B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR "Spot 30" & "Confirmed Dates"

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APR.13. NEW YORK @ Best Buy Theater
APR. 16. DALLAS @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
APR. 19. CHICAGO @ Star Plaza Theatre
APR. 22. LOS ANGELES @ Nokia Theatre L.A.

APR. 27. LONDON @ O2 Brixton Academy
APR. 30. PARIS @ Le Zenith
MAY. 3. DÜSSELDORF @ Mitsubishi Electric Hall

MAY 8. MELBOURNE @ Festival Hall
MAY 10. SYDNEY @ Big Top Luna Park

MAY 18. TAIPEI @ NK 101

MAY 31. SINGAPORE @ The Star Theatre

JUN 4 - 5. FUKUOKA @ Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel&Hall
JUN 10 - 11. NAGOYA @ Nagoya Congress Center
JUN 13 - 15 OSAKA @ Grandcube Osaka
JUN 22. CHIBA @ Makuhari Messe



  1. So Japan tour is also included as LOE right?

    1. looks like it!^ ^ japan had been giving much more attention to B.A.P lately. and the popularity is gaining. :) hehe how I wish the boyz will go and perform at sanrio's puroland there instead at makuhari messe bcuz of the same area/location the concert will be held there in chiba. hehe^ ^ *my sweet & dream imagination - B.A.P x Hello Kitty collaboration(bcuz I'm both a fan of them!)x3 superjoy~ ^ ^

    2. Yeah Japan baby really support B.A.P and I very appreciate that, but I just want them to go to other countries too. There are 8 shows in Japan, which is almost half of a number of shows in LOE TT Really want them to come to my country ;(

    3. awww~ dont feel so bad about it. I know how you feel as much as i do wanting them to go to our country but it is not as easy as we all can think. and B.A.P seemingly looks very,very tired too you know but they have to keep on going in order to fullfill the promise that they made to their fans. to be honest,no other kpop boygroup can do in one go in this year alone doing it like non-stop and then continue going after another for the next concert tour like B.A.P did. even as a fan,i find it kinda tiring chasing up upon their latest news here and there like without a rest at all!^ ^' so yeah. but dont give up hope so easily. who knows there might be other plan to surprise for the other fans who is so hard to get in touch with them(B.A.P) but you know what,if i find myself hard to go to the concert tour to the other country as for example i simply buy the dvd concerts as a ticket for me imagine to see them live there performing them elsewhere! haha thats what i do!^ ^' bcuz you can see them clear and so close on//to your tv/computer screen!xD so that shall do the trick! ;) hehe

  2. my many apologies! hehe tokyo disneyland in chiba. while puroland is tama. but both is part of tokyo too!^ ^ my bad!x\ lol but still I wont give up hope about that dream of mine though!xD if there are any collaboration of them,still I want to buy it/them!xD

  3. *buy the goods. I want our B.A.P to be like this one kpop boygroup named Boyfriend joining a collaboration like the one with sanrio's my melody!^ ^ http://www.allkpop.com/upload/2013/10/af_org/Boyfriend_1382588700_af_org.jpg p.s. and baby maknae's zelo is a good friend to one of Boyfriend members there too!^ ^

  4. How much does the ticket cost for new York concert?