Germany Kpop Ranking 2014: B.A.P #2

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(From January 1st to January 28th, 2014)

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    1. i think to do that,it is only happens in their country germany. ^ ^'

  2. and here's hoping that B.A.P will fly to germany in order to fullfill their mission is bcuz the much love given by the babyz german over there. :) such a great supports! then,our boyz can think of which othet part or continent in/of europe will they or/and their manager supposed to go or/and continue to take or bring their journey. ;)

  3. once again thank you germany and the babyz in germany!! you're one of the best. thank you for the love and support you give to our bb boyz,B.A.P. they still deserves their fans' loves. ;)