Today's the 1st anniversary of B.A.P 1st solo concert! #2013LOESEOUL

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B.A.P had their 1st solo concert on February 23rd and 24th 2013 at Seoul's Olympic Hall! Even though Himchan couldn't perform because of his hand injury, B.A.P & their fans made so many unforgettable memories during this meaningful weekend ~ ♥


  1. hehe even concert got it's first anniversary!x) ok,cool! ;) i hope everything about the concert there,the situation will be fine. bcuz i just read a newspaper regarding about a concert happened days ago in seoul where nine freshman students among ten of them were dead as the roof of its auditorium collapsed down. it is a sad and shocking tragedy when i read those articles. so,i know it is still snowing hard in korea,seoul at the moment but not only the weather i m concern with but i hope the technician who do a helping hand for this upcoming B.A.P boyz concert cautiously check again onto the electrical appliances over there or if there is a crack at the ceiling,on top of the roof if it is old need to be fix and so on. to be honest,i m still scared. it is like riding alone in a bus or an airplane. even walking alone during daylight. anytime and anything bad can happen. even human can be scary too though. its still a jungle out there. so,be careful guys. so,here's praying for everyone safetyness and good health. not only for B.A.P or anyone related to them but like to the workers who volunteered themselves trying to help TSent to make the concert into a succeed. even babyz too. need to be aware wherever you are. and its surrounding around,inside and outside of the area of that gymnasium(where the concert will held). and may everything turn out to be fine.

  2. correction: it is not in seoul,actually. but it is in the southern city of gyeongju,busan. where the major incident happened.

  3. *near the southern city of gyeongju,busan. sorry again.