B.A.P Spotted filming something in London!

Shared by Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

A few Babys have spotted B.A.P filming something in London! It's not clear if they're filming for "B.A.P Attack!" or something else, but who else is excited? ^^


  1. OMG! A new Music Video? New comeback?! I am over excited already! >,<

  2. waw... i can't wait , that so great.

  3. me too! whatever it is,i'm sure its gonna be great! ;)

  4. and if they are going to start filming a music video over there in london maybe before the concert starts,wow~it will be like ohmygod they will be doing it all over again like their time during in the US! you know the 10,000 miles in america dvds(i start watching it again last night!x3)plus their coffee shop and "we hurricaane!" mv lol~ love epic crazyness to that song and its mv!xD p.s. i remember i misheard at first of patt where chanie says 'the roof,the roof,the roof is on fire' when i thought for the first time what he was saying was like 'i look,i look,i look so fine' lol,i must be a little deaf way back then when i heard it!xD well,at least the wordings sounds much more better and so sexy to it! lol

  5. I would like to dedicate a song from garbage's you look so fine(lol,no kidding! this song did exist!xD)for the misheard part of 'the roof is on fire' to 'i look so fine' and then i misheard it differently again just now when i listen to the cd repeatedly like, 'you look so fine' and sometimes i heard it sounds like your look's so fine and also, the look's so fine!xD hahaha wow,i'm so unbelievable! lol oh and also mariah carey feat. jay-z & freeway - you got me (go google to both songs if you want to take a listen to them!)xD

    1. mind you both songs i dedicate them to/for our boyz only!^ ^'