Live viewing of Seoul LOE Attack!! in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Message Video

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B.A.P's message for LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL 2014 live viewing

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LOE Seoul Live Viewing in Japan Cinema CM (Translated details below)


There will be live viewing of Seoul LOE Seoul Attack in theaters in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, list of locations to be announced. Japan ticket fee: 3500 yen nationwide Date: March 9, starting from 6pm JST Ticket presale February 6 at 12pm to 16 at 11:59pm Eplus Public ticket Sale February 23 from 12pm to March 7 12pm Eplus  Tickets will also be up for purchase at Family Mart stores Japanese link HERE


In Taiwan, VieShow Taipei Hsin-Yi, VieShow Taichung Mode Mall, VieShow Kaohsiung FE 21, and tickets will be on sale from 12noon, February 21, 2014. Tickets are only available at FamiPort, Family Mart.

For more information, please visit HERE


In Hong Kong, MCL Telford, STAR and GH Sky will be shown, and tickets are already on sale!

Tickets can be purchased:
1. Online at  MCL and Golden Harvest
2. Box office of screening movie theaters of MCL and Golden Harvest

For more information, please visit MCL & Golden Harvest HP

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  1. a special movie treat. and it is also a Live show. how nice. i wish i can see them Live here too in my country. at least. :(

  2. Yah got my ticket, but the nearest theatre is about an 1hour & 1/2 away : ( Gotta figure a way around curfew...