Happy Birthday Kim Himchan

Related project: BYS donated to World Wide Hearing for Himchan's birthday

Himchan is more than meet the eyes, and B.A.P would undeniably not be the same without his outgoing personality and charming smile. From his fansite Strongbabe dedicated to BABYZ to his sns updates and selcas, he's shown times and times again that he is and always will be Babyz's biggest fan. His caring and thoughtful nature is also evident when looking at the fancafe posts that always accompany his pictures for Strongbabe, and also from the way he's always looking out for the other members.

Himchan, happy birthday and please carry on being the amazing person you are ♡

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  1. happy birthday~~strongchan!!\^v^/ in my fanfic story,you are one good and dedicated eomma(mom)in your family hehe and just like gukkie-appa,you always put your family first before you! and also you even stopped jae-oppa who teased me always during the time we had our family dinner and also when dae-oppa is not around(if you know what i mean^ ^)!xD love you with all my heart~♡ yours truly,bang mi ran(your one & only also youngest daughter in our family in my fanfic story)^ ^ hehe~