Kstyle: B.A.P's 1st Full Album #1 on Hanteo, members receive around 450,000 tweets & trend worldwide

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Boys group B.A.P topped the Hanteo chart at #1 with their 1st full album "First Sensibility."

The album was released on the 3rd, and by noon on the 4th it had conquered Hanteo real time and daily charts.

The title song "1004 (Angel)" was keeping the #1 spot on Bugs! and Soribada music charts before noon on the 4th. The fact that it pushed songs from the "Frozen" OST out of the top spots shows how highly popular B.A.P's new track is.

On SNS B.A.P was also a popular topic. At 11am on the 3rd, members of B.A.P had a "Special Q&A" session on their twitter accounts, and in 2 hours they received around 450,000 tweets. B.A.P was also trending on real time search keywords in Korea.

That's not all, in America they were #4, Japan #2 and Russia #1 for real time trending topics, showing the global appeal of the group. This is an especially big feat for American trending, considering that B.A.P placed #4 for trending topics even with the Super Bowl taking place at a similar time.

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  1. I was watching the Super Bowl and I was keeping track of B.A.P. Multitasking