Yongguk Mentioned in Allkpop "My Life Has Been A Lie: Baby-Faced Rappers With Deep Baritones" Article

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B.A.P's Bang Yong Guk

I know, I know. You guys aren't even surprised to see him on my list. A lot of you may not agree with me that he has a babyface, but lately he must have bathed in the blood of virgins or something, because his face keeps getting younger and younger. 

Bang Yong Guk is probably one of the more famous cases of the deep baritone K-pop has right now - in fact, he's got such a unique voice that a lot of other idols offer to imitate him as their special talent on variety shows. What's more, while some of the others' talking voices differ from their deep rapping voices, Bang Yong Guk's speaking voice is just as low as (if not lower than) his rapping voice.



  1. "bathed in the blood of virgins"?? XD
    Thank you for the update, Admin Chanmol~ (^u^) Have a nice day~ \(^o^)/
    Hwaiting~! (^0^)9

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