Addressing the rumors spread by Allkpop about a group preparing a lawsuit against their label

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Since we received many emails and asks regarding the rumors spread by Allkpop few days ago, we decided to make a post about it to clear up things.

Allkpop recently stated that "Another idol group is rumored to be preparing a lawsuit against their label". In the article, the description of the group concerned can be easily referred as B.A.P: 

Another idol group is rumored to be preparing a lawsuit against their label.
According to Segye Ilbo, an idol group A that is gaining a lot of attention as a new hallyu-dol is preparing a lawsuit against their current label so they could dissolve their contracts. The members have already chosen a lawyer to represent them, even though it cost them a lot of money.
The biggest friction between the two is the problem of money balance. Even though the group has had multiple Korean and overseas concerts, they have not been paid properly. However, on the label's side, they are at a loss of what to do because even though they have invested a lot, there is not much profit. 
There is a difference in every contract, but in the case of idol groups, many labels take the profit and then distribute it later. In this case, the label has put forth that because of the high costs of promotions, there was no profit.
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We encourage B.A.P's fans to not take those kind of articles for serious, as anyone can start such rumors without legit sources. The reason why we haven't posted the article before is because it's not mentioning B.A.P (fans are just assuming) and Allkpop is actually the only media who posted about it as for now, so it's most likely not true. 

We won't answer anymore questions about this matter, thank you. 


  1. Allkpop got it from another site that posted this BS, so no. It's not credible one bit.

  2. I don't believe whatever post labeled ALLKPOOP.
    They just care about increasing their viewers rating

  3. i got these informations from a site of one of this exo fans(well not all exo fans are all that bad though but except for the half-sane ones. like you know ugh,right after what had happened to the former exo-m kris announcing that he is leaving this news of stupidity begin to spread like a wildfire) so ignore thise haters. dont let get this into your head,real babyz. TSent knows how to deal with our boyz welfare so dont worry. real B.A.P fans who owned one of B.A.P dvds should know that the boyz used to say that they enjoyed what they are doing. so at least that is the fact for all need to know. tsk tsk..haters eat your heart out and go cry in the corner. oh,and also dont forget to mind your own business. please dont be so pressed and stop being such a jelly. lol period.

  4. I love reading the comments from all the babyz at allkpop regarding to this matter. you babyz who commented logically are all +1 stand for our right and stand what is right. ;)