B.A.P at KBS Music Bank "SPY" Special Stage & White Day event (140314)

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SPY Performance

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B.A.P's Candies given to Babyz on White Day Event
Himchan: This is the taste of your son in - law's lips

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Yongguk: Take my strong coffee like heart

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Zelo: Do you want to take my confession? Baby?

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Youngjae:  Take my heart! yap yap yap♡

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Daehyun: Take my candy!

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Jongup: Rot your teeth♥ 

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  1. OH! I`m crying to death :( I want those lollipops :`( Good for Korean BABYZ

  2. Jongup's message was the sweetest, haha so much it can rot my teeth

  3. OMG! I laugh so hard when I see Jongup's message >< it reminds me about his answer for "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

  4. lol@those sweet candies messages!^ ^ wow,i thought i won't be able to see or watch our boyz performing Live again! last night Spy song was super catchy-awesomesauce!x) and gukkie-appa *shaking his booty by turning around* ..i can't. i just can't! lol best amazing performance ever for B.A.P last night! good luck for the upcoming world concert tour boyz! may you stay in good shape/health and in safetyness together along with TSent crews too. ;)

  5. *listening to Spy song on cd right now!^ ^' its a fun song although it is still not my favorite!xP lol