EXCLUSIVE: BYS at LOE Chicago (130419) (Fanaccount, Pictures)

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More pictures coming soon in HD

This is the fanaccount of BYS founder Isa. I'm sorry for the shitty pictures, I took them with my phone during talk sessions only because I didn't want to miss 1 second of the concert ~ 
I went to the Chicago concert although New York was closer (I'm from Montréal, Canada). But I wanted close seat and a better concert experience since I almost died in the pit last year in NY. And the 28 hours drive was SO worth it. 

BYS Amee, Julie and I were at the venue around 1PM to get people to sign the flag banner and distribute photocards. It went so well, the flag was all filled after 4 hours and we gave it to B.A.P's staff at the end of the show. I want to thank Bethy for holding it with few other girls in the celebrity circle, it was perfect and Himchan's face was priceless when he saw it (it was saying Happy Birthday Commander Himchan). Thank you to Leslie too, who helped to distribute photocards with us! And thank you to all Babyz who came to say hello, it was so nice meeting you all!

Unfortunately, I didn't get into the high touch before the concert, but I heard the boys were gorgeous and so happy to see Chicago fans! 

So where to start… I was in Main Floor 3, row B so I was just after the celebrity circle, it was SO CLOSE TO THE STAGE, I saw them perfectly and it was just the best concert of my life, it was even better than LOE Seoul in February 2013 ;_; I am serious but spazz a lot in my fanaccount so you might like or dislike but anyway, #peaceout

Yongguk - BANG FREAKING YONGGUK SERIOUSLY idek what is life after seeing Yongguk, it's my 6th time and it's worse every time. This guy is a swag machine, it's illegal to be that sexy and to have so much attitude when rapping. In all honesty, Yongguk is such an influence for all of us, when he was doing the thank you speech at the end and when he was speaking about the tragedy in Korea, everyone was listening to him very carefully like if he was the pope, lol! He is so sincere when he talk, and wow I'm just so biased I'm sorry. 
Himchan - Birthday boy ~~ Ok let me start with the Happy Birthday song the boys sang with us, it was so touching! People started to raise the little "happy birthday himchan" banners. The WHOLE place was filled with those and Himchan looked so emotional! He said "this is the best birthday ever" Himchan is the cutest, the way he look at fans is just precious. He took photos for StrongBabe during Crash and also took a photo with fans when we were holding the banners. I don't remember at what song it was, but he did a little dance with his butt and it was half cute half hilarious and Daehyun was dying and pointed Himchan like WHUT ARE U DOING BRO LOLOLOL. Oh and random: He back hugged Zelo once during like 10 seconds it was so CUTE.
Daehyun - I totally fell in love with Daehyun, he is the sweetest guy ever. He touched fans' hands, smiled a lot and gave his 300% during the whole concert. Even when the others seemed tired, Daehyun was full of energy and wouldn't stop to tease fans, make cute faces, and troll other members, just STOP. Daehyun's English is so cute, he make a lot of effort to pronounce correctly so he speaks really slowly haha. His hair was really the best too, I sound like a Daehyun stan but he's not my bias, I SWEAR TO GOD (sides eyes Julie........)
Youngjae - Mr YOO……UGH HE WAS BITTING HIS LIPS MORE THAN SINGING LIKE FOR SERIOUS. -_-)/ And during talk sessions he was SO hilarious. He was MCing the whole time when they were talking about who represent each "EARTH NEEDS [ … ]" thingy. He kept saying "CALM DOWN" to fans it was just so funny lol. His English pronunciation is really good, I was so impressed. At the end of one of the talk sessions, he said "Earth Needs??? And we shouted "You" and he was like "Damn right, earth needs You, and You and You" and kept pointing spots of the crowd ;_;
Jongup - Youngjae named him "6 packs Jongup" and Jongup asked "Do you like my 6 packs" when he introduced himself hahaha NO. His English pronunciation was better than I thought haha, but he don't have a lot of vocabulary lol. I don't know what they asked him during a talk session but Jongup was like "Yea…… It was…… yummy." *everyone's burst out laughing* He ripped his shirt and showed his abs, yes yes (R.I.P) 
Zelo - I honestly didn't see him much because he was always on the right (I was on the left) so yeah… but when he was on our side, he was doing his weirdo like always, doing poses for fans, and trolling around with Jongup lol. When Youngjae asked us what Zelo was representing, we all screamed HAPPINESS and he did a little happy dance to Youngjae and Youngjae was like ARE U SERIOUS, KID *facepalm* Zelo asked the fans if we liked him and everyone was screaming and he made a face like "yes come to me, all the love, come to me :D" lol cutie ~ 

The concert started with One Shot, I was already done with the universe because One Shot is the song of my life and it was just so much violence to begin the concert with this masterpiece. I have no comment on this performance because I had so much tears in my eyes and it's embarrassing to think about it now lol
Badman: *screams* Badman is one of my favorite songs, I like everything about it and Yongguk's aggressivity in this choreo is my weak point so I stared at him the whole time. They were so energic and had black/gold outfits, it was so beautiful and awesome ;_;
Power: Just before the song, Yongguk said something in English, I didn't understand everything (bc strong accent + screaming), but it was something like "Money and pride is what all matters. It's time for change. And together, we got the power" *CRIES* Then the song started. OGWIRLWNJFW they did the push push dance and the high kick and everything IT WAS SO GOOD. It was my first time seeing the original Power choreography live, so it was really amazing. 
Intro: The "What is love?" dialogue with Jokomato and Totomato. Totomato was asking what what is love, and Jokomato was trying to explain but Totomato couldn't understand and Jokomato was mad lol so he said to ask Shishimato instead. So we heard Yongguk's voice saying "Love is… sick"
Lovesick: I don't remember much from this performance, but I will NEVER FORGET the part were they all lined up to form a train and started to dance while doing the train :D The security guards around me were looking at them like "ew wtf are they doing ok" LOLOL I LOVE BAP.

Coffee Shop: The Starbabys Coffee was just so cute. Daehyun tasted all coffees lmao *facepalm*  Jongup and Zelo choose two fans in the celebrity circle and asked them which coffee they wanted ~ One girl told Zelo what she wanted and he smiled and said "we don't have this" LOLOL cute <3 and he came back with an orange juice and said "that suits you" Jongup did the same ~~  It's so cool that they make so much efforts to learn English! 
Body & Soul: ………………………………….. idk………………. How to even type?! The moment Yongguk said "Turn the lights off" we went all CRAZY and couldn't breathe for the next 3 minutes. It was half sexy/illegal, half so awkward… the boys touching their chest while body waving PLS…OH LORD OK and the hip thrusting on the floor =)))))) FUUUUUUUUUU *screams* I cannot. Watch fancams if you haven't already, but make sure your parents are away.
Intro: The story of passion
Punch: There was an intro for Punch. They came on stage with two chairs, one for Youngjae, the other for Jongup. They acted like boxers who were about to begin a fight, lol. Jongup first kicked Youngjae so Daehyun was making fun of him and showed him how to kick Jongup lolol DAE PLS. (BTW, we have the confirmation that Youngjae have ABS because he got up without his hands, you know when you lie on the floor and just jump to get up?!) The perf was soooooo good, like they were acting/singing/dancing at the same time, plus went near the fans I was ngwojrwihfwn the whole time ;_; Youngjae finally "won" the battle by kicking Jongup. They laughed and Youngjae helped Jongup to get up. What I like the most about B.A.P is that they have SO MUCH fun on stage, and they are just natural and laugh and act like idiots most of the time <3 
No Mercy: UGH ok they didn't hip thrust that much and like only Jongup and Daehyun did the crotch grabbing thing…… *they had mercy on our ovaries idek?* BUT the dance break part was AWESOME, people were doing the fanchant perfectly. No Mercy is def a party song at a concert, just like Hurricane.
BANGX2 : Best song in concert!!!!!!! The boys were IN FIRE, and everyone was jumping and signing until we had no more voice :D Yongguk was wearing a jersey shirt with a jacket, and he took it off during the middle of the song. The girl next to me grabbed my arm like H-E-L-P. LOL! No but seriously I felt like at a rock concert, they had leather outfits and were screaming and jumping everywhere I HAD SO MUCH FUN. (whispers Daehyun teased fans during his "rock star" part with a terrible provocative stare OMG)
Rain Sound: This song in concert I swear… DaeJae's voices are so hypnotizing, this is ridiculously beautiful… And love it when Zelo looks drunk during his rap part :D 
Jongup's solo: I CAN'T BREATHE?! Jongup is the best dancer of all time idk..... I think you guys saw enough fancams of it to know what I mean, it was just so perfect and his acrobatics are amazing and I love Jongup so much
Save Me: WOW BYE SAVE ME AFTER JONGUP'S SOLO?????? White outfits, amazing choreo, Jongup was sweating like crazy, Himchan even more, and I almost slapped Youngjae because his "SAVE ME" feels like you get an an arrow right in the heart UGH.

Intro+Check On: THIS CHOREOGRAPHY PLS XD The horses heads (aka Jongup and Zelo possibly) teached us the choreography while a guy voice was telling us what to do. They kept saying that our hormones "were now at a high level" WE WERE LIKE "HELL YEAH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW MAN". Then B.A.P came on the stage and Check On started. When B.A.P was doing the choreo, the whole crowd was following them it was just hilarious and even B.A.P were laughing like idiots haha. Also the hip thrust during the "we hot hot hot" part shouldn't be allowed x____x DAEHYUN AND JONGUP WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT STARE AT DURING THAT TIME I'M SORRY. I once tried to check Yongguk, Youngjae and Daehyun at the same time and IT WAS THE WORST IDEA OF MY LIFE GOODBYE
Spy: *SCREAMIIIIIIIING* I WAS SO HAPPY TO FINALLY GET TO SEE SPY LIVE WOW. You know how there's so many things happening during this song, but the best part of all is at the end, JUNG DAEHYUN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR FACE omfg. AND WHEN THEY ALL SHAKE THEIR BUTT AT THE END PLS IM CRYING <3 Also I can't with Himchan and Youngjae when they perform Spy, they are just so funny and have so much fun I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Himchan and Daehyun teamed to chase Zelo and force him to show his abs but they didn't succeed sighs
Excuse Me: YOUNGJAE is the best when they sing Excuse Me, I don't even know why, but I just stare at him the most. He tease fans so much and he had the "we're awesome bitches" attitude that I like so freaking much <3 
Hurricane: *CRYING* I love Hurricane so much. It was one of my favorite part of the concert. They put lights everywhere in the venue, it was really like in a club, and the boys were in fire once again, I think they REALLY love to perform Hurricane. The dance break was AWESOME, JongLo are just amazing and Yongguk need to CALM DOWN BC SWAG LEVEL WAS TOO HIGH. During the "The loof is on fire" part, Himchan pointed his mic on the fans so we all screamed his part and he was so into it omfg
Dancing in the Rain / Stop It / Crash: It went really fast and everyone was dancing so I almost saw nothing lol. 

Then B.A.P said their goodbye speeches (all in English <3). They basically said that it was an honor for them to give a concert in Chicago and that they visited the city a bit and that they had so much fun. They left and came back few minutes later. 
1004: I went a little bit sentimental during 1004, because like everyone else, I deeply fell in love with this song. They wore white/silver outfits, and they really looked like 6 angels, and at that time I looked at some fans near me and everyone had like a FREAKING big smile with teary eyes for some. I think that if you don't think about all the "idols mania" and craziness related to it, I think the most important is still what their music means to all these fans, and it's just so beautiful. 
They left the stage again saying that they would come back in 100 seconds in Warrior outfits. Yongguk was like WHUTS OUR DEBUT SONG??? So we all shouted WARRIOOOOOR and he said "Warrrior UH" with a cute gummy smile~~~~~ *dies* Youngjae was REALLY on acid and was like "WE WILL CHANGE IN 100 SECONDS LIKE nifejofhwokfekn DONE" lol 
Warrior: They were so INTENSE when they did Warrior. I thought they wouldn't have so much energy at the end of the concert, but they really gave their EVERYTHING. 
And they left after Warrior and didn't perfom With You :(

I am so proud to work for these 6 inspiring artists, and will never stop what I'm doing even though times are tough sometimes on BYS. I really can't wait to see them again next year, and possibly in Japan soon. B.A.P is such a unique group, we can feel how they appreciate each others and how they like to work together more than anything else. At the end of the concert, when they tweeted, Daehyun said "Let's play" and I was like YES because a B.A.P concert is really 2 hours of pure happiness that create memories that last forever. After the concert, I group hugged with like 10 friends and I felt so happy and relieved from my daily stress. I believe that's why B.A.P exists, to bring happiness in their fans lives, and to influence people to change the world. 
Love my cubs, and love you Babyz, thanks for reading <3 

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  1. Hi Isa! I remember Jongup was referring to the Deep Dish Pizza that they ate and he called "....Yummy~"

    And such a shame I couldn't meet you I really wanted to show you my Zelo outfit! Luckily your mom was there with the banner and I was able to donate, sign, and get a pretty photocard~! That day was the best day of my life not only because beautiful boys amg but also because of the projects you have and the support for B.A.P from all their BABYz!

    Thanks again and I hope you and B.A.P stay safe and stay strong <3

    1. Oh my god it was you! Let's meet next time :D And thank you so much for your support ~

  2. ok,ok. I will make it short,simple and sweet. you ppl are the best! ok? ;) got pissed when the comment i post it here is gone!>:-( lol

    1. Hehe I bet your comment was really long as always :D;;

  3. I'm glad I could help out with the banner and I LOVED Meeting you! Great fan account, I'm still uploading my vids to my youtube.

  4. I'm sad we didn't get to meet you. :( We were in the back. It was an awesome show, and I'm glad you came to the Star Plaza (I live 20 minutes away from there)! Hopefully, we can meet in 2015 if they come this way!

    Ellie and Ryan- What the Hallyu Blog

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