B.A.P's First Sensibility #9 on Gaon's top selling albums of the first half of 2014

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Kpop albums in Oricon's First Half of 2014 Top 50: B.A.P "First Sensibility" #50
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GAON released the monthly album chart for February. B.A.P owns #1 for "First Sensibility" with 91,053 copies! #BAP1004 has been downloaded 215,209 times and rank at #20 for the month. 1004 is also #18 in the monthly digital chart! 

MNET MCountdown Album Sales Chart: #1 BAP

*This chart is only 10% of MCD total chart ranking


The full countdown is here, B.A.P is in the Top 10 at #8


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B.A.P "First Sensibility" album #1 on realtime and daily (February 13) Hanteo charts.
The album has also sold close to 80,000 copies so far

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Gaon Chart Update Febriary 14th


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Chart Update for February 11th

"First Sensibility" is #1 on Hanteo Real time (3 pm KST) & Daily (Feb. 10) album charts

B.A.P "1004" is #1 on Gaon social chart

* Watch the MV through Gaon to help B.A.P win on Inkigayo! Only do this when 1004 is up! Do not do this for other MV. 
Click on "Social Plus Music" (You will need to have an account, see the Tutorial, and note that if you can't select your own country, just select "South Korea" and type "Busan" or anywhere is fine ^^ Also be sure to check your spam/junk folder for the confirmation email after signing up)

Watch the MV from start to end, otherwise it won't let you share it
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Real Time Charts Evening of February 7th

"First Sensibility" is #2 on Hanteo Real Time Album Chart (9:40pm)

Real time digital music charts (9:30)


Real Time Charts Evening of February 6th

"First Sensibility" is #1 on Hanteo Real Time Album Chart (9:40pm)

Real time Music Charts (9:31pm)


Real Time Charts Evening of February 5th

"First Sensibility" is #1 on Hanteo Real Time Album Chart (9:40pm)

Real time Music Charts (9:31pm)


Real Time Charts Evening of February 4th

"First Sensibility" is #1 on Hanteo Real Time Album Chart (9:20pm)

Real Time Music Charts (9:31 pm)

Real Time Charts Evening of February 3rd

"First Sensibility" #1 on Hanteo album real time chart (9:40pm)


"1004" (Angel)  #1 on New Music Chart

"1004" #18 on Real Time chart (9:00 & 10:00 pm)


"1004" #5 on Real time chart (10pm)


"1004" #13 on Domestic Top 100, "Easy" #49

"1004" #18 on Top 100


First Sensibility songs took the top spots on Bugs! Real time chart shortly after release! (taken around 12:30pm)


Real time chart (10 pm)




First Sensibility has been on Tower Records Japan weekly K-pop Albums charts since it's release, but before the release of Japanese "No Mercy," several of B.A.P's previous singles started charting again on Tower Records Weekly K-pop Singles Chart. For the week of March 24~30, Japanese "One Shot" was #7, "Warrior" #8, and the Korean single "Stop it/Hajima" was #10


Week of February 10~16

B.A.P "First Sensibility" is #1 on Tower Records Japan weekly K-pop album chart.
"One Shot" is still on Tower Records Japan Weekly Kpop Singles Chart at #10.

B.A.P's 1st full album is number 1. Up until now they have released 3 mini albums and 4 singles. It is an album with broad genres and the same people have worked on this album as past B.A.P works. B.A.P's musical power has no limits, and they give messages in their lyrics. The title track "1004" won on Music Bank, Inkigayo and is taking #1 on other Korean music shows.

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#15 World's Top 20 Best-selling Albums of the Week

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"First Sensibility" is #5 on Oricon's weekly foreign Album chart (Feb. 3~9)

It was also at #16 the same week on Oricon's total weekly album chart (w/ estimated sales of 3251 units)

Oricon is Japan's major music chart.


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Billboard World Album charts

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February 7

iTunes Hip-Hop Albums Charts

Billboard K-pop Chart

Kstyle MV daily ranking (Feb. 6)

Yinyuetai real time MV ranking

February 5

"First Sensibility" is #1 on Japan, Sweden, Norway, & Canada iTunes Hip-Hop albums chart, #2 in the US, UK and Finland, #3 in Denmark, and #4 in Australia




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