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The photos are terrible, and some are labelled differently, please just credit as marked or bapyessir.com if taking out ^^;;

Hi Babys, this is BYS Co-manager/Japanese translator Nicole ^^ 

I went to the Nagoya "No Mercy" Mini Live and Gift exchange events today with teamBYS admin Lyn. Here's as much as I remember but it was a pretty short event so there's not much (and I forgot the battery for my camera so I only have terrible phone pics....)

The Mini Live (If you're going to the Tokyo Mini-Live/Gift Exchange, scroll to the bottom for practical info)

This was literally a mini event, it was so short. They opened with "Excuse Me" after the MC Hoshino-san gave a super speedy introduction (He said "I know YOU all know but this is for people who are passing by" and he literally sped through their debut/achievements and everything so the show could start). Then they did self introductions (Daehyun introduced himself as "Dae-chan," Youngjae introduced himself as something like "Your love/lover" ?? screams for him were too loud for me to hear, Himchan did similar to Youngjae, but Yongguk, Zelo and Jongup did just standard intros).
I think after this was "Dancing in the Rain" and last was "No Mercy."

Everyone looked really good, they were smiling lots and waving to everyone whenever other members were talking during MC breaks (I was waving at Himchan and he sort of stared blankly at me for a while before starting to wave back lol). Daehyun seemed to be having so much fun, he actually got tongue tied speaking but laughed it off and just started waving at us again. Zelo also seemed to be in a really good mood, he kept making eye contact with Babys in the crowd and waving, Youngjae too. 

The Gift Exchange

"No Mercy" was the last song so B.A.P went offstage to their tent that was off to the side while staff got us organized for the Gift Exchange.

I went to Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan, Yongguk, and Yongguk again ^^

1.) Zelo (All in English)
Me: I love your dancing~ Zelo: *grin* Thank you very much!

Zelo is so cute I can't even describe him well. His smile is so sweet and even this simple English made me wanna hug him haha.

2.) Youngjae
Me: …
*staff pushing me already* Youngjae: *perfect beautiful smile w eye contact~* Me: (Japanese) Your Japanese is cute! Youngjae: *…*

Youngjae is just...perfect. He has such nice skin and eyes and hair and everything. But yeah, Staff was like "MOVE" before I even got my photo card from him.

3.) Himchan
Me: (Japanese) I love you! I'm always cheering for you! Himchan: *gorgeous but confused smile*

Not even going to lie, I felt so embarrassed after this lol, I dunno if he didn't catch my Japanese or was just confused I wasn't speaking English or thought I was a big gross booger I dunno~ But He smiled very kindly even though he looked like he was judging me and gave me his photocard haha.

4.) Yongguk 1st Time
Yongguk: *perfect gummy smile* Me: …Thank you! (I was going to say "Thank you for your music" but how to speak at all...) Yongguk: *hold/shakes my hand* (English) Thank you! *smiles*
5.) Yongguk 2nd Time
Yongguk: *laughs* Me: See you tomorrow too! Yongguk: *holds/shakes my hand* *more perfect gummy smiles*
Yongguk has the best smile holy,nothing will make you happier than seeing that gummy smile. His hand is so soft and warm~ 

 Photocards I got from the members in the gift exchange 

Yongguk: "Le'ts go to the convenience store?"

After that I have no more member tickets so I just watched and waved at B.A.P with the other Babys who finished. They gave lots of fanservice, especially near the end when some of their lines dwindled, Yongguk just drank water and waved at us like a boss then laughed and looked embarrassed when his waves caused screaming, Daehyun waved all over the place, Jongup looked confused but waved (right at Lyn too, with her Jongup-Olaf fanboard XD), Himchan and Youngjae also started making hearts with their arms too. 

Then they did their last "Uri B . A . P Yessir!" and left.

Overall it was short but super fun! It was a really special experience being able to be that close to B.A.P even for such a short time (and it MUST have helped album sales lol, right after most Babys were like "WE NEED TO BUY MORE ALBUMS I WANT TO SEE _____ AND _____ AGAIN!!")

Thanks if you read this far, sorry for the shortness but there wasn't much more to tell except fangirling and inappropriate comments about leather pants ^^;; 

Details for Babys going to Tokyo Events Tomorrow (April 6)

* I usually try to include details for Babys who will be going to the events, but I'm really tired so here's a short list for those of you going to Tokyo events tomorrow
- Show up early, but don't expect to get a good random number because you're there early, it's all random, you might get #500 and have to enter the standing area last, so just show up a bit early to get your bearings and find where to line up for ticket registration
- They will hole punch your 3 colored special tickets (you can still use them for the gift exchange) and let you choose a random number from a box which decides when you enter the seating area, it will also have the time you will be allowed to enter the standing area (usually and hour/30 minutes before)
- No photography, but there were so many fansites and we took some pics but the event staff got pretty mad and made several announcements to put cameras/phones away
- When the live is over, everyone has to back up and lineup by numbers again to join the lines for member gift exchange
- Once the gift exchange starts, it's just like a conveyor belt lol, just keep going up, down the stage and up again until you have no more member tickets ^^
- Staff WILL push you forward (especially for Youngjae and Daehyun lol, their lines were super long so staff will start pushing you even before you say "Hi" ^^;;)
- Don't expect hi-touch or anything, but some members will treat you ^^ (or be mean Daehyun was to Lyn, he said "Sumimasen! (sorry)" when she held her hand up for a high five XD)

We saw the B.A.P bus afterwards XD


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