Messages from BAP in BABY II goods

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The BABY II goods package includes the official BABY II lanyard with name, the scheduler, the pin and 6 postcard with each members' messages.

* NOTE: The BABY II goods package is NOT available anymore. The BABY III package will be available on fall 2014.

"Welcome baby season 2! I hope you can make great memories in 2014! Let's accomplish every goal that we want to achieve this year!"

"When times we spend more with each other, every single moment was moving and happy. And i am happy now I think becoming us rather than being me or you is blessing and lucky. Let's spend our times being "us" together: I look forward to it: Excited!"

"Baby 2! Congratulation! Please look forward to BAP's good and new appearances! Welcome baby 2!"

"Hello! Our cutie pie babys. Im seeing baby 2 friends already! Honestly I really miss you right now! Let's meet each other soon! From Youngjae who cant live without babys"

 "First of all thank you and welcome for becoming BAP's baby. It's easy to become a baby but we wont let you go when you want to quit. Remember that. If you are a baby once, then you are forever a baby"

"Nice to meet you baby 2! I am nervous and want to see your new start! Come quick! To BAP then, dont get sick!"


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