B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Japan Attack: Notices about Clearfile Returns and Goods Sales Online

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B.A.P Japan Official shop will be selling goods from the LOE 2014 Japan Attack tour. The prices are higher than they were for the actual tour though:

Photo collection: 432 yen
Fan (uchiwa): 540 yeah each
Notebook: 1296 yen
Clearfile set: 1620 yen
Beach towel: 4320 yen
Shopping bag: 540 yen
Snapback: 3780 yen
Bracelet: 1080 yen each
Stamp set: 2700 yen
Pins: 540 yen
Bandana: 1296 yen
Pouch: 3024 yen

(Note that they do not ship internationally)

The shop will also be doing exchanges for the Daehyun clear files sold at the first LOE 2014 Japan shows as they had been printed with Jongup rather than Daehyun's signature on them.

You will need to send the file to this address and they will send a new one. (they make no mention about international shipping, so not sure if Babys who were only in Japan at that time but are now in their home country can take advantage of this or not...)

東京都渋谷区渋谷3-26-15 日通渋谷ビル3F
株式会社ジェイロックアジア B.A.Pクリアファイル交換係

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International Babys will need to use third party sites/auctions/sns to get tickets as Japanese ticketing sites do not accept international addresses when placing orders for tickets. Here is a good place to start, though note that there will be no seat information until sellers actually recieve their tickets, we never know our seat numbers in Japan until they mail out tickets a couple weeks before the shows.

LOE Japan Attack 30 Second Spot


Official Goods & Sale Info


・Tshirt (Black, White: S/M/L) ¥3,500
・Cap (snapback) ¥3,500
・Beach Towel ¥4,000
・Muffler Towel(Black, White) ¥1,500
・Bandana ¥1,200
・Photo collection ¥400 (random)
・Uchiwa (fan) each¥500
・Notebook ¥1,200
・Clear file set ¥1,500
・Shopping bag ¥500
・Slap bracelet each¥1,000
・Stamp set ¥2,500
・Pins ¥500 (random)
・Pouch ¥2,800
・MATOKISTICK lightstick ¥3,000
・Slogan towel ¥1,000
・Whistle ¥1,200
・Where are you? What are you doing? Member signed CD ¥1,500 (random)
・First Sensibility ¥2,000

【Goods sale times】
■June 4 & 5 Fukuoka, June 10 & 11 Nagoya, and June 13 Osaka goods sales start at 4pm
■June 14 & 15 Osaka goods sales start at 1pm
■June 21 Chiba goods sale starts 1:30pm
■June 22 Chiba goods sale starts 12:30pm

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Chiba June 21 Concert Ticket Sale info

Official Baby Japan Fanclub ticket sale May 24 from 12:00 noon ~ May 27 12:00 noon JST
B.A.P Japan Mobile Members ticket sale May 27 from 12:00 noon ~ May 29 12:00 noon JST 
Ticketing Site members sale begins May 31~June 8th (Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, e-plus, Rakuten Ticket)
Public sale: June 14

【Tour Schedule】
June 4  (Wed) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall
June 5  (Thurs) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall
Both Fukuoka shows doors open at 6:00pm, show starts at 6:30pm

June 10  (Tues) Nagoya : Nagoya Congress centre Century Hall
June 11  (Wed) Nagoya : Nagoya Congress centre Centruy Hall
Both Nagoya shows doors open 6:00pm, show starts at 7:00pm

June 13 (Fri) Osaka : Osaka Grand Cube
June 14 (Sat) Osaka : Osaka Grand Cube
June 15 (Sun) Osaka : Osaka Grand Cube
June 13 Osaka show doors open 6:00pm, show starts at 7:00pm June 14 & 15 Osaka shows doors open 3:00pm, show starts at 4:00pm

June 21 (sat) Chiba : Makuhari Messe **
June 22 (sun) Chiba : Makuhari Messe 
NOTE: For the Chiba shows it seems there will be standing area near the stage rather than numbered seats, so you will get a random number at the venue which will decided the order in which Babys enter the venue (so if you get number 1, you are first to enter the venue while if you are number 500 you will be further from the stage as you enter later)
Chiba June 21 doors open 3:30pm, show starts at 5:00pm *this date was just added since there was such demand for tickets
Chiba June 22 doors open 4:30pm, show starts at 6:00pm
(All times are JST)

Original poster (Before Chiba June 21 was added)
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  1. I want to buy one ticket for June 15 (Sun) Osaka but I have no idea how to do it :( anyone can help me?

  2. Will you be there admins to purchase and sell it again? Please you are!! I want that gooooods!! T__T Hope you can help international Babyz again!! <//3

  3. I'm international but currently living in japan. Have an japanese house address. How can i buy a ticket? I want to go to the show in osaka on saturday.

  4. I want to buy a tshirt, do you know where I could get one still?