B.A.P "No Mercy" Mini-Live/Gift Exchange: Using Special Tickets

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For more detailed information, Please scroll to the bottom of THIS POST for details on how the events worked in Fukuoka

Mini Live & Gift Exchange Information

- There will be a booth selling CDs, but apparently priority seating will still go to those who bought their 3 albums ahead of time

Priority Seating for the events (those with all 3 types/colors of special tickets)
* Those who have bought all 3 types of the No Mercy singles have priority near the stage, you will get your seat number in that area by drawing a number at registration time (see times for each venue below).
* You need to have all 3 special tickets (Pink, orange, red) from the singles. You CANNOT get priority seating with only 1 or 2 special tickets from the singles or if you have say 3 of the same color.
* Bring your 3 tickets to registration (up to 2 hours after the registration start time) to get your random number.

People who come to the venue without the 3 Special ticket (1~2 tickets,  general public)
* If you have 1 or 2 of the 3 tickets, you can exchange them for a random number. (So you can get into the live but will have a higher number and thus not as good seats)
* There will be CDs on sale so you can try and get more tickets, but priority will still be given to those who bought their CDs ahead of time, plus supplies are limited.

Gift Giving Event Info
* Those who received a solo member card in their No Mercy single (any of the 3 types) please bring to the venue.
* You will also have to register using this member card, so pay attention to registration times below. 
* For the Gift Exchange event, you will be divided by the member that was on your picture (you'll be having the gift exchange with that member)
* You cannot enter the Gift Exchange event if you lose/forget your solo member card/random number.
* You cannot enter the gift exchange with the special ticket type that has no member picture on it.
* You can line up for several members one by one or the same member several times as long as you have multiple tickets with that member(s) picture on it. 

Japan 3rd Single No Mercy Mini Live and Gift Exchange Events

Fukuoka (April 3)
Registration time begins at 1pm
Mini Live Start: 6pm
Registration for Gift Exchange ends at 6:30pm
Venue: JR Hakata City Oyabe Event Space (大屋根イベントスペース) Homepage (Japanese, it's not clear exactly where the event will be since there are a few event spaces, it's likely the outdoor one)

Osaka (April 4)
Registration time begins at 1pm
Mini Live Start: 6pm
Registration for Gift Exchange ends at 6:30pm
Venue: Chisato Selcy 1st floor open space (千里セルシー1F セルシー広場)  Homepage (Japanese)

Nagoya (April 5)
Registration time begins at 10am
Mini Live Start: 3pm
Registration for Gift Exchange ends at 3:30pm
Venue: Oasis 21 Ginga Open Space (オアシス21 銀河の広場) Homepage (Japanese)

Tokyo (April 6)
Registration time begins at 10am
Mini Live Start: 3pm *PLEASE NOTE B.A.P official staff noted that the time of the Mini live is printed incorrectly on the tickets, it starts at 3pm JST, NOT 6pm
Registration for Gift Exchange ends at 3:30pm
Venue: Diver City Tokyo Plaza Festival open space (ダイバーシティ東京プラザ フェスティバル広場) Homepage (Japanese)

* Registration times for each venue are tentative and subject to change
* Preparations for the Gift Exchange event will begin after the mini live at each venue.
* All venues are in open spaces and can be subject to change/cancellation incase of severe weather
* There will be a CD sales booth at each venue. We will give info on open times at a later date. However supplies are limited so please buy your CDs at CD stores before coming to the event if you want to participate.

© B.A.P Official HP | Translation © Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM 


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  2. Okay, so I guess the general idea is to try to buy the three albums prior to the event.

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