[PLEASE READ] We will not be organizing trending for Himchan's birthday

Hello Babys.

Fansites/fanbases have agreed not to organize trending for Himchan's birthday to show respect for those involved in the ferry disaster in South Korea. Of course we will post our Himchan birthday wishes, and please feel free to mention him on twitter to tell him happy birthday, but we will not be doing formal trending. This is something other fandoms are also doing out of respect for the victims, families, and everyone affected by this tragedy.

Of course we are happy and wish Himchan all the best on his special day, but let's be respectful and keep our birthday wishes low key. We're sure Himchan, the rest of B.A.P, and Babys worldwide will understand, and continue to #PrayForSouthKorea

Thank you for understanding, and for supporting B.A.P,

- BYS co-manager, Nicole

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