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- Sohyun said that they had to greet looking at the camera starting from the most handsome member. Youngjae chose Jongup as the first one but Himchan said that he was the most handsome one, so he did it first. The orders were: Himchan, Daehyun, Zelo, Jongup, Youngjae and Yongguk. (the cameraman picked Youngjae against Yongguk).

- Daehyun said that Himchan was the first in everything, except when it comes to the fans, Himchan said that Youngjae is more popular among the girls.

- Youngjae thanked the fans for showing them a good reaction because thanks to them, they were able to win the first places.

- Youngjae did a heart to the camera for the fans and Daehyun asked him to do the "Ta Dang", so he did it.

- Daehyun said that all except Yongguk hadn't talked when they win the first places and Sohyun added that Yongguk didn't talk a lot at the programmes.

- They played the song '1004'.

- After listening to 1004, they started to answer questions from the fans and they did a challenged to answer 1004 questions.

- The first question was if the company had treated them differently after their 1st win or if something has changed after winning the 1st place and Youngjae said that nothing had changed and they treated them as their sons. Himchan added that they  started to spend more when they eat but as they don't have enough time because of the promotions, they can not eat a lot.

- Sohyun said that there were lots of questions asking about repairing B.A.P's bathroom door and Daehyun has answered that they were not worrying about that because they are busy, but they will ask for it to the CEO again later, when they have enough time.

- The second question was that who is the member that tries to take care or acts differently in front of other girl groups when they are at a music program and all of them said it was Himchan and he got offended about it, because all the members always choose him when it comes to questions of this kind.

- The third question was to make a 2 lines poem/acrostic poem with the word chunsa (angel). Daehyun has formed with that word "Angel like babys, I love you" and Jongup has formed with the same word "Angel like mom, I love you".

- The fourth question was to Yongguk. The fan asked if his ideal type was a girl that respects public morals and he answered a yes, then she asked if Tang Wei was his ideal type as appearance and he also said a yes. Then Sohyun made him choose between Oh Na Mi, who respects public morality and Tang Wei, who is immoral, and he chose Oh Na Mi. After that, Himchan said that he choose Tang Wei instead of Oh Na Mi and added that he would give moral influence, but Yongguk said that he was able to make Oh Na Mi as pretty as Tang Wei.

- The fifth question was about when they did crossdressing in the fan meeting. The fan asked who had been the most prettiest of all the one who dressed like a girl and all of them said it was Jongup. Himchan also added that Jongup resembled to CL when he put on make up and that he looks like a charismatic girl.

- The sixth question was to choose the member who eats more and the member who eats lesser that the others. Youngjae and Jongup chose Daehyun and Daehyun chose Himchan, and both of them added that they eat a lot and love to eat. Yongguk was chosen as the member who doesn't eat a lot.

- The song 'SPY' was played while Sohyun commented that they weren't so good with the game because at the beginning they had decided to answer a thousand and four questions, but they just answered seven.

- The seventh question was to Youngjae and the fan asked when did Zelo looked cute, because she heard that Youngjae would gave a kiss to Zelo each time when the maknae acted or looked cute. Sohyun asked if it was true, so Youngjae answered that there are times when Zelo looks really adorable, times when he is all innocent or smiles innocently or when he does a funny dance, so at that times, he kisses him. He said that he should not do that but Zelo said that it was okay for him to do that.

- The eighth question was to Daehyun, the fan asked him to do an imitation of the voice of Sam Cheon Po from 'Reply 1994' so he did it.

- The ninth question was to Daehyun. The fan asked to imitate Jeong Yeo Sa and also Ryu Seung Ryong from the movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7", but Daehyun said that he would do something new because he did those imitations a lot of times. He did it with Jongup.

- The tenth question was about the first kiss, but they had omitted the question because there were members who still have not had their first kiss like Zelo because he hasn't dated anyone yet. Then Himchan added that it was okay because he had Youngjae who kisses him every time.

- The eleventh question was about the promise they did with the fans about doing community service. The fan asked what kind of service they would do, so Yongguk said that they will probably go to a childcare that they have been supporting and do service there.

- The twelfth question was about the most difficult song to sing in their album. Daehyun answered that it was, for him, "With you". Youngjae chose "With you" also. Zelo chose "Bang x2". Yongguk said that there weren't so difficult to him.
- The thirteenth question was for Zelo. The fan asked him how his hyungs overprotected him. Since he is the younger one, his hyungs are overprotective towards him and that bothers him, but Zelo said that it was just a joke that he wrote on a post in a fansign. Then Sohyun asked him who were the most protective member and Zelo chose Himchan.

- The fourteenth question was for Himchan. The fan asked him what did he thought about the confession of Ilhoon, when he said that he would like Himchan to stop spanking his ass each time they met, after that, Himchan confessed that Peniel did the same thing to him, and he was surprised because it had been their 2nd time meeting, but Sohyun said that it could probably be Ilhoon's revenge what Peniel had done.

- The fifteenth question was about the units that they wanted to form with the members. Daehyun confessed that he want to collaborate with Jongup. Jongup also said that he wants to collaborate with Daehyun but he chose Zelo. Zelo also chose Jongup. Sohyun asked Yongguk to pair Daehyun with someone and he said that Daehyun had to do a collaboration with him.

- The sixteenth question was for Youngjae and the fan asked him to do aegyo, so he did it.

- The seventeenth question was about the most pervert member, if there were any member who did pervy comments or sleep without clothes in the dorm. Youngjae said it was Jongup, he said that Jongup only wore his boxers in the dorm. Jongup then said that it was more comfortable that way. After that, Sohyun asked who were the member who wore more clothes in the dorm but Daehyun said that all of them wore the same.

- The eighteenth question was to Jongup, the fan asked him if he really thought about hamburger when he was doing a perfomance at the begining of their promotions of 1004, but he said that it was only a joke.

- The nineteenth question was if they had not washed their hair because all of them were wearing hats/caps. Daehyun said that he had washed his hair, Youngjae also, but Himchan and Jongup apologized to the fans saying that they haven't washed their hairs.

- The twentieth question was to Yongguk and the fan asked him to do the imitation of the voice of Ha Dong Kyun but instead of saying "Nabiya~ (butterfly)" say "Sunmi-yah".

- The twenty first question was about the member who enters more to the fancafe or uses more SNS and they all said that they all try to be more in contact with their fans, so they use it most of the times.

- The twenty-second question was the theme that they talked more about. Daehyun said that they were usually talking about practicing, mostly about the concert.

- The twenty-third question was who is the member that cries more or the one who is a dork. Youngjae chose himself as the member who cries more.

- The twenty-fourth question was who from the members spends a grand amount of money and who the member that tries to save the money. They selected Himchan as the member that instead of spending money, buys a lot of things to the members and Zelo as the member who doesn't spend a lot of money.

- The twenty-fifth question was if B.A.P has the opportunity to film a CF, of what product they would like to film about. Youngjae said about fried chicken. Daehyun about make up, also Himchan. Zelo about energy booster things.

- The last question was for Zelo, the fan asked him to do the voice imitation of Yang Hee Eun, so he did it.

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