PROJECT: Collaboration project from Best Absolute Style for B.A.P 1000th day

BYS is participating in BestAbsoluteStyle project to celebrate B.A.P's 1000th day since debut! Please read below to know more about the project and see how you can contribute! 

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BAS reached its goal! Thank you so much to everyone who participated! More details about the project will be released later this year ~ 

Or click the LINK

BAS new goal is 950 $, (as they already raised 670 $ so far) less than 150 $ still needed! Donors with larger contribute will be eligible for special gifts:

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  1. oh my,so cute!^ ^ I think tsent co. needs to hire winkiss92(a fellow babyz who also got a tumblr using by that name too)paying her just for the art and tsent will print and make any of matoki merchandises out of it. bcuz when i saw her matoki arts,they are so cute and so adorable and she made her efforts to draw it all in full of fun and in a funny way for the their lives story and its not always so serious everytime she drew them(matoki)s!^ ^ which is cool though! ;)

  2. *correction: winkkiss92(with a double ' k ' there)^ ^' sorry~

  3. still can't resist winkkiss92's matoki art drawings!x) so adorbs and irresistible at the same time!!x3 love you~wk92!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡ p.s. to be honest if some of you don't even know,she(wk92)is the one who is responsible for the drawings on/of matoki here for the bestabsolutestyle project! she contributes to them! i knew this because i've seen here signature somewhere before! >v<

    1. *seen "her" signature here before^ ^'

  4. oh,before i forgot~ guess what? i've got an idea but not sure i want to make/produce it later that i want our B.A.P boyz to make an art to be as cute as sanrio's show by rock! characters(google if you dare!xD)^ ^ for e.g. yonggukie will be a bear,himchanie will be a fox(bcuz there's a time he looks so foxy sometimes!xD),daehyunie will be a dog,cutejae a.k.a youngjae lol will be a cat,joungupie will be a bunny/rabbit and baby giant/maknae zelo or zelove~♡♡ will be a sheep!! and all of them looks so cute like these so~kawaii!! (=^._.^=) nyaa~

  5. lol,sorry not here i saw her/the signature but somewhere on the internet! once again,forgive the incorrect mistakes which i create!xD