul’s concert,” said the 20-year-old.

Visual Him Chan promised that fans would “fall for B.A.P after watching [their] performance! To bring that perfect stage, we practice much harder to make ourselves full of confidence on-stage. Don’t ever turn your eyes from us!”

Rapper/dancer Zelo also shared, “When I am on the stage, I feel utmost freedom. Just like me, I want everyone who is at the concert hall to enjoy the show without thinking about others. Scream whenever you want and jump around when you want, when you bring yourself to music, you will be able to enjoy more than you thought!”

Lead vocalist Young Jae shared his excitement over being able to meet even more fans this year with the B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour following last year’s Pacific Tour. “There are stages which we never tried out before and we will be able to perform in some new countries that are musically more developed. I am nervous but excited at the same time,” said the 20-year-old.

B.A.P’s Continent Tour is so exciting fans faint even before the show starts!

We also asked the members which country they were looking forward to performing most in their Continent Tour.

Main dancer Jong Up was excited to be performing in even more places in their Continent Tour, which includes two new cities in the USA, Chicago and Dallas, which they didn’t visit previously.

Him Chan on the other hand couldn't wait to see the BABYs in Europe. He shared, “It will be a life changing experience having shows in the heart of rock n' roll, UK and the capital of fashion and art, France.”

The 24-year-old was also excited to perform ‘One Shot’ in Germany after hearing that it ranked atop the K-pop chart for over a year in Germany.

Maknae Zelo’s answer was our favourite as he shared that he couldn’t wait to receive the attention and love from the Singapore fans. The 17-year-old said, “When I first met Singaporean fans during our first fan meeting, and also when we were there last year with our first concert, the fans showed us love that we couldn’t handle; we felt so full of it when we came back to Korea. I can’t wait to go back to Singapore to meet the Singapore BABYs. Please wait for us!”

The love that the international fans pour to B.A.P is also evident from their performances in America and across Europe last month as part of their Live On Earth Continent Tour. It was even reported that about 29 fans fainted at their sold-out New York show, with paramedics using up three oxygen tanks by the end of the show.

Move over Bang & Zelo, we bring you Moon & Zelo?

We were also curious if B.A.P would consider forming any sub-units amongst themselves, like many of their peers have done.

Zelo shared that before their debut as B.A.P, “Yong Guk and I had a chance to perform as a sub-unit called Bang & Zelo ... Bang & Zelo was my first debut, means a lot to me, so I'll be happy to do it anytime!”

He also added that it might be interesting to work with Jong Up as they have a lot in common. “You see, we are the dancers in the group but have different styles. You know Jong Up used to be a B-boy, and he also has a great voice. So as a sub-unit, fans will get to know us better easily. It will be quite an interesting combination to collaborate, won't it? It's been 3 years now since our debut, so things will be very different from Bang & Zelo.”

Young Jae was quick to jump in on the idea of the sub-unit between Jong Up and Zelo saying, “If that’s the case, I will study music harder to be the producer for the younger unit! I will make Moon & Zelo (Moon is Jong Up’s family name) even better than Bang & Zelo. Let me know if you have anything you want out from this younger unit! Haha!”

Yong Guk on the other hand considered performing with Dae Hyun. The leader added, “I performed ‘I Remember’ with Dae Hyun at a concert before. The song was a collaboration with BEAST’s Yoseob and it turned out even better than we expected. My rap went down very low and intertwined with Dae Hyun's high-tone voice. These total different voices ran contrary and also mixed up together perfectly like black & white.”

Hopefully, we might see a debut of Moon & Zelo at the Singapore concert, or a special collaboration between Yong Guk and Dae Hyun.

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Stay tuned to Part 2 of our email interview with B.A.P where they share about which member is the most “sensible” and most like an “angel”.

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