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All my pictures are terrible, I'm so sorry T^T

Hi everyone, this is BYS Co-manager/Japanese translator Nicole ^^ I went with teamBYS Lyn (admin) and Yui (Japanese translator) to both of the March 31 (YONGGUK'S BIRTHDAY CHYEAH) First Date With Baby Japan Fanmeetings in Tokyo, and this is my best try at remembering as much as I can for you guys.

Firstly, it's probably a bad idea to be doing these fanaccounts now since I'm so tired (Tokyo is pretty far from where I live, and I'm tried from yelling and flailing/waving my fan board & lightstick like an idiot ~) but I'm afraid if I sleep I'll forget even more~

*NOTE* If you've read other Fanaccounts by me you'll know I'm Yongguk biased so…sorry in advance, I love them all equally but I stare at Yongguk the most ^^;;

Flow of both Fanmeetings
Preformances: 1004, Hajima, Dancing in the Rain, B.A.B.Y, No Mercy
Corners: Q & A, Galaxy Telepathy Game, Ideal Type

Part 1: First Fanmeeting

Before the fan meeting (B.A.P Related Randoms ^^): We went to the Tower Records Shibuya cafe and got their 400 yen, Blood Orange and Passion fruit B.A.P drink. Don't confuse this with the Karaoke no Tetsujin Matoki-color member drinks, Tower Records only has the "B.A.P drink." It was really delicious!! Perfect mixture of sweet and tangy fruit juice and we all got free B.A.P coasters with them~ There were a lot of Babys already drinking the drinks at the cafe.

The drink was so yummy ^^ 
Tower Records Cafe, complete with B.A.P posters~

There were still signed CDs at Tower Records Shibuya, you could choose which member or get an album signed by all of B.A.P *_* 



At the Venue: The line up for goods was, as always, RIDICULOUS lol. Babys were lining up from around 8am, but the line moved pretty smoothly when we got there around 12 noon. They had present boxes for the members but it was really unorganized; at first the boxes didn't even have names on them, you had to go by the names on other presents to see whose was whose. You also couldn't go back after buying goods to put your presents in, which happened to Lyn and I, so venue staff made us give them our presents for B.A.P, we couldn't even put them in the boxes ourselves -_-)/ However, this venue was SUPER lax for cameras; they still said no photography/recording and half-heartedly peeked in all our bags, but there was hardly any staff watching for cameras.

Jongup's present box ^^

Seating: Lyn and I were on the 3rd balcony literally in the last row at the back of the venue, but with Tokyo Dome City Hall's set up we really didn't feel far from the stage at all! Yui was lucky enough to be on the floor in the 14th row ^^ The venue capacity is around 3000, and it was pretty full for this fan meeting, but since it was a weekday afternoon, there were still some "bad seats" (seats that go on sale the day of the concert, and they are "bad" because the video screen is blocked or you're at a weird angle) empty.

1004: This was my first time seeing this performance live! The choreo is even more amazing live, and of course their voices sound even better. *whispers* Yongguk's shirt kept flying up during this performance so we got flashes of his abs every now and then (^o^)

Self-Intros/About the Fanmeeting: Himchan said that the special point of "1004" is that it became number 1 thanks to Babys. Youngjae was trying to talk about the song/fanmeeting but used Kansai dialect, which is what they use in Osaka (where they had the fan meeting the day before) so he was still stuck using it for the intro and Himchan teased him. I just remember Daehyun was already giggling at the intro, he laughed so much the whole fan meeting. The MC said it was a special day and that it was Yongguk's birthday, and Yongguk looked like he'd rather talk about anything else on the planet lol he looked so shy/awkward but was smiling. When chairs were brought out and the MC asked them to sit down, Jongup and Zelo were left standing looking blank since they didn't understand the Japanese to sit down (It was very cute).

Q and A corner: The questions were all by Baby Japan members, we were asked to submit our questions via email, so they said the name of the Baby who wrote the question after it was chosen from the box, and each member took one question from the box one by one. Each member would point to who they thought fit the answer to the question.

Q: Who is the clumsiest (or scatterbrained) member?
A: Pretty much all of B.A.P pointed to Zelo
The MC asked for an episode of Zelo's scatterbrained-ness and they said how Zelo left his tablet in a taxi once, but he managed to get everything back.

Q: (I don't know how to translate this actually ^^;; Yui wrote that it's like "Who's the best for aegyo and coolness?")
A: Most pointed at Yongguk, who said "I'll do my best"
Daehyun and Youngjae said that Yongguk would be very kind to a girlfriend though he doesn't speak much, and that he is very manly.

Q: Who is the biggest "Shy Boy?" (Daehyun started singing "Shy Boy~" at this point)
A: Most pointed to Zelo
Daehyun sang "Shy Boy" again and Zelo did a little dance

I can't remember how they lead into this, but Zelo said "Zelo-Chaaaan" (~Chan is a suffix you put on the end of names to denote closeness/fondness) in a really sweet aegyo void saying it's how Himchan says it.

Q: Who would be the best Spy?
A: Youngjae
Because he played the role of a Spy in One Shot, and Youngjae also said in Japanese that he is "A good Spy. These guys (points to other members) Not good Spies."

Q: Who draws the best?
A: Jongup
They talked about Jongup's Olaf Papa drawing on IG, asking if we'd all seen it and the venue screamed yes. I think it was here Youngjae said "Jongup can do an Olaf impersonation." So Jongup tried, he got the voice, but he didn't know what to say so he was asking Youngjae for the lines and Youngjae just said "I'm sorry everyone" lol.

Q: Who would be the perfect escort?
A: (some pointed to Dae too I think) Himchan
When they were pointing to Himchan, at one point Yongguk, who was sitting next to him, just started prodding and poking Himchan's face with the pointer.
Himchan said that because he understands a woman's heart, he's a perfect escort. They started saying their names in aegyo voices, but I laughed so hard because Yongguk said "Yongguk-ku" but it was basically just him speaking normally and not aegyo at all.

Performances: Hajima and Dancing in the Rain. They did the Japanese versions for both which sound really nice live. I didn't like Dancing in the Rain J-version originally, but it sounds a lot better live.

Galaxy Telepathy game

Each member would take turns taking a paper out of a box which had the row and seat numbers of different parts of the venue. The Babys in those seats would stand up and have to guess the number one of the members was thinking (they gave really obvious hints though) but sitting down so that the standing Babys showed what number they answered. If they guessed correctly, the Babys in those seats were to take their tickets to the ticket counter after to get a special postcard.

For practice, B.A.P did it first. Daehyun was supposed to think of a number but he kept laughing and having trouble before he asked "What month did we make our Korean debut?" then he faced the other way while the rest of B.A.P except Zelo sat down. Daehyun said something like he forgot the month they debuted and everyone laughed. He turned around and said "ichi/1" (for January), and since Zelo was the 1 member standing, that was correct.

I can't remember all the numbers each member said, but when he was faced away waiting for Babys to answer, Zelo did this nose wiggling/nostril dance lol. For Youngjae's turn, he took a Jokomato plushie and put it in front of his face and spoke in Jokomato's voice which was ridiculously cute.
Yongguk's turn went like:
My favourite number is…conbi- *HMM* so the answer was 2, conbi-NI (ni = 2 in Japanese), this is from his Conbini ni ikimasho (Let's go to the convenience store OTL…)

Ideal Type

I think everyone heard about the rules for this but there is one outline of a girl on a paper on stage, and the members take turns adding things from their "Ideal type" of girl.

Zelo: Eyebrows and glasses (Lyn: *yells and sits down* Nicole: YES! I have eyebrows and glasses)
Jongup: Long, curled hair (Nicole: *rips out hair clip* YES! My hair is curled (mostly…))
Youngjae: Blue Jeans (Nicole: *Sobs and sits down*) I think he was the one who added a hat too
Daehyun: added eyelashes or something to the eyebrows, big Dae-esque lips, a black blazer, angel wings
Himchan: Sneakers and whistle
Yongguk: Holding Tigger and wearing a watch. He also did this really terrible, smirking "bite" into the camera which was too sexy to be allowed BYE.

There were 3 girls who were still standing so they did rock paper scissors with Himchan, the girl who won against Himchan was helped to the stage by venue staff, received the Ideal Type drawing signed by all the members (Yongguk even wrote her name on it) and they all gave her their matoki plushies. Himchan kissed Tats before giving it to the girl.

When the girl was leaving the stage, she dropped Dadamato and accidentally kicked it, so Jongup covered his face with his hand and looked like he was going to faint.

They were saying their thank you's, and when Jongup's turn came up, they all pointed their mice at his mouth/face/head. Then when it was Zelo's turn to talk, they got even sillier pointing their mics to his ears/top of head, except Jongup held his mic to Zelo's legs.
They were still talking when Himchan started to be a creep to Jongup by putting his face on Jongup's should and continuously getting closer and closer to his face while intensely staring at him while Jongup ignored/snuck glances with a "What do I do…" face. Hicmhan did the same thing to Zelo lol. When they were done talking, they took turns saying the letters for B.A.B.Y. (I think at this point they also announced that their Continent Tour was coming to Japan too but this isn't really news lol, we all knew it was coming)

Performance: B.A.B.Y is so good live T^T Daehyun added "Aishiteiru" (I love you in Japanese) to the song, and I think it was here Junhong high-fived some if the Babys in the front row. Then they went offstage.

Encore: they played the "No Mercy" J-version PV and Babys did the fan chant even for this. When B.A.P came back out they were wearing their white No Mercy outfits (and looked really, REALLY good I might add…Yongguk and white sweatpants, just don't even talk to me right now….)
At this point we also sand Yongguk happy birthday in Korean, and Himchan put his head on Yongguk's shoulder and Yongguk just grinned embarrassedly and looked super awkward before nudging him away.
They said their "Uri B.A.P Yessir!" and made their way off the stage, except Zelo who danced his way off stage.

First Fanmeet FINISHED~

Dumping some terrible LQ pics here, these are from the first fanmeeting, continue down for Part 2: Second Fanmeeting, the pics there are slightly better too ^^;;
*If taking out (WAE O_O) please credit bapyessir.com*

Part 2: Second Fanmeeting

Actually, Lyn and I didn't even have tickets for this one ^^;; We had to line up for the "Day-of-Concert" sale tickets, which are left over tickets from Baby Japan members who didn't buy their tix, plus seats like the ones we got which are at weird angles so some of the stage (in our case just the video screen) is blocked. So we lined up for about an hour, got our tickets and went back into the venue while Yui went home :(

There was so much more happening for this Fanmeeting it's impossible to get everything sorted, so I'll change it up and do a fan account by what I remember about each member, plus things that were different from the first fan meeting.

* The 2nd Fanmeeting must have been close to selling out (there were of course seats that can't be sold like behind the A/V booth, but there were VERY few seats left, we could only see a couple in the "bad areas")
* They did their encore of "No Mercy" but they also preformed it again while goofing off after that, so we saw it twice
* They wore different costumes for the encore, still "No Mercy" outfits but the shorts/no sleeves/furry sweater/etc.
* The ideal type was: long hair with bangs, wearing a skirt (not too short, knee-length), a headband, earring, necklace, a white shirt, a cardigan, striped socks, a Himchan fan board, a watch and bracelet. EVERYONE was cheating hardcore for this haha, like borrowing cardigans/accessories from other Babys, but even B.A.P was laughing and didn't really care.
* They brought out a cake for Yongguk's birthday and we sang to him in Korean ^^
* The members cheated a lot more for the Galaxy Telepathy game lol, like for "How many Japanese songs does B.A.P have at the moment?" The audience was a bit confused since they didn't know to count No Mercy or not so Daehyun pretended to cough like "*cough* *cough* 6 *cough*" also Himchan and Youngjae were gesturing and grunting for Babys to stand up or sit down to make the right answers XD

Yongguk: Spoke as little as was humanly possible lol. Sometimes when his face got put on the video screen he had this zoned out, open mouthed look like he wasn't even listening, I laughed so hard.
* He stuck to the same Japanese phrases: I'll do my best, Thank you very much
* We just sang Happy Birthday for the first fan meeting, but for this one they brought out a really delicious looking cake with fruit and berries all over it. Each member gave their birthday wishes/thanks (most were "thank you for being there for us, thank you for being with us, Daehyun was a dork a just had us all say "TTTTTTTHAAANK YOOOOU!"), and Yongguk also fed Zelo a little bit of fruit off the cake ^^
* Yongguk I want to talk about you more but you were so quiet T^T He was smiling and looked like he was having fun, but since the majority of today's events were talking, as usual he sort of kept to himself and enjoyed watching the other members answer.

Himchan: Spoke mostly in Korean ;_; I was surprised since his Japanese was so good at Warrior Begins tour, but I guess it's hard being busy and away from Japan.
* Himchan was literally hot again lol; the first fan meeting he sort of shrugged off his jacket to show his bare shoulders and had Jongup adjust it for him, and the 2nd fan meeting he shrugged his jacket off his shoulders again and yelled "ACHI" (IT'S HOT).
* He kept putting his head on Jongup's shoulder again, he kept his head on Jongup's shoulder even when Jongup ran across the stage, that takes some skill Kim Himchan *applause*

Daehyun: FANSERIVCE. KING. THE END. He constantly looked around and waved at different Babys. He looked up at our area lots (there were only like 10~15 people in our whole section, it was like a mini, side balcony really near the side of the stage), and he even pointed and waved/made hearts at us…TWICE *cries*
* He was giggling so much today, his smile is so contagious you can't not laugh with him.
* After we all yelled that we saw Himchan's Rain Sound Monologue for Warrior Begins, Daehyun said "No no no, answer properly, did you see it?" So we all said "Hai~! (yes)" and Daehyun said "Kawaii desu ne~" (That's really cute) to which Himchan sort of smacked him saying "Don't say Kawaii."

Youngjae: HAS THE CUTEST JAPANESE CAN I HUG YOU. The "tsu" sound in Japanese is really difficult, B.A.P have said in different interviews this sound gives them trouble, and today Youngjae couldn't say the Japanese for "month" which it "gatsu," he kept saying "gaCHU" which sounds effing adorable you have no idea, the girls next to me (I say girls, they were my age lol ^^;;) were flailing and screaming "KAWAII~" over his Japanese too.
* Youngjae was really hyper for the first fan meeting, but he spoke a lot less and didn't do his random dorky running across stage or his dancing in his chair or his matoki voice. BUT he was being extra smarmy into the camera lol, he kept pointing and gazing into it and being handsome like the big jerk he is ^3^

Jongup: I think for his intro he referenced Shingeki no Kyojin again lol
* For the Galazy Telepathy game, he asked a question about his abs, like what "pack" did he have. The MC jokingly said something like let's see and Jongup sort of moved to lift up his shirt but instead closed his jacket -_-)/ He turned away from the crowd and like looked down his shirt as if he was counting his abs lol. When he turned around, instead of saying the answer he started fiddling with his shirt so we all screamed thinking he'd show his abs but instead he pulled out…
Haha, Daehyun took it and counted the chocolate, and said the answer is Jongup has a "6" pack. Props to Jongup or whoever came up with this since it was hilarious.
* For the Q & A time, Jongup was chosen as the best teacher, so Daehyun pointed to himself saying "Music Teacher" but they said "Gym Teacher" for Jongup. However Jongup said 筋肉先生 (muscle teacher), so the MC asked him to show some muscle so Jongup did this one handed hand-stand move. Not going to lie, at this point his jacket flipped up and he can be muscle teacher (*cough*NICEBUTT*cough*)
* Jongup almost always had a bewildered and/or cluless look on his face but he was always smiling and looked like he was having fun ^^

Zelo: This kid just gets more hilarious/adorable as time goes on. He kept playing with the giant Kekemato by making it dance. He also did a lot of fan service by high-fiving/touching the hands of Babys in the front row.
* He also broke his pointer right when the Q & A time started so he had to use and extra short pointer since his snapped in half.
* He cannot leave the stage normally lol. Again he danced his way off, and he did this amazing "side flip" (?) move
* For the Question about what number is Yongguk on B.A.P's Japan futsal team (like the picture Himchan posted on IG), the members lined up like the photo, but Zelo kept wiggling around, doing a Gee-type dance with his feet and shaking his butt too (at this point Yongguk had a look on his face like "No way am I joining this" and stood off by the MC).
* During the encore for "No Mercy," Zelo brought out those sunglasses with the must ache attached and worse them as he danced across the stage. He went up to Jongup and put the glasses on Jongup and they both started jumping up and down and dancing like dorks together.
* For the 2nd time they did "No Mercy," Junhong rapped Yongguk's opening rap

During their intros

Keke Mato is waiting...

Respect fansite masters, it's effing hard taking pics at events while making sure staff don't catch you T^T My pics are baaaad

Second Fanmeet: FINISHED (for me, it's 3:30am as I type this, sorry if I forgot something ^^;;)

Overall, this was such a fun day, the fan meeting games and everything worked very well so that B.A.P could interact a lot with us, and even though the venue was pretty large. B.A.P  all seemed to be having fun (though some of their eyes looked a bit red, like maybe they celebrated Yongguk's Birthday a little too hard? Or were just tired practicing?), and all Babys enjoyed themselves too.

Thanks for a great First Date B.A.P ^^ ♥

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  1. Wow you guys had such a fun time at the fan meet and don't worry I appreciate you smuggling take photos for us LOL haha XD The drinks look so nice and the albums signed too T.T Hope I have a chance to see them at a fan meet or concert^^ Thank you for the fanaccount <3 Aishteru~

  2. thank you BYS Nicole,Lyn and Yui admins for sharing your wonderful moments with the fans(babyz)here!^ ^ I'm super happy! =) p.s. and who needs a large number of an idol or a boygroup for them to come and try to entertain us all here?xP I don't even need a big number of a kpop (boy)group who are/were trying hard but still failed to amuse/entertain me. nope,sorry. not worth my money!xP lol so be it!8D *sorry if I offend* lol^ ^

  3. again thank you BYS admins Nicole,Lyn and Yui for everything else what you girls got to share with all of the babyz here! ;) love the pictures you guys took. its okay,still looking good. and it does not look like a low quality to me! thank you for stealing what you need to capture(the photo images)once again!xD shhhh~ dont worry,we wont report to the official to what i-know-what-you guys-did-that-last-two-nights-ago!xDDDD love y'all~ hehehe