B.A.P Attacks New York City on the First Stop of Their "Live on Earth 2014" Tour

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B.A.P gave an otherworldy performance in New York City on the first stop of their "Live on Earth 2014" tour, and DramaFever was able to experience all the extraterrestrial action thanks to Mnet America. Take a look at the incredible highlights of the show, and be prepared to be blown away when they come to a city near you!
The concert began with the coolest opener I have ever seen as mysterious footage of an "alien encounter" played, building anticipation in fans until the B.A.P boys attacked the crowd in a surreal display of dancing and singing abilities. But allow me to show you instead of telling you! Here's a video capturing parts of the opening and the first three songs:

Even though this was the second time B.A.P visited New York City, this was my first B.A.P concert, and I was definitely not disappointed! The six B.A.P boys exceeded all my expectations by proving that they are not just an average K-pop boy band. The energy stayed strong all night as they powered through song after song to the extreme delight of their "Babies."

It's rare to find a group where each member can not only dance, but is also an incredible singer, but B.A.P has that one down.

The boys kept up a perfect pace by switching between sets of songs that were upbeat with high intensity and sets of ballad songs that wooed the crowd and gave them a much needed rest.

Each set change was also accompanied by a costume change, my favorite being their suits with stars on them and their all white casual outfits.

I was impressed by not only their singing skills, but also by the dancing, which was very synchronized and required a level of skill I rarely see.

The only adorable exception to this was Jongup, who often broke out not because he lacks dancing skills, in fact he has some of the most incredible break dancing and gymnastic skills I've ever seen, but because he couldn't resist giving fan service to nearby Babies. He also continuously had a look of pure joy on his face throughout the night, a sign of a performer who loves their work and fans!

Some of my favorite choreography was the pretend fights between the members. Stage fighting, especially while dancing, is harder than it looks!

B.A.P had a powerful stage presence that no one at the concert is soon to forget!

B.A.P's "Live On Earth Tour 2014" continues across the world, and we wish them the best of luck and another successful year. Come back to New York City soon, B.A.P!



  1. @dramafever: what you've said is absolutely right. hence the name of the group,BAP. reasons why i love BAP are bcuz all of them are so unique and very different at singing(their vocal/voices)at each one of them. apart from it,one of the members know how to do break dance(which i did not see any large number of a boygroup can do so,even with a few members but maybe some only in my eyes can pull one)and also he do the krumping(although u-kwon from block b is one of the best i've ever seen). what is more,BAP got two unique vocalists of their own(like sexy voice BYG and mr.high-note powerhouse the hottie daehyun and an LTE(fast rap)of a rapper nicknamed as zelo,he's a cutie and tall for being young! while youngjae and himchan and also jongup(not only know how to dance)gives every different vibes of their own. oh,and one bonus about BAP is,their mascot matoki. it is very rare to see such a group(any group or band)to have their own mascots. and in s.korea and mostly in any boygroup as their competitors,i have never seen one or either any to have it/them made or exist. oh yeah,BAP's unique costumes or outfits and dont forget they used to have the same color hair way back then eversince their debut!^ ^

  2. p.s. @dramafever: and of all of the B.A.P songs are not so bad too. but to me all IS legit!^ ^ trust me on this that i kid you not!^ ^