B.A.P at SBS Inkigayo "SPY" Special Goodbye Stage (140316)

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Himchan on his Way to Inkigayo

©from Chanie

Zelo leaving Inkigayo

©minimanimo Zelo

Zelo waving to Fans


Himchan leaving Inkigayo

©from Chanie


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SPY Perf Goodbye Stage


  1. Hello. That Yongguk focused video during GB stage on Inkigayo?? are we really allowed to post that?? I thought cameras aren't allowed inside music shows????? what if SBS finds this out??? sorry but I'm just scared.. please, just tell me If I'm wrong..

    1. That's not during Inkigayo and the song isn't Spy.

  2. BYG is so skinny...my god

    1. yeah,i know right? when you look at babygukkie's leg during one of the japanese kpop magazine photoshoot,i was like getting a lil shocked for a bit. even our babyjae is also getting skinny,i think. dunno about babychanie though when he still look same old,same old to me. but i'm happy babydae,babygupie n babyjun(zelo)got a little bit of meat-y in them!^ ^ p.s. with the tight schedule during these every upcoming months going on and still happening,i somehow feel so sad and sorry for the boyz who are not getting a proper break. is there a reason why our baby maknae rarely smiles now? somehow when i see them getting tired or restless although they hide the fact that they are not,it does not please me as a fan though. my heart breaks and it saddens me more. c'mon,they are not superhuman. :\