PROJECT: Receipt for Donation to Hope Bridge which will help Sewol Survivors & Families, thank you Babys ♡

Shared by Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Thank you to everyone who donated through us to the Sewol ferry tragedy. Instead of purchasing necessities directly, due to the theft and misuse of those items (you can read an article on the unfortunate misuse of donation items in Korea, HERE), the money BABYz have raised (a total of ₩1,810,000 - approximately $1768.37 USD) was made in B.A.P's name to an organization called Hope Bridge (receipt image below). There are two ways the donations are used:
1) Psychotherapy, etc for the victims and their families due to trauma 2) On-site support relief efforts We thank everyone again for your donations and understanding due to the change in plans. Click HERE for more information on Hope Bridge

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Please continue to keep the people affected in your thoughts and prayers

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