Indonesian BABY who wants LOE in Indonesia, fill up this form!

Shared by Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Fill up the form HERE

TSBaby ID need to reach a target of 3,000 Indonesian BABYz in order to be able to invite B.A.P for LOE in Indonesia. If 80% people answer yes to the poll, the promoter will probably consider to contact TS to plan a concert in Indonesia. 

If you have any question about the form, please ask @JanetteW_21 (BYS staff from Indonesia)


  1. How about Malaysia? Please do one for Malaysian Babyz! Chebal~~~

  2. Btw, can Malaysia Babyz fill this form too?

  3. please do for Malaysian babyz too! ><
    we also in Asian country.. sobs

  4. my neighbouring countries were so lucky. as for me coming from brunei,not sure how many bruneian babyz are there. sigh.