Happy 2nd Anniversary to BABY!

Admin: Isa

Today is February 10th, and it's been 2 years that our fandom is officially called "BABY"!! Today, let's remember all memories we made with each other, the laughs, the cries, the screaming at gifs and pictures, the support that we showed to each other, but also all together to B.A.P. Our fandom is so unique, so strong, and we believe that we can do anything if we want to! 

The BABY fandom is a family. We all made so many good friends on Twitter or Tumblr thanks to B.A.P. Some of us had the chance to meet each others at a B.A.P concert, fanmeet or event. All these moments are forever engraved in our hearts. 

Let's continue to work for B.A.P, support them, and promote them around the world! They deserve our help, and we also deserve theirs!


  1. ~yaaaaaaaaysss!!!! Happy 2nd anniversary to all babyz from s.korea,japan,south-east asia,china,the US,UK,europe,russia,turkey,s.america,india,sri lanka,saudi arabia,dubai,iran,middle-east,s.africa,etc,etc. ok,ok all overseas a.k.a around the world,ok?^ ^ wow~ and phew~ lol hahahaha and also to teamBYS,the paparazzis a.k.a the photographers of B.A.P,babyz on tumblr and also at deviantart,twitter,instagram,fb who contributes a lot of photos,infos arts,anything related to our boyz,your hardwork is real worthy to me. and you all are the very best out of the best. :) I thank yous very,very much right from the very bottom of my heart! ;) you're my love,my motivation that i keep moving on. Thank you once again. p.s. even to the non-fan of B.A.P but who still support B.A.P although not that much,i also convey my thanks to you all!^ ^v ~peace!!

  2. like our papa BYG used to say,they feel like they are living in a dream! well~bet you're right,papa Gukkie!^ ^ you boyz are living in a dream come true now,for sure!^ ^ kudos once again to you all for becoming a global phenomenon! ;) and God bless! :)

  3. Happy birthday babyz! love you!

  4. Happy 2nd anniversary to all babyz. ı love youu ı proud of all baby fightingg