NOTICE: What happened in NYC, many fans (and probably B.A.P) were disappointed

Many people asked us what happened in NYC, and why some fans said they had a bad experience and thought that B.A.P were disappointed. 
We think it's necessary to make a post about our thoughts of some fans behaviors. This is our admin's personal opinions, and you are free to agree or not with us, but we still want value our point.

At the NYC concert, the pit/standing area was, like last year, really bad:
* Many fans had to left the pit during the concert because of the excessive heat, or because they couldn't breathe normally because of pushing.
* A girl told us that someone pulled her hair, and another person was using her back as a stand to take pictures of the boys.
* Another girl told us that no matter how many times she asked people to stop pushing, they wouldn't listen and would just continue to push even harder to get closer to the stage.

Those girls, like most fans who were in the pit, didn't enjoy the concert as much as people in front rows or people seating in mezzanine. Many fans got injured and many other had panic attack / asthma crisis. 

B.A.P saw the chaos of course, and apparently asked many times to fans to calm down and let others breathe, but it just worsened everything.

Also, some rumors said that some fans followed the boys to the restaurant and made a mess over there. We are not sure if the infos we heard are accurate, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was true.
Some others followed them at their hotel and published the address of their hotel on SNS. The place where they stay is private and we think that it's not a place where fans should be. Also, when they visit places, they are enjoying some holidays between their busy schedules. Even though we absolutely understand why fans wants to see them up close and take pictures of them, it's not really respecting B.A.P to do so, in our opinion. We hope we won't hear about other stories in the like for the next stops, because the boys seemed super disappointed with the behavior of some fans during their time in NYC. 
Of course, we know it's not the case of the majority of fans, but the actions are still made and it encourage others to do the same.

We are NOT telling fans what to do, we are just spreading informations because in our opinion, we think that there's no place for such things. It hurts both the fans and the boys. We, at BYS, think that we can contribute to improve the situation, and we will use every opportunities to remind people about it until we see a difference. 

Thank you for reading, and please try to enjoy the upcoming concert, but make sure that others enjoy it too! ^__^

- BYS Isa


  1. What I was really annoyed at was the fact that some people saved spots for their friends. I was in the middle of the pit in between the crowd before the concert started and people kept pushing in front of me to get to the spot their friends saved and more people began to try to get to their friends and my sister and I eventually got pushed to the back. My sister and I are short both me being 5'0 and her being 4'11 and there were a lot of tall people and banners being held up so we both just gave up and retrieved up the stairs on the upper area at the spot right behind the pit. But my experience wasn't all bad. While I was at the upper area, three people offered to let my sister and I sit on their backs because we were so short but I denied feeling a little awkward. My sister on the other hand, happily accepted. I only caught 5 glimpses of BAP during the concert and filmed everything on my phone but I was still happy I was able to attend. All in all, there will be both disrespectful and really nice fans at the concert.

  2. Just to clarify the restaurant thing, it INDEED occurred!! They went to K-Town to eat and while many fans meet B.A.P. by coincidence, others were following their van via taxis after the concert. Then they follow B.A.P. into the restaurant, order food and as soon as B.A.P. left without paying!! That had to be the worst part. *Sigh* I'm so disappointed in those "fans" that ruin it for all of us and B.A.P.

    1. weren't they arrested then? for not paying

  3. Hey, this is Popo of MisterPopoTV. The restaurant incident did occur as I was the one who reported it. I will have an update video to clear up some of the craziness I am seeing on tumblr and twitter. Debunking some rumors and stating some other stuff since i had a clear view from the VIP Balcony. The few fans that attended that engaged in this negative acts won't give all NYCs, and BABYz a bad name period.

    1. Thank you for (well in the processes of) clearing this up. I was in that pit right in the middle (in fact I remember looking up at you as you filmed and waved down to us) It was as crazy as they say but also not all of it was, FOR ME that is. Also not everyone was as rude as you keep reading. While I was still in the pit (before my mother pulled us out. A really big guy had shoved my mom which made her crash into a girl and my mom had to push back which he them shoved into two girls that fainted then, then just kicked them out of the way. :( those poor fellow babys) I was pushed and around and it was hard to see. But Yongguk seen me, we looked dead at each other and he seen I was in trouble, he had to look away and it broke my heart he had to see that. I also know the other boys seen what was going on. A girl who was a little taller than me and bigger than me seen I was being shoved. She reached out and put her arm around me which gave room and space to breath (bless her) and she was also fanning fans with her Zelo (if I remember right) sign you could but while you were there. she was super nice. But even if it was bad. I did get out and actually ended up at the front and got a good bit of fan service from the guys as well as had room to dance. (at one point I was dancing more than I was watching the show lol) the staff was nice to pass out water bottles and I helped get the bottles to the ones behind me that could reach. Also to the fans that were in front of me after I got out of the pit when I said I couldn't over them due to their arms being in my view, I asked if they wouldn't mind putting their hands and totally understood if they didn't. But they kind smiled and nodded and did as I requested. I didn't want their spots, I just wanted to see. so thank you to them. There was also a guy who brought extra deodorant for people and sprays and said "if you need it I got you" cause lets face it. you're in a pit, it's hot, and you or someone around you is going to smell from sweating. There was also another girl fanning us with her poster she made. So these fans were really nice to people they didn't even know. There was also another girl who looked younger and was a little bit shorter than me that had made her way to me and there was a small somewhat empty spot beside me that you could see the guys from. All she wanted was to film the last song and asked me and the girls around us if she could. I told her to stand in that spot and she should get a good recording angle. She did and got a good shot of them and she left after that. another girl was walking through the crowed looking for her friend. so she had to pass us to do so. she stood in my spot for about almost a whole song. I ased he if I could have my spot back cause I couldn't see. She let me have my spot back and kept going on her way.
      Guys if you just ask some of these people around what you want they will let you do it. If not don't argue and cause a fight. Find another way to get what you wanted. As for what happened after the concert idk. I wasn't there. I only know what happened on the floor at the theater. ( sorry for it being so long)

  4. Wow, that's so upsetting to hear. Shame on those fans. Act responsibly and show alittle dignity. This is NOT a rock concert. People want a certain environment and to spoil someone else's good time is selfish. Also, about the restaurant thing, I am appalled both as a Baby and a full-time waitress. The guys work very for all of us during their tours. They deserve their alone time to unwind and relax- it helps them appreciate their work to have this right and to stample on it like that is distressing to them. PS: Dining n' dashing IS stealing and the wait staff will always remember a face. Don't give Baby's a bad rep as thieves.

  5. I only witnessed the swaying mass from the stairs. I saw the poor child being pulled out before the show even started. My daughter and I just happened to be walking down the very same street where they were getting in their van to go to the venue. That was totally random. I recognized the charter bus and said that has to be their hotel. But we kept walking and didn't see them go into the van. I walked back to see if I was right but didn't stay. That part was cool enough for me, just to be on the same street as them. The restaurant debacle is pathetic. As a Mom I would be horrified if my daughter did that. Those girls should be ashamed. I work backstage at my local venue and know that the artists work so hard and need time to themselves, so I am smart enough to know not to stalk them, random experiences are so much better.

  6. Some fans just don't learn. It is quite disappointing to know that fans would be so disrespectful and inconsiderate. I remember bumping into Daehyun and Youngjae on Broadway, but I didn't ask them for an autograph or photo out of respect and being unable to. I actually think I made the right choice, because they seemed to be enjoying just being part of the mass of tourists and being just another NYC tourist, and there weren't many fans around at the time. I felt like they should have the NYC experience, being a B.A.P member or not. Fans should want the people they are fans off to be happy, and in the end the best support is comfort (<- that really sucked :P) They are hardworking guys who are able to make their dreams come true. Don't make that dream into a nightmare.