NOTICE: B.A.P not performing on M!Countdown

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We keep receiving a lot of questions as why is B.A.P not performing on Mnet M!Countdown. We don't know the real answer, but it seems that there's a problem between TS and Mnet, since B.A.P didn't perform on M!Countdown back in One Shot era. Though, they performed on M!Countdown during last summer (Badman era).

We don't know if they'll be on M!Countdown next week, but let's just wait for TS official schedule/announcement.

For any other question concerning B.A.P's comeback, please ask us on, and remember that we usually DON'T check our Fb comments, Twitter mentions and Tumblr messages. Thank you!

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  1. Music was great and I think it's recently renovated - it didn't seem that old or anything. And the seating is great. I came here a couple months ago for some music concert and again had a great time.