Tower Record Cafe in Shibuya sell B.A.P's Original Drinks!

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J-Babyz can buy the drinks at 400 yen / 3.80 USD ^^

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- B.A.P member collaboration drink menu

For details in Japanese and contact info, please see THIS PAGE

Japanese Karaoke chain Karaoke no Tetsujin (カラオケの鉄人) is offering a B.A.P themed karaoke room and "Collaboration Drinks" at some of it's locations in Japan.

Collaboration Drinks [*All drinks are non-alcoholic*]
Each member has created a drink to their own imagination! With each drink order you get a random coaster. Available at Takadababa (高田馬場店), Shibuya Center Street (渋谷センター街店), and Shinjuku Kabukicho (新宿歌舞伎町店 ) locations from March 26 ~ May 25

Bang Yongguk Drink: Raspberry syrup + Strawberry syrup + ice tea + mint
Himchan Drink: Strawberry syrup + berry sauce + yogurt juice + whip cream
Daehyun Drink: Blueberry syrup + blue curacao + banana syrup + calpis
Youngjae Drink: Apricot syrup + Orange juice + orange slice
Jongup Drink: Kiwi syrup + soda + lime slice
Zelo Drink: Ramune syrup + blue curacao + soda

© Karaoke Testujin | | Translation © Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

B.A.P Themed Karaoke Room

This room is in  the Takadababa Karaoke no Tetsujin location, and you can phone to reserve it from March 21 by phone from 12pm~10pm (HERE is a link to the available time slots each day, you can reserve it for 2 hours). The B.A.P themed room will be available from March 26 ~ May 25.

Present Chance for Scores over 90 points
If you sing a B.A.P song and get over 90 points score, you get a present! You'll have to get a receipt from the front desk when you leave, then tweet your score and the song using the hashtag #BAPカラ鉄. The contest runs from March 26 ~ May 25 with winners of the present being announced between May 30 ~ June 30.

There are a lot of songs, including some with MV to choose from, any Baby in Japan try and check it out!

© Karaoke Testujin | | Translation © Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM


  1. why do i live on the wrong continent -_- i want to karaoke in that room! :'(

  2. Thank you so much for this!! I'm gonna do it when I'm in Tokyo for the YG family concert! Waaahhh so excited! Must. practice. for. 90. points. ^^

  3. omg and i just saw that they've got coffee shop. eeeeeeeeeeeyayy!!!!

  4. I wanna GO! Why do I have to be the only one of my friends into Kpop?! Who wants to come with me? I sing like a dying stork but we'll go for B.A.P. ;_;

    1. can I go with u??? (In my dream) huhu so sad I cant go... wish someone will offer the flight ticket for me huhu

  5. wow!! so cool~ woot~woot~ >3< hahaha!!xD

  6. Dear Nippon(japan),why you so legit?^ ^ thank you japan and tower records,king records and any to other sponsors from japan who is involving in / to B.A.P!♡ ;)

  7. *correction: and "also to any other sponsors.." ^ ^'