Happy Birthday Leadernim, Bang Yongguk! #itsBYGday

By Isa, Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Related project: BYS donated to UNICEF #ChildrenOfSyria for Yongguk's birthday

It's hard to say exactly how much B.A.P's leader means to all of us. He helps create and shape B.A.P's music and message, looks out for his members, and also never tires in trying to make the world a better place by spreading the word about important causes, as well as actively volunteering and donating to those in need. He's our inspiration who not only gives us great music, but also gives us aspirations to better ourselves and the world through our own actions.

From his gummy smile to his husky voice, his love for ramen to his love for art, the way he puts his heart into everything he does, even to the way he deletes his SNS posts almost as fast as we can save them (^3^), we love everything about Bang Yongguk, and hope he has an amazing birthday!

Happy Birthday Yongguk!! chyeah nam mean~


  1. Dang,i missed it!x\ i was so sleepy(tired) that i overslept forgetting to say my bday greeting to him. :s nevermind then. better late than never!^-^/ so once again,BYG-appa~happy birthday to you and eat well and live healthily and keep on smiling with that pretty gummy smile of yours wherever you go or might be~ p.s. to Isa and Nicole admin-nim,what you described or mentioned about gukie-appa is absolutely right there. thanks guys for everything. love you all. ;)

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