B.A.P feature on MTV Taiwan "Idols of Asia" (140428)

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Main MC (Right-hand side, Ng): Welcome back to "Idol of Asia"!

MC (Chris): Yeah~
Ng: Yes! B.A.P is soon to have their concert in Taiwan.
Chris: Yes!
Ng: Let's ask "Junior Cheering Team" questions about B.A.P.
[(The title) Idols Of Asia: B.A.P, The King of Asian Trends, to attract the fans with their specific charisma]

XiaoJun (XJ): They have a hardcore style from each of their albums and their come-back stage. They had dye their hair in the same colour.
Ng: In the time of their first single album.
XJ: Yes! They show us a strong image.
Ng: That's right! They like an army to be well-trained. Moreover, they show us the great tacit understanding during the interviews and in every action.
Ng: Alright, Austin.
Austin: They give me the Hip-hop and Urban feelings. Like Bang Yongguk, the strong rapper in the group, his voice is very shocking. Thus, I can listen to the new (things) in their music everytime... I feel like being attacked.
Ng: Yes! It is because their music style is very strong... Their past fan-meeting in Taiwan was very successful. And they are coming to Taiwan for their concert. From the come-back this time, they gave us the masterpiece which is very shocking. Like Rex, you have got well-prepared for this programme. Have you prepared for B.A.P?

[The hard-working child]
Rex: Their newest MV, "1004 (Angel)", has the detective feeling like "Sherlock Holmes". <*> (The feeling is from) The reading room. And the progress is like to make a painstaking investigation. Thus, the MV makes others curious to find out the things inside.

[* Full of the detective feeling]
Ng: You need to think of the theme, don't you? It will bring up the discussions. It is so scary that there is no discussions when a singer releases his new album. Right! No matter whether the discussion is good or bad, the record publishers need to bring you into the theme. And the way used is like the detective style to show their music this time. How about you, Hao?
Hao: Like their MV having the theme...

[Junior Cheering Team, Hao, 20]
Hao: Their acting is really awesome. <*> There are a lot of cool shots but some soft sides are also appeared, such as the tearing eyes and the dripping tears.

[* The one who is studying in the filming category observes the things different with others]
Ng: Yes! It is how to attract the girls. You need to have both the tough side and the soft side for being able to become 'the king of men'.
Austin: The feeling of 'the carrot and the stick in a place'...

[To have both tough and soft sides!]
Ng: Right!
Chris: The one who made me the deepest impression is Bang Yongguk. Like what Austin said, he can be very tough but he would show you his softness through his productions. For example, your inner side can be stimulated by his lyrics. Thus, the songs he created are very ear-delicious!
Ng: And he is really cute when smiling.
Chris: That's right.
Ng: His eyes is small, too. Yes! You can get it...

[Does it mean that Hao looks like Bang Yongguk?]
Chris: Only you can understand.
Hao: Why is there only me?
Ng: B.A.p are very soon to have their concert in Nangang 101 on 18/05/2014. Today, let's watch their new song's MV.

[Playing the MV of "1004 (Angel)"]

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