EXCLUSIVE: Fanaccount of LOE Seoul Attack

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Highlights of concert
Daehyun's voice condition wasn't great
ZELO thought love was spicy food, a magnet, and a puppy
Jongup stripped during his solo dance break 
Himchan and daehyun gave out two amercianos during the their talk before coffee shop. And their cafe name was starbabys
After the first two stages, oneshot and badman, the guys we're sweating like crazy
Daehyun wiped Himchan's sweat during the talking session. 
The mysterious singer for yongguks Q stage was himchan
During crash himchan took out his camera and took pictures of the fans, then he complained afterward that he couldn't take a lot of pictures. 
Youngjae sang it's all lies by himself but cracked his voice. He cried while singing. During a talking session youngjae said to come back tomorrow so they could hear him sing it's all lies without tears and a cracked voice. 
Zelo and daehyun had a duet stage where they sang voicemail
Daehyun sang without music, but he was off tone
At the ending stage yongguk and zelo wore a black UNICEF shirt
They didn't sing Easy, SNS or Body & Soul from this album
During some performances the mics weren't on so the guys sang, but their mics were muted
Daehyun said during a talk session, "I was singing a lot and with a lot of effort, but I'm angry/mad/sad/frustrated that the mic wasn't even," and babys were like, yeah. (Daehyun was talking to the staff)
During crash, the mics had a problem and we couldn't hear them sing
Daehyun had a lot of cracks in his voice. He kept rubbing his neck, and he looked worried 
During punch they had a mini boxing match between the members
After the guys announced their "last stage" there were tweets the guys did on the big screen, and with you started to play. All the baby's started to sing a long with it. And even without the music we kept singing they came out and sang. 
During Q himchan had a high note part and yongguk started to sing 
During voicemail, zelo had a ring on, but he threw it away.
During voicemail daehyun had teary eyes when he sang without anything music
We learned the dance to check on, during a break. And three guys came out to teach us, but I don't remember who it was
After learning the dance, the narrator said that the dance is the number one trending dance in outer space, and that Michael Jackson who had recently came there was impressed with the dance moves. He also said that you could do the dance with the friend next to you by high fiving them, and if you don't have a friend, don't panic, just high five yourself.
They tried to reveal zelo's abs during spy, but they couldn't do it.
During the talk session, the guys were saying that they should make this 19+ concert so zelo can't be there lol

Jinna was one of the winner of the limited posters! She said the poster is REALLY big!!

Full concert description
Before starting they had a intro like news talking about a spaceship sighting all around the world, and they had the bass go down a lot and it shook the whole stadium like a spaceship about to take off 
they came out in a jump stage
They first preformed one shot first and the fanchant was amazing. Everyone was singing along with them. There was a fanboy next to me and he was worse than me when screaming. 
Daehyun's voice wasn't that good today. His voice condition wasn't good. 
They performed badman next and before they came out, the backdancers did the flashlight dance. Himchan, Youngjae, and Jongup sang really well during the whole concert. 
Yongguk began to rap about some lyrics from power and things that related to it. They started performing power. During the spray can dance Yongguk didn't perfrom again, but during the part when they all kick, he did a really nice high/side kick. They extended power with the instrumental. 
They had a huge led (?) lcd (?) screen and they had a radio tuner and they began to tune it to love songs. Then zelo's and youngjae's matokis were shown talking about what love is. Zelo was asking what love is and younjae was explaining how love is getting red and nervous around that person, and zelo said, love is spicy food and then youngjae said to him, love isn't spicy food, and began to explain how when you love someone you just want to be with them all the time and not leave their side. and zelo said, so love is a magnent. and youngjae began to scold him by saying, how could love be a magnet. then he started to say how love is when you want to touch the person and kiss them,  and zelo said that love is a puppy. and youngjae asked if he was joking. then he asked yongguk what love is. and he said, love is being hurt (sick) and they performed lovesick. Durig lovesick everyone jumped and screamed to the song. Yongguk came up to the area I was in a lot. I screamed and was on the verge of tears everytime. 
They had a talking time and introduce themselves. they gave out 2 cups of coffee to the people in the standing. One from himchan and one from daehyun. Then they sang coffee shop.  Yongguk went back and forth from backstage a lot, idk why, but I think it was his mic or something. 
They sang shady lady. They had a live band for punch. And then they performed what the hell.  They had a rock version of no mercy. Yongguk had a scream during no mercy. 
Youngjae sprayed water to the crowd in the A section. then they changed the song the we will rock you and then back to no mercy. They started to sing bangx2 and yongguk's live was so good. 
During the main part of bangx2 everyone was jumping. Himchan couldnt hear his part well so he sat down and tried to listen to his in-ear. At "shout your voice to the world" I. bangx2 all the guys yelled it together. During bangx2 Daehyun's voice cracked A LOT. 
After that, there was a narration of how Himchan erased all the memories and texts from his past girlfriend and how it was a mistake. And he messaged his girlfriend and she said, "let's break up" .
Youngjae's solo stage for It's all lies and started crying after the first verse. He couldnt properly sing because he was crying. 
Then yongguk and himchan sang Q together. 
After that, Jongup started to dance and take his clothes off until he was left in his button up, and then he ripped it off. After his dancing stage, zelo and daehyun sang voicemail together. Save me was after voicemail and then you learned the dance to check on. They sang check on and moved around the stage a lot. Yongguk came to my side a lot which made me so happy. After check on, they sang excuse me and spy. Then afterward, they said their greetings. and what they thoughts of the concert so far. 
They sang hurricane after the greetings and everyone was jumping and it felt like a club. Then they sang dancing in the rain and interacted with the fans by coming over. 
They sang B.A.B.Y and everyone jumped and sang along. Yongguk came right up to the area I was in and just stared at us for such a long time. After they sang B.A.B.Y they teased by saying that it was the last song. But then with you started playing with the tweets showing. 
They sang 1004 afterward wearing all white and began to say their speeches of winning first place because all of them couldnt say everything when they won. Yongguk teased them saying that he already said everything because he said the thankful speech as a representative of the group, but he started to say a speech again. Youngjae cried before he got to say his speech. He was really emotional today. Cried three or more times. Yongguk said a short thank you speech to babys, his grandparents in heaven, and his members. He said that there are more angelic people than them around the world hiding. He said he's thankful for all the hidden angels in the world. Daehyun and Zelo cried a bit too when they said their speech. 
After the speeches, they started to sing Stop it. And yongguk came up to my area. They sang a rock version of crash. 
And then talked about their keywords to their posters. They sang warrior as their "ending song" and left the stage, but all the babys yelled encore and blew their whistles. And with you started to play, but the boys didnt come up, but all the babys started to sing a long with them. During yongguk's part, he came near me, so I went to give him a present, but I couldnt give it to him because there was a person saying that I couldnt give it to him. I tapped some people saying that I'm giving a present to yonguk and they pulled me in front of them so I could give him the present but this girl just yelled at me that I couldn't,  so I couldn't give it to him :c (she was like a middle schooler telling me what to do ugh. Im a high schooler so I couldve been really mean, but I didnt =_= korea's big on age, so I couldve talked some sense into her, but zelo was right in front of me, so I couldnt) after finishing with you, yongguk and the guys said thank you and said their closing, we're b.a.p yessir, twice to each area. And then they left youngjae passed me and waved bye to everyone. They all left back into their spaceship and the band stopped playing and the concert was finished.



  1. Thank you for the description...it felt as if i was there too. I hope TS will release a dvd of the concert. Poor Daehyun, we know his voice is the best but things like that happen.

  2. omo..daehyunie.. no wonder you dont look so good. glad the two days concerts are finally over. now,get yourself and your B.A.P bros. plenty of rest. take this opportunity while you all still can. dont do any activities for now like going to the gym,internet browsing,etc. except maybe only for doing house works/chores. you should think,that there will be more upcoming gigs/concerts up ahead. so,please rest well,our dearest oppa.

  3. getwellsoon daehyun! you still the best! ♥